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What does Smith from “Sex and the City” look like today?

Ten years after the second feature film and 16 years after the end of “Sex and the City,” the story about the love life of the New York girlfriends is to continue on the streaming service HBO Max, but without Samantha. Her actress Kim Cattrall has fallen out with the production and ruled out a comeback. A reunion with Smith, who not only made Samantha’s blood boil, will apparently not happen either. Actor Jason Lewis has big plans for 2021 nonetheless.

He wasn’t even approached for the sequel, he revealed in an interview with "Daily Front Row" a few weeks ago. Of course he would feel flattered in the case, but "it is probably now primarily about the girls", said Lewis. In fact, it was Smith who softened the heart of the jaded and sex-starved Samantha Jones in "Sex and the City" and became her only steady boyfriend over the course of six seasons. In the process, Jerry Smith Jerrod not only often showed off his model size and six-pack to her (and to us), he was so in love with Samantha that he shaved off his chin-length hair in solidarity with her when she was diagnosed with cancer. The bald head is now läng passé, 16 years after the end of the series, the sunnyboy has become a real guy who celebrates his 50th birthday this summer.

Jason Lewis
The teeth more angular, the eyes still bright – Jason Lewis in March 2020. Photo: Getty Images

"Smith" from "Sex and the City" marries his girlfriend in real life.

Currently, the California native shows himself with a classic men’s short haircut: the sides short, the main hair longer and usually neatly laid back or gelled. In addition, a three-day beard, steel-blue eyes and an extremely casual style. At his side: girlfriend Liz Godwin, who seems to enjoy life at Lewis‘ s side to the fullest. He proposed to the 20 years younger actress colleague at the end of 2019, followed by the engagement in February 2020: "I can not wait to spend every second of my life with you and I am so grateful that you want it too", he wrote on Instagram.

Lewis, who worked successfully as a model before his career in front of the camera, first appeared in the past with a full mane, which was later followed by an undercut – to be seen, for example, in the NBC drama series "Midnight, Texas."

Jason Lewis and Liz Godwin
An Attraktivität hat er nicht eingebüßt! Jason Lewis and Liz Godwin im Februar 2020 in Los Angeles auf dem roten Teppich Photo: Getty Images

Even if the acting career of the Sex and the City beau seems to have stagnated somewhat, Jason Lewis is not in a bad mood. To his 80,000 followers on Instagram, the California native is radiant, on the road, at glamorous events and politically engaged. In an interview with "Daily Front Row" he also revealed how he takes care of himself and keeps fit at almost 50: "Eat a balanced diet. Kill industrially processed foods from the menu. Move, exercise." No beauty potion or lotion in the world can do that for you, Lewis said.