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Apartment remodel: With these tips and tricks you can transform your home into your little oasis of well-being!


Our own home has a high value for all of us. Since most people spend about half of their day at home, our own four walls are our place of retreat as well as the epitome of our personal comfort zone. But at the latest when the ceiling threatens to fall on your head, it’s time for a change. If you also want to remodel your apartment, then you’ve come to the right place! We have the best tips for you on how to make your home shine again.

Apartment remodel: Optimal use of space

make small room look bigger apartment remodel tips

Have you also recently felt that your apartment seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Then you might want to check whether you are using the rooms wisely. Especially in smaller apartment, it can otherwise quickly seem very cramped. Are doors or hallways blocked by other stuff? Or do you always have to climb over that huge pile of laundry to reach the closet? If you’re looking to remodel your apartment, then a little tidying up can already mean big space gains. Also, take the opportunity to throw away or sort out a thing or two.

Let there be light

Apartment remodel tips make small rooms look bigger

Proper lighting is crucial for any room. Natural light radiates brightness and warmth inside and contributes significantly to the feel-good factor. If your apartment is unfavorably cut in terms of light incidence, then you can help yourself accordingly with lamps. Whether wall lamps, floor lamps or spotlights – everything is allowed that you like. Especially in combination with bright wall colors, the effect is additionally strengthened. A clever and varied idea are also cloud ceiling LED panels , which are real eye-catchers and with which you can create great moods.

Redesign your home with more plants

plants in the apartment how to make small rooms look bigger

To give your home that certain something, you should also put a few selected plants. Just a few colorful flowers on the table, a small palm tree in the living room or potted plants on the windowsill can do wonders and are ideal to transform the apartment. In this way, you skillfully set colorful accents, create a cozy atmosphere and at the same time improve the indoor climate.

New paint and hang pictures

Clouds ceiling led apartment remodel what wall color in bedroom

You want to remodel your apartment and bring a breath of fresh air into your own four walls? For more comfort and coziness, reaching for a brush and paint bucket can also help. To cover up unsightly pressure marks or the kids’ scribbles, give your walls more paint or freshen up the previous coat of paint. A new wallpaper can also give the room a whole new look. Photos, posters, wall tattoos or a self-designed calendar are also ideal for bringing life and personality to your home. The selection of beautiful motifs and images on the Internet is huge and there are no limits to your creativity. For example, dried flowers can be used to create ingenious picture motifs and small works of art.

Rearranging furniture

small living room decorating tips how to remodel apartment and make it look bigger

Simple and very effective: rearranging the furniture is the classic among the tips for remodeling the apartment. In doing so, you don’t necessarily have to buy new furniture. Once you have moved a few pieces of furniture, you will quickly have the feeling of standing in a completely new apartment.