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Solid real wood: the valuable choice in sustainable house building

Wood is the most natural material available for building and furnishing. With a wooden interior or decorations made of wood, a natural and inviting living feeling is created as if by itself. Even in the construction of the house itself, the material in solid quality is the ideal purchase. Similar to clay and other natural materials, wood is steadily gaining in popularity and is becoming the ideal basis for building your own house.

The solid wood house – the long-lasting eye-catcher

Solid log houses with Scandinavian charm

When it comes to the wooden house, most builders think of log cabins with Scandinavian charm. In this country the building material was for a long time the exception, this changed by the ecological resolution of many beginning owners of house. The conversion of own building ideas in wood does not lead thereby necessarily to the classical log cabin in the large format. With natural log houses larger houses are convertible, whose style is inferior to other building methods and materials in nothing.

Due to the diversity of wood in type and color, individual designs in solid construction can be implemented effortlessly. This can be picked up by design ideas for the garden or complemented by other established building materials. Glass gables and other eye-catching highlights provide an aesthetic counterpoint to the wooden charm and awaken the desire to try something new in all areas of house construction.

With natural log houses larger modern houses are convertible

The decision in favor of a solid wood house not only inspires private builders. Also restaurants or hotels create with a new building a genuine demarcation to the classical building styles. Especially with environmentally conscious customers, this can create a unique selling point that is more likely to invite them to visit or make a booking.

Pay attention to quality and the right partner

sustainable and environmentally friendly living with solid real wood

In order to live sustainably and implement a wooden house with the highest aesthetics, the right material and construction partner is crucial. For modern and beautiful solid wood houses, wood that comes exclusively from European forests and sustainable cultivation is recommended. With the solid and upscale quality, as a builder can benefit from all the material advantages such as a good insulating effect and optimal thermal properties of the wall work. Allergy sufferers in particular benefit from the natural and breathing character of wood, and holistic approaches can also be optimally pursued with the material.

solid log house with gable roof exudes rural charm

In addition to the choice of material, competent advice is crucial for the implementation of the wooden house. The correct and conscientious handling of the individual wooden parts is essential to achieve a coherent and well-insulated building system. The rounding off with glass, metal and other building materials must be planned intelligently and requires specialist knowledge. For an upscale indoor climate, cooperation with a building biologist is advisable. Suppliers of wooden houses in massive construction usually have such specialists, so that the house construction succeeds without restrictions.

Adding other eco-concepts to wood

Natural materials such as real wood, natural stone and rattan are currently experiencing a renaissance

Solid real wood represents only one of many options for sustainable and environmentally friendly living. Clay, straw and other natural materials have a great tradition in the building sector over generations and are currently experiencing a renaissance. Many solutions are thereby also financially competitive and convince in the long term by the sustainable and valuable character.

For every building owner it is worthwhile in advance to look at the advantages of ecological building materials in detail. A combination is possible in many cases and helps to create a truly individual house and garden design. Experts in the industry are quick to point out that regardless of the budget, an ecological concept can be implemented without further ado.

solid real wood is a unique and sustainable raw material