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Exterior design trends 2022: which colors and materials make facade design modern and sustainable

Not only the interior design currently inspires the trend researchers, but it is also about keeping the facade design modern. Whether you’re building your brand new dream home or redesigning the exterior of your property, you have plenty of options. Check out the most popular styles for exterior design and eco-friendly options here to get you started.

Implement inspiring trend ideas for facade design modern

large French doors in combination with wooden slats as modern cladding for exterior facade

The strong connection with nature and, moreover, natural textures with a minimalist approach characterize this year’s styles in architecture. While farmhouses are always on trend, some sustainable materials and colors have left a clear mark on exterior design. This blurs the lines and allows you to enjoy an open layout that blends seamlessly with the outdoors. Irregular edges complemented by landscaping help connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. Thus, you create an organic look that most designers are currently touting.

recycled bricks as a material for facade design modern combine with classic designs

Add warmth to the exterior of your home with light woods, beams, and reclaimed brick that pair beautifully with white and black. Using materials that mimic such natural textures can thus create a look in line with current trends. Create your siding for longevity and more style on the exterior. Incorporate stone-like accents along the lower third of your facade to create depth and custom curb appeal.

Opt for neutral color palettes

concrete cladding as a trend in exterior design and ideas for facade design modern realize

If you want your facade design to remain modern, neutral color palettes are all the rage. While muted hues seem to lack color, their beautiful base tones change depending on lighting levels. Neutral colors are popular with homeowners because they blend in perfectly with nature and go with everything. The most popular neutral colors are: Beige, black, camel, charcoal, cream, mottled gray, ivory, pewter gray, sea blue, brown-gray and white. However, experts recommend staying within the same color family when choosing accent colors for your siding and roofing. For example, you can opt for light gray siding and dark gray trim or dark brown siding and light brown trim.

Experiment with color accents

exterior design trends 2022 and facade design modern combine with natural materials

The color accent trend brings a classic look and is as timelessly elegant as it is eye-catching. What’s more, homeowners and designers are moving away from the all-white look that has dominated trend forecasts in recent years. Instead, they’re highlighting certain design details with bold hues. So for a touch of traditional charm, opt for white accents against a dark facade. Or freshen things up by adding soothing green or pink details to a white exterior. One look that’s really making it big right now is the chic monochromatic color palette of blacks and whites, which evokes a sense of timeless sophistication.

Integrate curved designs into facade design in a modern way

curved design of a white facade as a trend in exterior design 2022

Curves are a big trend for both interiors and exteriors and are flaunted in facade walls, built-in benches and garden retaining walls. Moreover, this look dominates this year’s architectural styles. The youthful and contemporary trend can draw on famous aesthetics of the early 1960s. Think of palm trees, umbrellas with fringes and rattan furniture. You can also take inspiration from dreamy Mediterranean destinations and bring a vacation feel to life in your own home.

Use sustainable and natural materials

recycled materials such as stone and metal for facade design modern combine

Driven by a desire to be environmentally conscious and keep maintenance costs low, homeowners and designers are investing even more in sustainable materials in 2022. When building new, consider using natural building elements such as brick and stone. Repurposed or recycled materials are also recommended, while thoughtful façade design that maximizes airflow and natural light will help keep utility bills to a minimum.

how to integrate modern facade design into a sustainable concept

Stone and brick materials also add texture and depth to your home. They also add to the overall curb appeal at the same time. For example, you can add light stone accents to offset darker hues and create a sleek, modern look. Concrete siding is an eye-catching option for modern homes, while textured fiber cement panels are both low-maintenance and durable. While these materials can be expensive, there are many mimicking options that create visual textures without adding to the cost.

Add real wood to façade design in a modern way

contemporary house design with energy-efficient wood facade cladding

Another trend movement in exterior design is the use of wood for accent siding or to clad an entire home. Some of the most popular wood species include fir, pine, spruce, cypress and cedar, but there are many other options available. In addition to providing visual appeal and layered texture to otherwise flat facades, wood breaks up the monotony of solid colors and can completely transform your home.

how to make natural materials like wood and stone look modern with planting in facade design

In addition, homeowners add wood elements to porches, exterior doors and window frames, or use them to accent half-walls. Boards and battens are perfect for half-walls because they create a dimensional texture that really stands out. They are also an ideal option for DIY projects for the facades, allowing you to increase their appeal to your taste without going over your budget.

Consider eco-friendly passive houses with trendy exterior designs

modern and environmentally friendly passive houses with eneuerable energy

The construction of passive houses, which do not consume energy from external sources, is also increasing in 2022. Such residences recycle internal energy, which can include storing heat generated by appliances or using only energy generated by solar panels. In addition, many Passive Houses have large amounts of natural light through large skylights and elongated floor-to-ceiling windows.

functional and modern exterior design with roofing and garden furniture in the city

Panoramic windows not only provide the maximum amount of outdoor lighting, but are also aesthetically pleasing options and maximize the home’s curb appeal. In addition, your home should be airtight and have insulated walls with a facade that does not give off heat. Ultimately, passive homes built with sustainability in mind have been shown to offer lower maintenance costs, reduce utility expenses, and reward owners with a higher return on investment.