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1-bedroom apartment furnishings: These tips will make any small apartment look great!

As the name suggests, a 1-room apartment consists of only one room plus a bathroom. It is also called a studio apartment. But how to combine kitchen, living room, study and bedroom in one without making the space look cluttered? Furnishing a one-bedroom apartment in a stylish and space-saving way is a challenge, but with good planning and preparation, you can create a feel-good atmosphere here too. Get the most out of every square foot with our tips!

Start with space planning

1 room apartment divide into zones

Before you start thinking about how to furnish and decorate your studio apartment, you should carefully measure the space. This is very important for planning small spaces so that they don’t end up cluttered with furniture and items. The fact that the 1-bedroom apartment should serve several functions at once does not make things easier.

Your main task in decorating is to divide the 1-bedroom apartment into zones. To do this, you do not necessarily need to resort to partitions or screens, as they visually reduce the size of the apartment. The border between the zones can also be marked by the furniture itself. For example, if the sofa stands in the middle of the room, the space in front of it will be connected with the relaxation zone, and behind it – with the work area. Avoid anything unnecessary and think of ways to visually enlarge the space and give it depth. Bright colors and wall mirrors will help.

What furniture to choose for the 1-room apartment?

small kitchen in one bedroom apartment

Furniture that serves multiple functions is especially suitable for a small apartment. For example, a built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors provides a lot of storage space and at the same time visually enlarges the room. A wicker coffee table with a removable top or a sitting stool with storage space are also clever 2-in-1 solutions.

Be careful not to overcrowd the room with lots of free-standing furniture. Basically, furniture that stands on the floor takes up more space than furniture that hangs on the wall, such as wall cabinets, wall shelves or wall-mounted folding tables. In principle, they provide a lot of storage space without wasting the already small floor space.

How to decorate a 1-room apartment with kitchen beautifully?

one room apartment furnishings tips on room layout

It does not matter whether the one-room apartment is 20 m² or 35 m²: In both cases, you should make sure to separate the living area and the kitchen area. In a slightly larger studio apartment, you can plan a partition or a kitchen island. These make the room look a little smaller visually, but at the same time are very functional. When arranging a small one-bedroom apartment with a kitchenette, it is better to look for other ways to separate the two zones, for example, use two types of flooring. However, in doing so, refrain from using strong contrasts, as this will draw attention to one place and may even look chaotic. Using different styles for both zones is also not advisable.

The kitchen counter itself also requires appropriate planning. Due to the limited space, it is best to opt for a compact mini kitchen with built-in appliances. In terms of design options, nowadays there is certainly something for everyone’s taste. Dishes and cooking utensils should be placed in cabinets or on shelves, if possible. Too many things on the countertop create a cluttered effect.

Create different lighting zones

1 room apartment interior design ideas

When decorating a studio apartment, choosing the right lighting is especially important. Since the room is divided into several zones, the light sources should also be adapted to their requirements. To perform their functions optimally, the kitchenette, living, working or sleeping areas need different lighting. Ideally, combine ceiling lights with wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps so that the room is optimally illuminated. Light is also one of the main factors that influence the impression of spaciousness in a studio apartment. The more light there is and the better it is distributed in the room, the larger the apartment will appear.

The ambience of the whole room also depends on the window decoration, among other things. For example, it is not recommended to hang heavy long curtains in a small apartment, as they will smother the rest of the decor and darken the room too much. A better solution is sheer curtains, blinds or roller blinds.

What bed in a combined living room-bedroom?

1 room apartment with baby furnish large sofa with sleeping function

Due to the smaller area, you usually can’t have both a bed and a couch in a 20 m² 1-room apartment. In most cases, people then opt for a sofa with a sleep function.

However, when furnishing a slightly larger apartment, for example 35 m², you can try to create some space for a normal bed. The sleeping area should of course be separated from the living area, e.g. by a screen that can be moved away at any time, a curtain or even a shelf system. The living area, on the other hand, can be accentuated with a carpet.

If you want to save more space, you can opt for a loft bed or a fold-out murphy bed. The first solution is best suited for a 1-room apartment with high ceilings and provides an invisible sleeping space with nest charm. The great advantage of the wall bed, on the other hand, is that it does not take up space during the day.

The bathroom in a studio apartment

small bathroom with mirrored cabinet round countertop sink and beige wall tile

In a one-room apartment, the bathroom is usually a separate room. It can be said that the minimalism recommended when decorating a studio apartment reaches its peak in the bathroom. Due to the lack of space, open showers and shower enclosures made of glass are definitely recommended. No shower enclosure is installed there, and no shower tray, which additionally provides an airy and spacious feeling of space. If remodeling work is possible, a wall-mounted toilet with concealed cistern is the best choice. How to make the best use of the niche above the toilet seat, we show in this article .

The number of pieces of furniture should be kept to a minimum to accommodate the most important hygiene items. Try to rely on combination solutions here as well. Instead of buying a bathroom mirror and a cabinet separately, it is better to choose a ready-made mirror cabinet. Use light colors to visually enlarge the space. The impression of spaciousness is also positively influenced by cool light, glossy surfaces and even photo wallpapers.

Photo wallpaper bamboo glass shower white tiles and wall-mounted toilet with concealed cistern make the bathroom look large