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The most beautiful places and helpful tips for the perfect vacation in the Black Forest!

To have a good time, we don’t necessarily have to travel far afield. In fact, Germany is an incredibly diverse country and more popular than ever as a travel destination this year. Whether you want to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Germany or admire the many castles – in the Federal Republic, every type of vacation gets its money’s worth! And for those who prefer some relaxation and tranquility in the middle of nature, a vacation in the Black Forest would be the perfect choice. Located in the southwest of Germany, the Black Forest is known all over the world for its unique landscapes, charming villages and picturesque hiking trails. The mystical place is a real paradise for active vacationers and a treasure trove for nature lovers, so it is definitely worth a trip! For a successful vacation in the mountains, we show you in this article all the beautiful places and sights in the Black Forest.

When is the best time for a vacation in the Black Forest?

Hiking trails Black Forest hiking vacation in Germany

A vacation in the Black Forest is always a very special experience. The dark coniferous forests, steep mountains, gushing waterfalls and picturesque lakes enchant tourists from all over the world. The Black Forest stretches for about 160 kilometers along the French border from Switzerland to Baden-Baden and the region is a breathtaking destination all year round. In the southwest lies the Rhine Valley, which is known as the warmest region in the country. With an average temperature of around 19 degrees, the months of July and August are ideal for a summer vacation. And if hiking is your thing, autumn is the ideal time to visit. With its snow-covered mountains, the Black Forest turns into a real paradise for all skiers in winter.

Black Forest National Park

Vacation in Germany in nature Black Forest Nature Park Sightseeings

Endless forests, small waterfalls , gently rolling hills and rushing rivers – if you want to experience the beautiful and rustic nature of the Black Forest, you should definitely visit the Black Forest Nature Park. True to the motto “Let nature be nature”, the forests in the area are allowed to develop freely and should be untouched by man. The national park has existed since 2014 and is the first and only national park in Baden-Württemberg. It is located on the main ridge of the northern Black Forest between the valley of the Murg River and the picturesque Black Forest High Road. The signposted paths, adventure trails and dark green forests invite you to explore and are ideally suited for a hiking tour. High pastures, called Grinden, offer excellent views over the Black Forest and its valleys. Or why not experience the forest through the eyes of a lynx – that’s what the 4-kilometer-long lynx trail offers you. The wilderness trail was created when the storm wood was cleared after the storm Lothar and everything there is quite wild.

Feldberg in the Black Forest

Feldberg in the Black Forest the highest mountains in Germany

One of the most famous mountains in the Black Forest and the highest in Baden-Württemberg at 1493 meters is the Feldberg. From there, an unforgettable panoramic view opens up and if the weather cooperates, you can even see Mont Blanc and the Vosges Mountains in France. Feldberg is located southeast of Breisgau and is surrounded by the villages of Bernau, Titisee, Todtnau and Hinterzarten. A very special highlight is the Feldberg tower on the Seebuck, where, by the way, you can also get married. The peak is not forested and is a popular destination at any time of the year, which should definitely be visited during a vacation in the Black Forest. In summer, hikers can discover the charming nature of the Upper Black Forest on numerous hiking trails. Or how about indulging in Black Forest specialties in the inns and mountain huts? With 38 lifts and 63 kilometers of slopes, the Feldberg is ideal for snowboarding and skiing during the cold season.

Black Forest Open Air Museum Vogtsbauernhof

Black Forest open air museum the most beautiful places in the Black Forest

About 1 kilometer south of the confluence of the Gutach and Kinzig rivers, you will find the Vogtsbauernhof open-air museum – the oldest in Baden-Württemberg. The museum was founded in 1963 and on a tour visitors experience 400 years of history at once. The six single-roofed farmhouses and the day laborer’s house represent the architecture of the region. Particularly impressive, however, are the small buildings, such as the chapel, sawmill, mill and granary, which convey the working practices and crafts of that time. The recreated life of that time with the chambers, kitchens and parlors makes the children understand the everyday life of the people hundreds of years ago. The herb plantations and the peasant gardens make the hearts of all botanists beat faster. The open-air museum collects and conveys the cultural history of the Black Forest region and provides a varied and extremely interesting experience. To make the place even more lively and attractive, mill and craft demonstrations are often organized there.

Discover the world’s largest cuckoo clock

Black Forest sights Black Forest open air museum tips

Clockmaking has a long tradition in the Black Forest and the real cuckoo clocks are made there. They are now available in countless designs and are often brought back as souvenirs from vacations in the Black Forest. But one clock towers above them all and is actually as big as a house – the world’s largest cuckoo clock in Triberg. It was built by clockmaker Josef Dold and his family and is 60 times larger than the traditional version. A full 4.50 meters tall, made entirely of wood and painted by hand, the world’s largest cuckoo clock is an absolute tourist magnet. The massive cuckoo, which appears on the second floor every half hour, weighs a whopping 150 kilograms – pretty impressive, right? But despite its size, in keeping with tradition, the clock is powered purely mechanically by two giant pine cone weights.

Baden-Baden is a must on any vacation in the Black Forest

Baden Baden sights vacation in the Black Forest

No vacation in the Black Forest would be complete without a visit to the historic spa town of Baden-Baden. The absolute center of the city is without a doubt the world famous Kurhaus. The imposing building is located in the center of the city and is a real architectural masterpiece. And if you want to try your luck at gambling, one floor below you will discover the most famous casino in Germany. Even if you’re not a fan of poker and the like, you should definitely visit the opulently decorated halls modeled after French royal castles. A long walk through the beautiful gardens and parks in Baden-Baden should not be missing on your list either. The Rose Novelty Garden is particularly impressive, where you can stroll through the numerous rose arches or relax on the comfortable benches and enjoy the scent of roses. Every year, the Rose Novelty Competition is held there, which is considered one of the most important in all of Europe. The Gönneranlage and the romantic Lichtentaler Allee are also oases of peace and relaxation.

Vacation in the Black Forest tips Schwazwaldhochstraße road trip

Baden-Baden is undoubtedly a beautiful city, but there is also much to discover in the surrounding area. From there, there are several routes into the heart of the Black Forest, but the most beautiful is the fairytale Black Forest High Road. Although the route is only 60 kilometers long, we would recommend you to take at least half a day for the trip. Take small breaks in between and let yourself be enchanted by the idyllic combination of valleys, peaks, pine trees and meadows. Directly on the Black Forest High Road you will find Lake Mummel, which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany. The surrounding area is characterized by its unspoiled vegetation and the picturesque hiking trails are largely natural. To get a fairytale view of Baden-Baden, you should visit the Merkur Tower. The Merkur is the 668-meter high local mountain of the city and an absolute must for all those who want to crown their vacation in the Black Forest with a unique experience. How about a paragliding flight, for example? Or just make yourself comfortable in the MerkurBergbahn and enjoy the great panoramic view.


Friedrichsbad spa vacation in the Black Forest tips

A vacation in the Black Forest is only complete with a visit to a spa. And if you want to have it as beautiful as in ancient Rome, you should definitely visit the Friedrichsbad. The building was built in the Rennaisance style and the 17 meter high dome is reminiscent of that of a church. An exclusive bathing experience is guaranteed by the 17 stations that lead you through warm and hot thermal baths and saunas. The precious thermal water and the changing temperatures provide pure relaxation and have a beneficial effect on mind and body.

Freiburg in Breisgau

most beautiful cities in Black Forest Freiburg sightseeing tours

Freiburg im Breisgau is also a must on a vacation in the Black Forest! With its medieval old town and dynamic culture, the charming university town combines old and new in a unique way. The picturesque alleys and historic buildings invite you to linger, while gourmets can indulge in regional delicacies at the Münstermarkt. High above the roofs of Freiburg rises the Schlossberg, from which you have a fairytale view of the surrounding area.

Freiburg Cathedral Vacation in the Black Forest Tips

The Minster Cathedral is definitely something you can’t miss in Freiburg. The unique combination of Romanesque and Gothic architecture makes the cathedral one of the most beautiful churches in all of Germany. The 116-high tower rises into the sky above the city and impresses with its size. Visitors can also marvel at the interior, where the sculptures and windows are especially worth seeing. A very popular destination in the region is the bottom station of the longest gondola lift in Germany. The 37 cabins climb 746 meters in altitude on the way towards the summit of the Schauinsland, and the ride offers a picturesque view over the expanses of the Black Forest.

Baden Wine Route

Baden Wine Route Tips Black Forest Sightseeing Vacations

It is THE pleasure highlight during a vacation in the Black Forest – the Baden Wine Road. Since 1954 one of the most beautiful vacation routes in Germany leads like a red thread through the wine regions Breisgau, Kaiserstuhl, Markgräflerland, Tuniberg and Ortenau. On a length of about 280 kilometers, numerous wine villages and wine-growing estates join together, where we can enjoy the best wines of the Federal Republic. The picturesque villages with winding alleys, the wine-growing architecture and the numerous castles and palaces are definitely worth a visit. Whether wine tastings, wine bike trails, wine festivals or wine hikes – there is always something interesting to do on the Baden Wine Route and the many inns provide culinary delights.

Hiking trails in the Black Forest

Black Forest nature park sightseeing vacation in Germany 2021

160 kilometers long and 60 kilometers wide – what would a vacation in the Black Forest be without a hike? Beautiful hiking opportunities can actually be found in every region and most routes are easy to follow and marked with color markings. Whether sunny Gifel, picturesque landscapes, gorges or deep valleys – the Black Forest is a real paradise for all hikers! And here are some of the most popular hiking trails in the Black Forest.

  • The Black Forest gourmet trails are between 6 and 18 kilometers long and as you can guess – perfect for all gourmets. The small beer gardens at the edge of the trails invite you to linger with their views of the hills and coniferous forests. Or how about fortifying yourself at one of the schnapps fountains? Yes, you have read correctly! These are fountain troughs that are filled with bottles of schnapps. For a small amount of money you can taste the offered schnapps and liqueurs.
  • Gutachter Tälersteig – There you walk on good forest paths through the picturesque Vogelbachtal and have fabulous views of the Black Forest farms.

Triberg waterfalls in Germany Black Forest sightseeing nature

  • From Hinterzarten to Winddeckkopf – You feel like fresh country air and tranquility? Then this 12 kilometer long and moderately difficult hiking tour is just right for you! The trails are easy to walk and the ascent takes you through the dense forests past the Zartenbach stream. The biggest advantage of this hiking trail is that you can enjoy excellent views without having to master steep climbs.
  • Schluchsee – Schluchsee is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany, but also the largest. Reason enough, therefore, to explore it on a hike. The narrow forest paths climb gently and always offer you great views.

the most beautiful lakes in Germany Ulraub in the Black Forest tips