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Where to go on vacation in spring: These destinations guarantee an unforgettable vacation season

The sun is finally here, and after months of gray days and long nights, it’s high time for spring break . Shake off the memories of winter and the last remnants of snow with a fantastic spring getaway in Europe. Spring break is a great opportunity to discover new and exciting places both in your own country and in other countries. But if you still don’t know where to go and how best to organize a beautiful and unforgettable vacation at the end of March, then maybe our small selection of spring destinations will help you.

Where to go on vacation in spring

Where to go on vacation in spring

You can take a spring vacation in Germany and visit the beautiful lakes in Bavaria or explore the extraordinary Iceland. You can also opt for a warm destination by taking advantage of the empty beaches in Albania at this time, visit culturally rich Athens or enjoy the breathtaking views of Mallorca. There’s plenty to choose from. In this article, we take a look at all of the above options for your spring break to help you choose.

Vacation destinations in Bavaria

Fichtelsee - vacation in the spring in Bavaria

With the warm spring sunshine and greenery in bloom, it’s time to take a trip to a beautiful lake in Bavaria. Here are our suggestions:
Fichtelsee: almost completely surrounded by spruce trees, it feels like swimming in the forest. Especially in the morning or evening sun, this is a place that could be in an old European fairy tale. Due to the acidity of the water (which is completely safe for human skin), there are small fish and other aquatic animals in the lake, which add to the mystery of the lake. Fichtelsee is located in northern Bavaria, about half an hour’s drive northeast of Bayreuth.

Königsee - a vacation destination in the spring

Königsee: Кlares, dark blue water, surrounded by mountains and greenery, plus the church of St. Bartholomä and the Schrainbach waterfall. This is the Königsee, located in the Berchtesgadnerland, at the most southeastern point of Germany, on the border with Austria. Be sure to take a boat ride to hear the famous echo of the lake. And if you like it sporty, you can climb the Grünstein and enjoy the view. It’s worth it!

Eibseе offers an unforgettable spring vacation time

Eibsee: below Germany’s highest mountain lies one of the most fascinating lakes. Clean water for swimming, a hiking trail that leads around the lake, and a magnificent view of the Zugspitze – the Eibsee offers all of this. During your walk around the lake you will surely discover many other treasures – small waterfalls and trees growing in the water. The lake is located near Garmisch-Patenkirchen, about 1.5 hours south of Munich.

Vacation in Albania: What can you do there in spring?

Vacation in Albania - what can you do there in springtime

Spring is always the best time to travel, especially in the Mediterranean. Nature is in bloom, the weather is pleasant and life is cheerful. The best way to travel Albania in spring is to spend several days touring the country. The perfect start for your trip is Tirana. With its clear spring skies and blossoming trees, the capital is a lively city. You can enjoy the city life with good restaurants and atmosphere.

Visit Shkodra, the northernmost city in Albania. Rozafa Castle and Marubi Museum of Photography tell a lot about this historical city. A fantastic destination to spend the evening is a rural farm, located in the hills of Fista village in the south of Shkoder. There you can enjoy homemade wine and food from the farm.

Vacation in Albania - the historic city of Shkodra

The Albanian Riviera is the most beautiful Riviera of the Mediterranean. Ancient villages thrive on the slopes overlooking the Ionian Sea. Although it is one of the most visited places in summer, in spring you can have the whole beach to yourself.

Vacation in spring - the Albanian Riviera is one of the most beautiful

The archaeological site of Butrint has been under the protection of UNESCO since 1992 and is the most visited attraction in Albania. What was a capital in ancient times is now a jungle of ruins. The Xamil Islands are the perfect place to enjoy a lunch with a view. Gjirokastër is also part of UNESCO, but only since 2005.

Butrint is the most visited attraction in Albania

The medieval town is famous for its fortress, houses with Ottoman architecture and handicraft stores. The nature of Gjirokaster in spring is also an unforgettable experience, the valley of the river Drino resembles a sea of flowers.

Spring vacation in Mallorca

Spring vacation in Mallorca

If you are planning your spring vacation in Mallorca, you are probably already thinking about what you will do after you arrive on this beautiful Mediterranean island. Here are some things to do during your spring vacation in Mallorca.

Beach Walks: Spring is the perfect time for long, beautiful walks on the beach. The weather in Mallorca in spring is really perfect, because it is warm, but not extremely hot, and it never gets too cold. So if you visit Mallorca at this time of year, you can enjoy beautiful one-hour walks on the white sand against a stunning backdrop. Dip your toes in the sand and feel the Mediterranean breeze while your mind empties and you feel the stress disappear.

Visit Palma de Mallorca: the capital of Shkodra is full of surprises. If you are vacationing in Mallorca in spring, you should take at least one day to visit Palma and explore the city. The city starts with the impressive La Seu Cathedral. The old town consists of cobbled pedestrian streets where you can get lost while looking at the old buildings that still retain their courtyards. But it’s not all about small streets and hidden treasures.

When visiting Mallorca in the spring you should not miss hiking

Palma has numerous museums and art galleries if you are looking for artistic inspiration. The gastronomic landscape has also been second to none for several years, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by impressive restaurants for every budget and taste!

Hiking: With perfect weather and a wide variety of places to choose from, this is an activity not to be missed when visiting Mallorca in the spring. There are tours for every taste: by the sea, in the mountains, in the cities, with children, as a sport or just for fun.

Athens – for a warm spring holiday

Spring vacation in sunny Athens

Spring is one of the best times to visit Athens, because then there are blue skies, sunshine and average daily temperatures of 16 °C. Athens is at its best when scarlet poppies and daisies grow at the foot of the archaeological monuments. It’s fun to explore the archaeological sites, climb Lycabettus Hill and enjoy the view, or walk among the pine trees on Philopappu Hill.

Enjoy the spring weather by renting a bike and riding to Mikrolimano, a small port near Pireau known for its excellent fish tavernas. There are many seasonal dishes to try in Athens, and a visit to a bakery will tempt you with Easter cookies and halva. The easiest way to travel to Athens is by plane. There are many flights from regional airports all over Europe.

Iceland – the different vacation destination in spring

Iceland is one of the best places to visit in springtime

Iceland is definitely one of the best places in Europe to visit during the spring months. The weather is still cold, but not excessively so, so you can enjoy the sights surrounded by beautiful scenery. Most visitors to Iceland stay in the capital, Rejavik, where there is fantastic nightlife and some quirky national delicacies to sample. From there, you can take excursions to explore the country.

Iceland - the alternative spring destination

The most popular of these tours is the Golden Circle Tour, where you can explore Iceland’s major sights in a day, including Tengvillir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can stand between the tectonic plates of Europe and North America. The next stop is the Geysir geothermal area, where you can watch currents erupting from the earth’s surface in the form of mini-explosions. The southern coast of Iceland is also a must-see. There you can see the Eyjafjallajokutl volcano, the fascinating waterfalls and the black Vik beach.