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Vacation in Austria: The most beautiful lakes you could visit in summer!

Although the Corona pandemic still has the world firmly in its grip, there are many countries that are gradually loosening the lockdown and slowly reopening their borders to tourists. With Whitsun just around the corner, many people are longing for a little time off and would love to go somewhere for a few days. How about a nice vacation in Austria, for example? The Alpine republic is known as the land of mountains and attracts millions of visitors with its extraordinary landscape. Imposing peaks, hilly vineyards, idyllic mountain villages and beautiful cities like Vienna, Salzburg and Graz – the neighboring country has a lot to offer and is without a doubt worth a visit. However, many people don’t know that there are more than 25,000 lakes in Austria that are perfect for swimming. Of course, that’s quite a lot and you can’t visit them all at once. Therefore, in this article we have compiled for you the most beautiful lakes in Austria that you could visit in the summer!

Travel to Austria from 19 May: The new entry rules you should know about

travel in Austria from 19 may nature sightseeing in Europe

Vacations in Austria are finally possible again! The neighboring country has recorded great success in its consistent measures against the coronavirus and the numbers of new infections have fallen sharply in recent weeks. This allows extensive openings from 19 May, especially in the areas of gastronomy, culture, leisure and accommodation. However, it is also important to note when traveling that there are still entry restrictions and rules for numerous countries. Before entering Austria, you must first register (“Pre-Travel-Clrearance”) and show the registration confirmation at a control.

vacation in Austria sightseeing Hohensalzburg Fortress

Austria bases its entry rules on the so-called Corona traffic light of the EU health agency ECDC. From May 19, visitors from countries colored orange or green on the map will be allowed to travel to Austria. In the future, entry from light red areas will require either proof of vaccination or recovery after infection, or a negative PCR test. Those entering from dark red areas, on the other hand, will have to undergo a 10-day quarantine period after entry. From today’s point of view, it will be possible to enter the country from Malta, Portugal, Finland and Iceland without any restrictions from May 19 onwards. The current quarantine for Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic should also be dropped. However, it should be noted that the regulations could change depending on the current coronal situation in each country.

Vacation in Austria: Lake Constance in Vorarlberg

Lake Constance Austria summer vacation tips the most beautiful lakes in Europe

Lake Constance is undoubtedly a European vacation classic and attracts many tourists to its shores throughout the year. Actually, Lake Constance consists of two lakes, Untersee and Obersee, and is located in the so-called “Dreilandeseck” between Austria, Germany and Switzerland. From leisurely swims in the crystal clear waters to extensive diving tours to kite surfing and surfing, the region certainly has a lot to offer and is a true paradise for all water sports enthusiasts. Grandiose restaurants, where you can enjoy the regional cuisine and beautiful accommodations invite you to stay. The many nature reserves along the lake and the Rhine are perfect for a relaxing hike and offer numerous activities for your next vacation in Austria. If you stay in Bregenz, then you should definitely visit the Bregenz harbor on Lake Constance. There you can find the so called “Sunset Sitzstufen” from where you can watch the beautiful sunset.

Lake Hallstatt is definitely worth a visit

Hallstatt Lake sightseeing travel tips in Austria from 19 May

Hallstatt has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is undoubtedly one of the most famous and beautiful places in Austria. Nestled between the three towns of Hallstatt, Obertraun and Bad Goisern and the Sarstein, Lake Hallstatt will enchant you with its breathtakingly beautiful nature, tranquility and seclusion! However, the shallow shores and crystal clear water invite you not only for swimming, but also for diving and numerous boat trips. The surroundings and the lake are the perfect place for all nature lovers who want to spend a vacation in Austria. From rare plants to numerous species of fish, amphibians and waterfowl – you can simply find everything your heart desires there! Another highlight not to be missed are the hikes with wonderful views of the surrounding mountain landscape. All culture and history enthusiasts should definitely visit the market town of Hallstatt. There you will find a famous salt mine, where you can learn a lot about the 7000-year history of mining, and a world-famous historic town center.

Lake Wolfgang: vacation in the heart of the Salzkammergut region

Wolfgangsee travel tips the most beautiful lakes in Austria

Wolfgangsee is located in Salzburg and Upper Austria and is one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in Austria that you could visit in summer. Its beauty was already appreciated by the late former chancellor Helmut Kohl, who spent his vacations in Austria with his family for 30 years. Its absolutely enchanting location between the mighty mountains and dense lands makes Wolfgangsee one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Alps. It boasts excellent water quality and the average water temperature of 24 degrees in summer provides optimal conditions for activities such as diving, fishing and sailing. Visitors who are fond of hiking can also spend an unforgettable day hiking in the heart of nature. In addition, the public beach and outdoor pools with their cozy lakeside terraces provide plenty of relaxation and tranquility.

Spend your vacation in Austria at Lake Wörthersee

Wörthersee travel tips the most beautiful lakes in Austria

Lake Wörthersee is about 17 kilometers long and is located in the border triangle of Austria, Italy and Slovenia. The water temperature can rise up to 28 degrees in summer and is therefore perfect for swimming. Lake Wörthersee is so vast that it offers the perfect conditions for all sailors, water skiers and divers. If you like, you can also take a motorboat cab across the lake and admire the villas built in the style of the famous “Wörthersee architecture”. Due to its dreamlike, idyllic location and pleasant climate, the largest lake in Carinthia is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria worth visiting. The possibility of meeting celebrities on the road is also quite high, as Lake Wörthersee is one of the country’s star hotspots, especially in summer. If you ever get tired of swimming, you can explore the surrounding region by bike or on a hike.

Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl in Austria summer vacation in Europe 19 May

Lake Neusiedl is very special, and in many ways: it’s the westernmost steppe lake in Europe, making it another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the second largest lake in Austria. It is actually located on the border between Hungary and Austria, with the largest part belonging to Austria. Due to the mild climate, the water can warm up to 30 degrees in the summer months, but also cool down very quickly. With an average depth of about 1.8 meters, Lake Neusiedl is not only suitable for swimming, but also offers optimal wind conditions for kite surfers, surfers and sailors. The lake is only an hour’s drive from Vienna, making it the ideal place for your next vacation in Austria. Its location in the foothills of the Alps ensures that you can admire a unique flora and fauna around it.

Attersee for the perfect vacation in Austria for water sports fans

Attersee Austria the most beautiful lakes in Europe

Lake Attersee is located in the Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria and is the largest lake located entirely on Austrian territory. With a depth of about 169 meters, it is also the third deepest lake in Austria. The Attersee is the largest lake of a chain of lakes in the Salzkammergut, which also includes the Mondsee, the Fuschlsee and the Irrsee. In the immediate vicinity are the Hallstätter See, the Wolfgangsee and the Wallersee – a real water paradise! The Attersee is especially known for its turquoise blue water and is considered one of the clearest lakes in the country. The visibility of up to 25 meters as well as the abundance of fish ensure a unique and unforgettable experience for divers. Because Attersee is so expansive, it is also a popular choice for a vacation in Austria among sailors and motorboat enthusiasts. And good news for all dog owners: Lake Attersee is one of the few lakes where you are allowed to swim with your four-legged friend – but at extra dog beaches.

Weissensee is one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria

vacations in Austria travel tips lake Weissensee

If you want to spend a quiet and relaxing vacation in Austria, then you will find it in Carinthia. Weissensee is considered the cleanest lake in Carinthia and impresses with its imposing beauty and clarity. With its excellent location in the Gaital Alps and the gentle yet imposing mountains that surround it, Lake Weissensee is the perfect place for those who want to relax in nature. In some parts, green, flat meadows dominate the landscape, while in others it looks like a fjord. In addition, Lake Weissensee has been declared a nature park and sustainable tourism plays a very important role. Thus, about two thirds of the shore are unobstructed and most of the bays and places can only be reached on foot. The lake has numerous attractions in store and is now known as one of the most popular water sports hotspots in Austria. Thus, all action water sports enthusiasts can go water skiing undisturbed or even participate in rafting or canyoning on the rivers that surround Lake Weissensee.

Lake Klopein

most beautiful lakes in Austria Klopeiner See travel tips

Lake Klopein in southern Carinthia is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria, but with a water temperature of 30 degrees in summer is considered the warmest lake in Europe! In addition, the water has high drinking water quality and the numerous hours of sunshine speak for a pleasant Ulraub in Austria. The area around the Klopeiner See is an excellent combination of water and land and a popular destination for both water fans and hikers. In addition to surfing, swimming and sailing, the lake is a popular area for diving, and the visibility depth of 15 meters allows you to see the beautiful underwater world. A special highlight, however, is the promenade, which is the only continuous lakeside promenade in Austria. And if you don’t want to miss out on your workout during your vacation, you can visit the outdoor fitness studio “Fitness Beach” on the lakeshore.

The world famous Fuschlsee for a relaxing vacation in Austria

Fuschlsee Austria vacation tips the most beautiful lakes in Europe

Directly at the entrance to the Salzkammergut and only 20 kilometers away from Salzburg, you will find the dreamlike Fuschlsee. It is characterized by an above-average water quality and is one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in the province of Salzburg. Crystal clear, sparkling deep green and over 4 kilometers long – the Fuschlsee enchants with its fantastically beautiful surroundings and ensures an unforgettable vacation in Austria. The sandy beaches in combination with the turquoise water are a real eye-catcher and attract millions of tourists every year. The great biodiversity of flowers, water birds and insects makes the hearts of all nature lovers beat faster.

The Green Lake is a real natural phenomenon

Green lake visit vacation in Austria from 19 May

The Green Lake near Tragöß is undoubtedly one of the most unique and beautiful places in Austria. Although it is not a lake in the true sense of the word, the Green Lake has also earned a place in our article thanks to its extraordinary fascination. The water there is indeed deep green, while it reflects the surrounding mountains. What makes the Green Lake so special? In winter, the water almost completely disappears and every year after the snow melts in spring, the lake fills up again with crystal clear water. This transforms it from a mountain meadow into a lake up to ten meters deep. However, the area around the green lake is a strict nature reserve and due to the special landscape, swimming and diving are prohibited. But the sight of the emerald green water is breathtaking enough to simply enjoy the natural wonders to the fullest.

vacation in Austria 19 may travel countries without quarantine on return