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The Hanstaiger X1 Trimaran Yacht – The stunning boat of the future.

An atypical and futuristic new generation design characterizes the brand new model of trimaran yacht called Hanstaiger X1. The distinctive limited edition trimaran is equipped with a variety of extraordinary features and another set of available customization options. The idea belongs to Mr. John Ordovas, who assembled a team of engineers and shipbuilders and founded the company in 2015. X1 is located in Alicante, Spain and is not yet fully completed. The official finale of the project is scheduled for 2023.

A revolutionary and extraordinary trimaran yacht.

bird's eye view of hansteiger x1 model trimaran yacht with luxury design in the sea

The future model will be approximately 20 meters long and 10 meters wide, with a retractable keel of 0.92 meters. Hanstaiger X1 has a maximum displacement of 40 tons. The exterior has an area of 77 square meters, including its 30-square-meter flybridge and 27-square-meter beach club extension. The hull of Trimaran Yacht X1 has a unique shape and is made of fiberglass, carbon and titanium. The superstructure is made entirely of carbon fiber with solar panels integrated into it.

two levels of a luxury trimaran yacht are connected by stairs

With the exception of the cabin, the main deck of Hanstaiger X1 is on one level, spans the entire length of the trimaran yacht and is divided into sections. This has a suite, two VIP cabins and two crew cabins. In addition, there is a 72-square-meter lounge area that includes the yacht’s main salon and galley.

minimalist design in the cabin of hanstaiger x1

The future owner’s suite is also divided into sections. These include an upper level with a large bed and an office. The middle level, where the bathroom with a sink is located, has a dressing table, a hydro-massage cabin and a sauna.

tasteful interior with white furniture and wooden ceiling on a boat

On the lower level there is a large glass dressing room and another toilet. A VIP cabin is further located to the port. Accordingly, this also has a comfortable bed, a sofa and a large bathroom. The second VIP area is located on the starboard side. In it there are also two rest beds and a roll-up TV.

Luxury and function combined with unique design

on the deck of hanstaiger x1 model trimaran yacht for sailing

The decks of the Hanstaiger X1 are open and inviting, with these featuring two corridors that provide access to the rest of the trimaran yacht. The flybridge offers a variety of seating options, including armchairs and sofas.

jacuzzi with bubbling water on the board of a yacht

A Jacuzzi, a barbecue, and an outdoor dining table for 10 people can also be found here. Some of the most unique features of the Hanstaiger X1 include hinged door skylights, a glass floor with ocean views in the lounge, high quality, low maintenance flooring and much more.

view to the sea from the interior of a modern designed yacht

The normally closed lower deck is equipped with a huge door at the stern. So what would initially be a big problem, the air conditioning, could not have cooled the already open space. The solution here would be, for example, to open the side windows to vent.

design of trimaran yacht seen from above in dark waters

It depends on what equipment the person chooses to spend a few million on the luxury yacht. Sailing is the easiest, but it also relies on two Volvo Penta D4-300 engines with 300 horsepower. These each have a 3.7 liter displacement. The so-called “powerboat” is a version that comes with a pair of Volvo Penta D6-IPS 500 with 380 hp and 5.7 liters of volume.

building a luxury yacht in alicante spain

However, other volumes are also important in this type of boat – those of fuel tanks and, in particular, water. The former collect 1600 liters in the sailing version and 7000 liters in the engine version, while the capacity for fresh water on board is 1200 liters.

designer three hull boat with black sails in the water

As for dynamics and speed, the version for sailing reaches 20 knots, and the more powerful model with engines has over 30 knots. That makes 37 km/h and almost 56 km/h respectively, which is great for this type of luxury yacht made of carbon.

steering cabin with white armchairs and two steering wheels on a sporty boat

built-in kitchen in an open space of a boat with a view of the sea and skylights

living area with huge tv and dining table in trimaran yacht hanstaiger x1

extra class living room with royal and white couch on board a trimaran yacht with wooden ceilings

two armchairs in the dining area of a luxury boat overlooking the sea

lounge area with corner sofa and cushions on the deck of a trimaran yacht.

a large double bed and closet with glass doors in the bedroom with glass ceiling

back area of yacht with wooden elements and plank floor