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The hair secret of Hollywood star Emma Stone

Emma Stone slips into 45 different outfits as “Cruella” in the Disney film of the same name – always with new makeup and hairstyle. This is the work of celebrity makeup artist Nadia Stacey, who is a close friend of the Hollywood star. In the Tikbow interview, she not only revealed the hair secret of her star client, but also gave tips for the perfect look in the video call.

"Eddie the Eagle", "Tolkien", "The Favourite" – Nadia Stacey has designed countless beauty looks in major productions and has won numerous awards for her work, including the Bafta Award. Her latest coup: "Cruella" (in cinemas from May 27 and on Disney+ from May 28, 2021). The live-action film adaptation shows the back story of Cruella de Vil from the Disney classic "101 Dalamatiner" with Emma Stone in the leading role of the extroverted fashion designer, whose trademarks are black and white hair, bright red lipstick and dark eyeliner. Can you wear this look in everyday life? And what did it look like under Emma Stone’s perücke? We asked Nadia Stacey.

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Tikbow: Cruella’s makeup in the film is anything but unobtrusive. How can I wear the look in everyday life?

Nadia Stacey: The secret is to be as bold as you like when trying things out. You can recreate Estella’s look with two products once you have foundation on. Apply a lot of eyeliner and then blend it out neatly for the punky look. Then add a nice pink lip and that’s it.

Can you wear it in the Büro as well?

The Estella look definitely. In the evening, the style can become even bolder and more edgy.

You probably know Emma Stone’s hair like no one else. What do you use it for?

In the film she wears pearls, so the hair has to withstand a lot. As a base, you need a lot of conditioner to make the hair stronger. Heat protection is also extremely important before the hair comes into contact with heat, for example with curls. And lots of hairspray.

And just a hair mask afterwards?

When I worked with Emma, I applied hair masks under her perücks. Her hair permanently soaked up the mask, so it stayed silky and shiny under her perüces. Her hair became healthier and more well-groomed during the shoot.

We are talking über Zoom right now. What simple makeup do you recommend for a video call?

I just noticed how much my face glänts. A good makeup base is definitely always important. I would recommend a natural look for Zoom. Sometimes I wore thicker makeup and realized that it came off too stark in the video. A good base is important: smooth skin, cover dark circles, style eyebrows. The foundation must fit. Skin, eyebrows and mascara and you’re done.

What would you recommend for the hair?

Again, preparation is everything: treat with conditioner the night before or use a leave-in conditioner – it doesn’t matter how you style your hair afterwards. Although my work at "Cruella" doesn’t dictate it, I would recommend a natural look on Zoom at the end.