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Stefanie Heinzmann: “Even bad feelings have their justification

In 2008, Stefanie Heinzmann became known to an audience of millions as the winner of a Tv-Total casting competition. Since then, the Swiss singer has collected countless prizes – but also knows negative feelings, as she now revealed in an interview.

Full of life, radiant, always in a good mood – that’s how fans know Stefanie Heinzmann (32). A positive worldview, but one that also has its limits: "It’s hard to hold on to optimism sometimes. But then that is also good. Optimism does not mean resisting all bad feelings. Because they also have their justification," says the Swiss in an interview with the Deutsche Presse-Agentur. 

Stefanie Heinzmann: »I am not alone

She is a reflective person who talks a lot and goes to therapies. "The most important thing I have learned in the past years: With everything I feel right now, I am not alone. So many people feel the same way,” she continues.

Stefanie Heinzmann
The Swiss singer has now been successful in the music business for a good 13 years Photo: Getty Images

The Swiss musician ("My Man Is a Mean Man", "Colors") will release her sixth studio album "Labyrinth" on May 14. In addition, Stefanie Heinzmann can be seen in the current season of the Vox music show "Sing meinen Song".

The Swiss singer has changed her look regularly over the years, and is currently wearing a buzz cut. When she was on the jury of Popstars in 2015, for example, her hair sparkled fire red, but later she switched to a granny hair look. Otherwise, however, the singer remains true to her naturalness. "I just don’t like makeup. I’m also not into opulent clothes", she once revealed in an interview with "".

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