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Vacation without quarantine: You can travel to these countries despite Corona!

For more than a year now, the COVID-19 pandemic has had the world firmly in its grip and the longer it lasts, the greater the wanderlust. To this day, the German Foreign Office has issued travel warnings for many countries around the world. Many places that would be harmless as a travel destination for many of us are currently not allowing tourists into the country and most of our favorite holiday destinations are considered risk areas. A few days in the mountains or on the beach sound pretty tempting and more and more people are desperately longing for a little time out from the stressful and monotonous daily routine. However, not recommended doesn’t necessarily mean forbidden and even though you might encounter many hurdles when planning your vacation, a vacation without quarantine upon return is still possible. Can I travel with children if they are not vaccinated and which countries receive German holidaymakers despite the pandemic – have you also asked yourself these questions? Then you are in the right place! In this article we have compiled for you all the vacation destinations that are not considered Corona risk areas!

What are the rules for travelers from risk areas?

countries without quarantine on return travel regulations Corona 2021

Although traveling abroad is not expressly forbidden and the borders are open from the German side, everyone should first think carefully about whether a vacation is currently absolutely necessary. There is a subdivision into risk areas, high incidence areas and virus variant areas. Which countries belong to the risk areas, however, changes constantly, since this depends on the current infection situation in the respective country. The German Foreign Office usually updates the list on Fridays. High-risk areas are all countries that have more than 200 newly infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants within 7 days and countries where highly contagious mutations of the Corona virus are spreading. All returnees from risk areas must undergo Corona testing and immediately enter a 10-day quarantine regardless of the test result. However, this can be terminated with a negative test result on the fifth day. Similarly, entrants from high-incidence areas may not board the aircraft until they present a negative test result and enter a ten-day quarantine in Germany regardless of the result.

In Albania, a vacation without quarantine is possible

European travel countries without quarantine on return vacation despite Corona

After the number of new Corona infections in Albania has fallen sharply in recent weeks, the country is no longer considered a risk area and the travel warning issued by the German Foreign Office has now been lifted. Albania is not considered a classic vacation destination for most Germans, but still has a lot to offer. The unspoiled mountains are ideal for hiking and the picturesque towns impress with a rich, historical past. All restaurants, hotels and campsites are open and have hygiene requirements. However, some places still have a 10 p.m. curfew that must be observed. A negative Corona test is not required and there is no quarantine to be observed on site. So Albania is undoubtedly one of the countries without quarantine on return that is guaranteed to be worth a visit.

Balearic Islands: Ibiza, Mallorca and Co.

Travel with children Corona European countries without quarantine on return

Spain and especially Mallorca and Ibiza are undoubtedly among the most popular vacation destinations for Germans. After the Corona infections have dropped significantly since January, the archipelago is no longer considered a risk area since March 14 and travel without quarantine on return is now possible. In addition to Mallorca, other Balearic Islands are becoming increasingly popular with German holidaymakers and attract millions of tourists each year. These include Menorca, Cabrera and Formentera. Those who would rather stay on the mainland and take a cultural vacation are welcome to travel to the beautiful regions of Valencia, Murcia or Galicia. Although the travel warnings of the Foreign Office have been lifted, there are still some things to be aware of. Pubs, restaurants and cafes are allowed to host with limited capacity and only people from the same household are allowed to share a room in the hotel.

Travel without quarantine to Greenland and Faroe Islands in Denmark

can i travel with children if they are not vaccinated vacation without quarantine

Although a travel warning is still in effect for Denmark, the small archipelago of the Faroe Islands is not classified as a risk area and thus a vacation there without quarantine is also possible. Infection numbers have been stable since May 1, and the seven-day incidence has been below 100 for weeks. Shops have also long since reopened, and bars, restaurants and cafes are once again allowed to serve customers – but inside only if patrons can prove they have tested negative for Corona, have survived the infection or have been fully vaccinated. The only condition, however, is that the country of the tourists is at least considered an “orange state” or in other words – the Corona situation there is no longer so bad. Fortunately, Germany is currently considered orange. Upon arrival, a PCR test is carried out and until the result is available, one must go under quarantine. However, this is waived for those who have already been fully vaccinated against Corona.

Dominican Republic

where can I travel without quarantine Malta vacation Corona

Where can I travel without quarantine if I like it a bit more exotic? The answer – to the Dominican Republic, of course! After the number of new Corona infections has dropped significantly in recent weeks, the exotic country is no longer considered a risk area. The miles of sandy beaches and beautiful palm trees attract millions of tourists every year, and the Dominican Republic is undoubtedly one of the most popular long-haul destinations for most Germans. If you are more into hiking, you will get your money’s worth especially in the interior of the island and can discover numerous natural beauties. To avoid quarantine in the Dominican Republic, you must present a negative PCR test upon entry, which must not be older than 72. In addition, all vacationers must fill out an electronic entry form – this generates a QR code that you present when required. You should also note the nighttime curfews, which are in place from 9pm to 5am during the week and from 7pm to 5am on weekends.

Vacation without quarantine in Malta

Travel with children Corons vacation without quarantine

Corona numbers in Malta have plummeted in recent weeks, and the island nation plans to reopen to international tourism starting June 1. From May 10, restaurants will be open again and will be allowed to serve visitors until 5 pm. The Mediterranean island impresses with its rich history and Mediterranean way of life – in a very small area, one encounters cultural monuments from more than six millennia. However, only tourists from the so-called “corridor countries” are allowed to Malta, provided that they have not stayed outside this “corridor” in the last 2 weeks. The good news is that Germany is also one of these “corridor countries” and so for Germans a vacation without quarantine would be possible upon return. The only requirement, however, is to present a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours upon entry. A quarantine is only due if one shows symptoms of illness upon arrival.

Soak up the sun in Portugal

Travel with children without vaccination countries without quarantine on return

Lisbon, Porto, Algarve – Portugal, with its wild, beautiful beaches and lively cities, is another favorite destination for German tourists. Even though a vacation there would be possible without quarantine, the coronavirus causes some peculiarities. Due to renewed rising infection figures, Madeira and the Azores have been declared risk areas again. However, the popular regions of Lisbon, Norte and Centro as well as the rest of mainland Portugal are not risk areas. In addition, tourists from German states with an incidence of more than 150 per 100,000 inhabitants are not allowed to enter the country. In order to take a vacation without quarantine, you need a negative PCR test that is not older than 72 hours. Alternatively, you can have a free Corona test upon entry, the result of which will be available within 12 hours. Until then, however, you must isolate yourself in the hotel.

How about a vacation without quarantine in Sri Lanka?

where can i travel without quarantine vacation with unvaccinated children rules

Sri Lanka is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful travel countries without quarantine for those who like it a bit more exotic. The island state is a dream destination for many and the tropical beaches, the rich culture, the impressive flora and fauna and the varied landscapes attract more and more tourists. Sri Lanka is neither a risk area, nor are there quarantine requirements for vacationers. However, you must follow a number of guidelines and accept certain restrictions. First of all, you need a visa, which you can apply for online. Upon arrival, you will need to fill out a health declaration and present a negative PCR test that is not older than 96 hours at the time of departure. This must be written in English. Depending on how long you stay there, another 2 or 3 paid PCR tests are due during your stay. During the first 2 weeks, contact with the local population and use of public transportation is prohibited.

Can I travel with children if they are not vaccinated?

travel countries without quarantine in europe travel with unvaccinated children rules

Relaxing together, having adventures and making great memories – especially after months of hard lockdown with home office and homeschooling, many families long for a nice vacation together. If it weren’t for one small problem: In the coming weeks, more and more parents will be vaccinated, while their children will not. The reason is that there are still no approved vaccines against the coronavirus for children. Those who have been fully vaccinated and those who have recovered are gradually regaining their freedoms and no longer have to go into quarantine after a vacation in a risk area. The new rules are already valid from May 9 and you only have to go into quarantine in exceptional cases – if you enter from a virus variant area. These include India, Brazil, Botswana and South Africa. This means that while mother and father who have been vaccinated can travel to Turkey, for example, all children who have traveled with them must go into quarantine after returning to Germany. The reason? The children would be potential virus carriers when you go back to daycare or school after the vacation.

travel countries without quarantine in Europe travel with children Corona

However, the individual federal states are allowed to regulate the quarantine requirements themselves. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, travelers from risk areas do not have to go into quarantine at all, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not. In Baden-Württemberg, on the other hand, vacationers cannot shorten the quarantine period even if they test negative after the fifth day. So before you plan any trips with unvaccinated children, be sure to check the current version of your Corona state ordinance. To ensure that nothing stands in the way of vacationing with unvaccinated children, a few countries have developed some testing policies. In Greece, children 6 years and older are allowed to enter the country with a negative PCR test. In Denmark, too, children under the age of 15 who come from an EU country that is not considered a risk area may enter the country without any testing or quarantine.

may I travel with children if they are not vaccinated Travel countries without quarantine on return