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Summer fun 2022: 5 games with water balloons for children and adults, which also offer splashy competitions

On hot summer days, fun games with water balloons are a great way for young and old to beat the heat. These guarantee summer fun and for the whole family and are ideal for parties or summer barbecues. The only thing you need to do before the summer party is to buy a large enough supply of balloons. Try some fun ideas and activities this summer and stay cool in high temperatures by providing your guests or family with more entertainment in the backyard or garden.

Prepare creative and competitive games with water balloons

a large quantity of balloons with water for games with water bombs

Fun activities with water in summer are perfect for birthday parties, youth group activities, family reunions or just for fun. Even the adults who don’t mind getting wet can join in. Most of these fun water balloon games require very little preparation other than filling up the balloons. However, you may want to have some buckets and towels on hand. Of course, swimsuits or suitable clothing are also recommended, where you don’t mind getting wet.

Classic race in teams as a relay race or with spoons.

summer fun and entertainment in the garden through games with water bombs suitable for adults and children

This competition is best played with teams of at least 2 children . The more players in each team, the more fun. The goal is to run the pre-drawn course at top speed, but without bursting the water balloon. First, set a course. This can be as simple as running from one end of your yard to the other and back. You could also set up some obstacles along the way, such as toys, buckets or chairs, to make it a slalom race. Have several water balloons per team ready at the starting point.

balancing with water balloon in spoon to improve coordination for kids in summer play

Have each team’s runners line up behind the starting line. When you give the signal, the first person on each team takes a balloon and runs the course. The goal is to run the entire distance without dropping the balloon. If the child is successful, he or she hands the water balloon to the next runner on his or her team. What happens if the balloon bursts on the way? The player must get a new balloon and start over.

water floating filled colorful balloons for water balloon games are suitable for all ages

The first team to complete the course wins. You can spice things up by having players carry their water balloons with spoons. Instead of holding the water balloon in their hands throughout the race, they have to balance it on a large spoon. While the first game was more about speed, this variation challenges the player’s patience and sense of balance.

Throwing balloons with or without a towel

funny idea for games with water balloons and beach towels during summer season for more summer fun

This is also a classic variant of games with water balloons, which can be played individually or with partners. All you need are a few balloons filled with water. Let the kids throw their balloon in the air and catch it again. Take a video or photos to “prove” who threw their balloon the highest. Each child (or adult) chooses a partner. First, stand close together facing each other and toss the balloon back and forth between each other. Move slowly with each throw little girl playing with water balloon in the garden during the summer

For the variant of water balloon throwing with a towel, you need at least 4 players and two towels, in addition to water balloons. Two players hold a large towel by the ends. Place the filled balloon on the towel. The other two players stand a few feet away from the first team, their towel also stretched between them. The first team now throws the water balloon with their towel into the air and towards the other team, who tries to catch the balloon with their towel. It’s not as easy as it looks and requires some practice, making the game more suitable for older kids and teens or their parents.

Angry Birds inspired backyard water balloon games

angry birds faces drawn with a permanent marker on water balloons in angry birds style

Inspired by the popular video game Angry Birds, this game brings splashy fun under the sun throughout the summer. To do this, you or your little ones will need to draw the characters from the video game on a hard floor in the garden area or patio. First, gather the materials you need, which in turn include balloons as well as some washable chalk.

pigs from the game angry birds drawn on the floor with water soluble chalk

The washable chalk obviously comes off when hit with a few balloons, so it’s great for this activity. You may also want to have a bag or bowl to put your balloons in, so they don’t just sit on the ground where they could pop.

toddler throws a balloon filled with water at game characters from the video game angry bird in the backyard

Start by filling your balloons and then carefully add the angry faces of the birds. Draw the piggies, like from the game, that will be the target of the throwing. Then get ready to smash these pigs and aim at them with the water balloons. Keep blasting and then quickly retrieve all the pieces of each water balloon.

diy game made with two ribbons and funnel for big and small a la angry birds for hot summer wear

However, also make sure to dispose of them carefully and keep them out of your children’s reach as deflated balloons are unsafe for children. You can also use balloons in bright colors that are easy to spot. Go back to make more “birds.”

water balloon games inspired by angry birds video game for the garden area in summer

You can also bring the game to the lawn by arranging several boxes and aiming the water balloons at them using a ribbon.

Aiming at a bucket with water balloons

pink balloons with water floating in a plastic bucket ready for playing

This is another simple game that challenges and improves your aim. Place two plastic buckets of the same size in a row, a few feet apart. Fill a good amount of balloons with water and place them next to a starting line, about 10 feet from the buckets. You will also need a stopwatch, which is usually available on every smartphone pre-installed as an app. There are always two players competing against each other. Each player gets the same amount of balloons and has one minute to try to throw their water balloons into their bucket. The goal is to not only land the balloons in the bucket, but also burst them to have the fullest bucket at the end of the one minute.

target plastic buckets with water bombs and organize competitions during a summer party

This game can also be modified by having you fill the bucket without bursting the water balloons. It is played the same way as the game above, but the goal is to land as many balloons as possible in the bucket without bursting them. This variation requires good aim, coupled with a gentle toss. But can you fill water into regular balloons? Yes, you can, but they don’t pop as easily as water balloons because they are larger and made of a slightly thicker material. But that can be a good thing, as you’ll see in the next game.

Play games with water balloons back to back

games with water balloons back to back competition and race to pop water balloons

This is one of those water balloon games where you will definitely get wet. In addition, it is recommended to play the game in a swimsuit or shorts and old T-shirt. You will need at least two pairs of players and several water balloons. If you want to improve the difficulty of the game, you can fill a normal balloon with water. Two players stand back to back and place the balloon between their backs. They can cross their arms to hold each other better. The goal is to burst the balloon as quickly as possible. The couple that bursts their balloon first wins.

water balloons hanging on a rope in a row in the garden ready for games with water balloons in summer

Instead of popping the balloon between their backs, players can also try not to pop it while running from the start line to the finish line. If you have a race course already set up, this will be even easier. However, if that is not the case, you can mark it with a rope.

splashy summer fun with bursting water balloons

If you have more than 4 people to play with, divide them into two teams. Once a pair reaches the finish line with the intact water balloon on their back, the next pair starts. If the balloon pops, the playing pair has to go back to the starting line, pick up a new balloon and run again.