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Refueling in spring and summer – with these tips it will work for sure

Winter is associated with special stresses for the human body as well as for the psyche. There is less daylight and sunshine, the weather is colder and often more humid. The lower temperatures alone tempt people to eat a more substantial diet, and in parallel, many people are less active in sports during the dark and cold season than in summer. Other physical activities, such as gardening, also take place less frequently during the winter months. No wonder, then, that the need for a mental and physical reboot is particularly great at the beginning of spring. The following tips can help ensure that spring recharging works particularly well and relaxes body and soul.

Refueling in spring: Detoxify and regain agility

Vacation to relax in spring recharge your batteries

As entrance into an individual regeneration program for the spring a Detox Kuro or chamfering of several days recommend themselves. The latter does not necessarily have to be implemented in its pure form. Also a renouncement of alcohol, the conscious decision for a lighter and healthier nutritionoder the so-called Intervallfastenknen can already make an important contribution to relieve the liver and also lose some weight. Many people who have tried it report positive effects. They feel fresher and more rested, for example, or are more motivated to resume regular active sports.

Organize vacation cycling on the coast

Whether you prefer to do weight training in the gym, jog outside or swim a few laps regularly is less important. What matters is regularity and stamina. It is particularly motivating to hold out the prospect of a reward for yourself. So it’s a good thing that a number of holidays fall in the spring months and can therefore be combined perfectly with a short vacation.

Vacation at the Baltic Sea: Pure relaxation

Beach chairs and romantic walk on the beach

A short vacation over Easter, Ascension Day or Whitsun is ideally suited as a relaxing conclusion to a longer period of special self-discipline. Of course, it is important not to simply fall back into old habits, but to maintain the positive momentum and supplement it with a period of active rest and relaxation. A popular possibility for this is a stay in the vacation home at the Baltic Sea, where recovery can be combined particularly well with sporty activities such as bicycle tours, jogging at the beach or extended wanderings in fresh sea air.

Let the sun into your soul

Vacations on the Baltic Sea organize useful tips for relaxing

Those who choose the Baltic Sea coast to recharge their batteries in spring also benefit for another reason. Although the weather in southwestern Germany is often particularly warm and sunny, the sunniest German state is located just “opposite” in the northeast of the country.Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania averages 1,648 hours of sunshine per year, making it the sunniest German state.

Romantic Baltic Sea coast to relax recharge in spring and summer

This is particularly good for the soul, creates a positive mood and has a motivating effect, so that the dull, gray winter weeks are quickly forgotten. If the time should not be enough for a small vacation, also a Wellness weekend in the hot spring can step in its place.

Spa vacation organize recharge your batteries tips

The important thing is not just to demand something of yourself, but also to treat yourself to something. And the better you succeed over time in turning initial conscious efforts – such as regular exercise or reducing alcohol consumption – into natural, everyday habits, the greater the lasting effect on mental and physical health.