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Can you heat a room with candles? – Keep living room warm with alternative fuels and tricks

When it comes to heating living spaces with candles, there are a few options. Since candle wax burns with fire, it is logical to think that such a heating alternative would be realistic. You would certainly be out of luck if you tried to heat a room with a single candle. However, with a sufficient amount and proper positioning, it is possible to keep living spaces warm with it in a sustainable way. Here are some useful information and tips on heating with candles that you can try in your home during the heating season.

Before you heat a room or the whole apartment with candles.

potential heat output of different candles as alternative heat sources

A sustainable idea for heating is the tea light stove , although more and more people are looking for other alternatives to save on heating costs. However, in order for you to understand whether candles meet the needs of a room, you should first know how much energy they give off. For example, a single candle generates about 80 watts of heat, which pales in comparison to an average heater. An average tea light candle produces just under 30 watts of power. So until you have accumulated enough candles to produce heat similar to a radiator, the room may not be heated the way you want it. In addition, how much a candle flame can warm a room also depends on several factors. In this case, you can try to make the most of the benefits.

  • Of course, there are many influencing factors that can determine the effectiveness for your home.
  • The size of the room, the blinds or curtains, the outside temperature and the insulation of your room are all factors to consider.
  • If you keep your hands and feet close, you will feel the warming benefits at a fraction of the cost of a typical heater.
  • This is an inexpensive DIY project that anyone can do.
  • More importantly, it can help lower your gas and electric bills each winter if you focus on efficiency, practicality and economy.

Possible variant for heating with tea lights and flower pots.

reused and recycled clay flower pots can be used to make tea light stoves

For example, a tea light would only be able to heat 0.2% of a room of about 10 m². Since the average size of a living room or bedroom is about 20 m², you would therefore need 100 tea lights to warm it up. However, it is not always safe to light so many candles in any room, as it is a fire hazard. Therefore, this is not a practical solution. So is there an efficient way to use candle heat to warm up a living space?

For example, the heat generated in a clay flower pot would be enough if you want to heat a small room with candles on a cold day. To make a DIY heater like this, you’ll need at least three different sized flower pots, a few washers, toggle screws, plates and candles. In the video above you can see how this can be done.

Through what kind of wax to heat with candles?

heat a room with candles in the fall or during the heating season, saving possible heating costs

The type of candle wax affects the candle heat and how a candle can warm the room. Not all waxes have the same melting points and burning times. In addition, the flames that come from each candle wax are different. This, in turn, affects the heat generated by the candle flame. If you compare the melting points of kerosene wax and soy wax, the former has a higher melting point than soy wax due to its defined crystal structure. The latter is easier to burn due to its lower melting point and also lasts longer than kerosene wax.

cozy furnished room in winter simultaneously heat with candles and decorate appropriately with them

So, if you want to heat a room, you should choose a candle that burns longer and glows more easily at low temperatures. Beeswax, for example, has a higher melting point than soy wax and kerosene. However, it is denser than soy wax and tends to burn longer than soy wax candles. The potential of beeswax and kerosene as thermal energy storage is debatable. Beeswax appears to be more effective than kerosene as a heat storage material due to its higher latent heat capacity. If you use beeswax candles, the overall heat produced will be more uniform if you use a smaller number of candles. However, soy wax candles are easier to use because they burn faster when cold. So they are more practical if you want to heat a living space with candles.

Tips on how to heat with candles and how to ventilate the room.

warm up in a sustainable way during the winter season and heat your home with candles

Assume that you are able to achieve a perfect seal and that there is absolutely no heat loss. However, this creates an oxygen problem in the room. If you light multiple candles in a room, they would release carbon monoxide as they burn. If the room is not properly ventilated, carbon monoxide poisoning and heavy soot buildup will occur. If you are in the room and use a source of burning oxygen to heat the room, you have a limited time before the fire starts and you end up suffocating. Also, think about the fire hazard of lighting so many candles. It’s highly impractical.

how much heat can produce a tea light and what are the advantages of heating with candles for efficiency

Even if you design a heating candle arrangement, you need to consider factors like ventilation, insulation, etc. You would also need to constantly check to see if the candle flame is on or off and possibly relight the candles over and over again. However, if it is an emergency and there is no power source on a particularly cold day, candles would be a practical alternative. Instead, you can use a space heater. Simply put, this means that non-fire heat sources can warm the room more effectively than others. Nevertheless, you can try the following alternative fuels as well.

What are the other options for heating without electricity?

use alternative fuels like beeswax or kerosene for heating without electricity in a sustainable way

If you are determined to burn anything to heat materials, it is always better to know what will burn more effectively. However, also remember that if you burn something, keep fire safety in mind. There are many cases where a fire outbreak occurs because of such problems. There are some other fuels that are more effective than a simple candle. Here are other alternatives that you can use to burn to generate heat:

  • Wood, coal and other organic materials: there are certain materials that can burn much better than a candle. For example, wood, charcoal and other organic materials like cotton can be burned even more effectively. However, you need to be sure that certain solid fuels like wood and others do not turn out to be toxic.
  • Kerosene, gel, or beeswax candles: as described above, there are several types of candles that are designed to burn for longer periods of time. These are definitely not energy efficient sources, but they can prevent your fingers from freezing quickly.
  • Vegetable frying and baking fat, lard or oils: to make most types of fat burn, you need some kind of wick. Accordingly, such a fuel requires a different kind of base. In addition, fat can burn well, although you should know that any kind of fire in a cardboard tube is a terrible idea and can break out quite easily.
  • Kerosene or alcohol: these fuels pose an incredibly high risk, and in order to burn them properly, you need a torch that is suitable for this purpose. However, there are a number of different types of lamps that will allow you to burn kerosene or alcohol properly.

Is it safe to heat a room with candles?

different types of candle wax like soy wax and kerosene wax burn in different ways

People who are considering replacing their heaters with candles often wonder if it is safe to do so. To answer the question, you need to understand that for warmth, you need many lit candles in a room at the same time. As mentioned earlier, this practically poses a serious fire hazard. Nowadays, even more people tend to create a candle warmer with flower pots. You should take all safety measures when doing so, as such pots could be hot and even more dangerous if you have pets or children.

create heat with a variety of lit tea lights and heat a room with candles in winter

The suction power in such a DIY heat source increases the burning speed and heating power of candles. For this reason, most people assume that the flower pot somehow improves the efficiency and heat capacity of candles and is a better option than space heaters. However, what they fail to realize is that while candles in a flower pot do generate a bit more heat than usual, they also melt away quickly. This means you will need more candles in a day. Also, the pots can catch fire, and since all the candles are burning together in one place, the risk increases. In addition, you should take into account all these factors to be able to heat a room with candles. However, with appropriate measures, you can prevent emergency situations.