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Buy infrared heating for a warm home: here’s everything you need to know about it!

Future property owners are faced with many important decisions. In addition to the appropriate furnishings, windows or tiles, one must of course also think about the heating system. The question of the best heating system is very important and the constantly rising prices for gas and oil as well as the high electricity bills do not make the choice any easier. It should be as efficient, sustainable and cheap as possible – we all agree on that. So should we heat with electricity, oil or rather wood? Or perhaps you would like to buy an infrared heater? Then you’re in the right place, because in today’s article we’ll explain all the important info you need to know.

What is infrared heating and how does it work?

Infrared heating buy what to look for which heater is the best

Infrared heaters provide a particularly pleasant heat in your own four walls and have become very popular in recent years. While a conventional convection heater heats the air in the room, infrared heaters transfer heat from the panel directly to the objects. Or in other words, everything near the heater stores heat and then releases it. If you want to buy an infrared heater, you are literally spoiled for choice. The range of models is huge and ranges from super practical to decorative and elegant. In order to meet the highest quality standards, Knebel brand infrared heaters are built from the highest quality materials, while shining with a distinctive and modern design variety.

Buying infrared heating: What are the costs?

Infrared heating advantages with electricity heating costs

Infrared heaters are powered by electricity and for this reason are often frowned upon as being very expensive and rather impractical. However, the latest technologies are said to save electricity to a great extent and heat our homes efficiently and more cheaply. This is because with infrared, we only pay for the energy we actually burn. The shorter preheating times also have a positive effect on the electricity bill in the end. If you want to buy an infrared heater, you should also know that they cause almost no maintenance or servicing costs.

Reduce electricity bill infrared heating buy tips

Although the infrared panels are not available for free, the initial costs are significantly lower than the new installation of a gas or oil heating system. In addition, for example, the repair of an air conditioner can often cost several hundred euros – and regularly. Yes, in general, the cost of electricity when heating with infrared could become a disadvantage due to the constantly rising electricity prices. But this is only the case with old buildings or if the house is not well insulated. Infrared heaters are particularly ecologically sensible and profitable as a heating method in new buildings or when using green electricity.

Where can infrared heating be installed?

is infrared heating harmful to health which heating choose

One of the biggest advantages of infrared heaters is that you can install them anywhere where there is a power connection. Especially heaters with a power plug are ready to use right away, and they are also super quick and easy to mount on the wall. Whether in the living room, in the bathroom or on the terrace – the heating panels can be placed in any room and the modern designs perfectly complement the interior. Unlike conventional systems, the pre- or post-heating time of infrared heaters is relatively short, so you can feel the pleasant warmth after just a few minutes.

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However, before you buy an infrared heater, you should think about the interior in the room. In order for the heat to spread unhindered, you should never position the heater behind furniture or curtains. In this case, in order to reach the desired room temperature, the heater will have to work at full speed, and this will eventually lead to a higher electricity bill.

Buying infrared heating: Are there any disadvantages for health?

Infrared heating buy advantages which heating method is the best

You want to buy infrared heating, but you do not know whether it is harmful to health? No, the heat rays are not harmful to health – quite the opposite. Infrared heaters produce the same heat as the sun – so it is the healthiest and most natural form of heating. However, this does not mean harmful UV rays. Infrared heaters are the so-called infrared C-rays – the same type of radiation as emitted by a tiled stove, for example. In fact, infrared rays are often used for therapeutic and medical purposes, such as to relieve back pain and strengthen the immune system. Especially people suffering from asthma or dust allergy will benefit from buying an infrared heater. Since no air is stirred up in the process, hair and dust particles are not constantly moved either.

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