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The best swimming pools with slides and top aquaparks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for 2022

For adventure-seekers who crave regional options for summer fun, there are currently great suggestions for adventurous swimming pools with slides. A day at the water park is always a vacation highlight for young and old. So take a look at some of the best water parks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that are definitely worth a visit. This is a great way to try something you normally can’t do at home. Take this chance to let go of your inner adrenaline junkie!

Action-packed water parks and swimming pools with slides for every age group

fun at the pool with swimming rings during the summer in the adventure pool

When the weather gets warmer, there’s no better place to cool off than a water park. But why limit the fun to summer? Choose the venue wisely, and you’ll be able to enjoy the slides at indoor pools in winter, too. Thanks to the wide variety of indoor and outdoor water parks, you can enjoy year-round entertainment at Europe’s wildest water attractions.

summer fun for the whole family on vacation by swimming pools with slides in water park

While many of these water parks are great for kids, adults also love vacations or trips with water activities. Extreme water slides, long lazy rivers, and colorful family-friendly pirate ships are just a few examples of creative attractions that make these wonderful water kingdoms universally popular. It’s best to find out about booking tickets in advance. Many parks offer a family discount or advance purchase discount. Accordingly, this can help keep costs down. So grab some sunscreen and explore some of the best regional water parks and pools with slides.

Galaxy Rutschenwelt – Therme Erding in Germany.

galaxy water park in erding near munich with interactive activities for all ages

This water park in Bavaria is just what adrenaline junkies are calling for. Located about 48 km outside of Munich in Erding, the thermal swimming pools with slides feature the longest water slide in Europe – the 365-meter Magic Eye. Here you can also try the 70 km/h high-speed X-Treme Faster slide. However, if you prefer something not so extreme, a ride along the Crazy River is highly recommended. The water park also has a heated wave lagoon to relax in, along with some mini slides for the younger visitors.

Rulantica – the water world of Europa-Park in Rust, Germany.

extreme water slide with boat for kids and adults at europapark rulantica

Europa Park has earned its status as the second most popular theme park in Europe, overshadowed only by Disneyland Paris. The success of the magnificent amusement park soon opened the doors for the rise of an equally impressive sister site, Rulantica. The unusual look of this vast water world is heavily inspired by Norse culture and mythology. Rulantica is a fictional island in the North Sea as well as a magical place where mermaids, trolls, sea monsters and countless other strange mythical creatures live. It looks like real summer fun and Scandinavian flair can go hand in hand there.

rulantica swimming pools with slides in europa park germany with a variety of rides for everyone

The colossal world of Rulantica is divided into nine themed areas. The heart of the water park is the indoor area under one of the largest domes in Europe. The park consists of 27 slides and various other attractions suitable for different age groups. Rulantica is located at the gates of Rust, a town in Freiburg in southern Germany. The biggest fame of the city is the world famous Europa Park, which is located only three kilometers away from the water kingdom. Rulantica is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., with outdoor areas available only from May to September.

Enjoy swimming pools with slides in Tropical Islands Berlin.

swimming fun in winter or in summer with big water slide in german water park tropical islands

This extraordinary water park has managed to bring a touch of the Pacific Ocean right into the heart of northern Germany. Of all the amusement parks in the world, Tropical Islands has the most peculiar genesis. The titanic structure that houses the water park was originally built as a hangar for military airships. However, through the strange twists and turns of history, the aerium hangar has transformed into a lush, exotic rainforest. Long sandy beaches, themed villages and countless rides now make up this sprawling indoor kingdom.

huge swimming pools with slides in the indoor aqua park tropical islands near berlin

Each of the aqua park’s five areas has a distinctive look inspired by different cultures. Themed buildings and matching vegetation also add plenty of personality. The beach is also home to the mysterious Princess Moana, a perfect place for restless children. The magical lagoon is hidden among the picturesque cliffs adorned with atmospheric Balinese huts. In addition, the water slides descend from the 27-meter high water tower. The attraction includes four different rides, ranging from a leisurely family slide to an extreme high-speed experience. You can reach the resort either via the A13 highway or by taking the train to Brand Tropical Islands and then catching a free shuttle bus.

Alpamare adventure pool in Pfäffikon, Switzerland

enjoy outdoor pool from aquapark alpamare in switzerland by swimming pools with slides

The next water park will take you to the Swiss Alps. This is a place where one of the first swimming pools with slides in Europe is located. With a tradition of almost 40 years, Alpamare specializes in exciting rides. The complex is open all year round, even during the winter season. Palm trees and mystical Mayan ruins offer a drastic change of pace if you ever get tired of all that snow and ice. For maximum enjoyment, you can indulge in one of the spas in true alpine fashion.

wellness area and thermal swimming pools with slides in alpamare fun pool in switzerland

After so many years of operation, Alpamare is still the largest adventure pool in Switzerland. The large indoor pool leads to twelve different rides suitable for all ages. The complex’s wellness and fitness areas are also worth a visit. Pfäffikon is located on the left shore of Lake Zurich at the foot of the Etzel. So if you are traveling by car, take the A3 freeway exit Pfäffikon/SZ, drive towards Pfäffikon and then follow the signs for Seedamm Center and later Alpamare. The Aquapark is already signposted at the freeway exit. However, you can also reach the Alpamare directly and comfortably by public transport.

Waterpark Area47 in Ötztal, Austria

extreme water activities at water park area 47 for adventurous people in austria

Spend an eventful day or weekend at the unique Aqua Park Area 47 for adults and try out the numerous exciting water activities. For example, if you want to try wakeboarding, you can do so at Area47. Alternatively, try Europe’s fastest water slide and jump off cliffs. In addition, you can also jump on a giant catapult that will hurl you through the air.

young man at aquapark area 47 balancing on a rope above the lake next to big water slide

So Area 47 is an adventure playground that deserves a top spot as one of the best water parks in Europe even in 2022. Unlike all the other parks listed, Area 47 is located in a beautiful natural park with many attractions and breathtaking rides. In addition, you can also stay at the park and take advantage of the free water activities if you have booked. The swimming pools with slides in the Austrian area offer plenty of swimming fun. After a day of water activities, relax at the beach bar with a cold drink or lounge on the grass. End the day with a game of beach ball or soccer.

Aqua Dome in Längenfeld, Austria

auqa dome in tyrol with extraordinary architecture in the middle of nature between the mountains

Längenfeld is home to some of Austria’s most beautiful scenery, with the Aqua Dome park perfectly situated. The water park has its exquisite location with towering glass windows that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Children can have fun in the Noah’s Ark children’s world. This features a water slide with light and sound effects, as well as a tire slide and several pools. Free supervision is also available, so adults can enjoy the healing mineral waters of the spas and baths in peace.