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Skin specialist Dr. Emi: “Many regret their duck lips of yesteryear

Tikbow now has its own talk format, where we talk to experts and influencers about skincare, makeup, hair and well-being. After YouTuber Hatice Schmidt, our second guest on “10 Beauty Minutes” is Dr. Emi Arpa. She’s a doctor and really knows her way around minimally invasive procedures. In the talk, she told us what risks fillers, Botox and the like entail and why she sends many potential patients away again.

In recent years, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as hyaluronic fillers, Botox and lasers have become hype. It seems as if lip injections have long since become a common beauty treatment. And yet the topic continues to polarize. Our Beauty Minute guest Dr. Emi Arpa is confronted with it on a daily basis as a doctor specializing in dermatological aesthetics. Patients come to her for skin diseases, but also to have their faces modeled. In fact, most of them want to have their lips tuned up a bit,” says Dr. Emi in the 10 Beauty Minutes talk.

Dr. Emi: »Most want to look the way they did five years ago.

"I have many middle-aged patients who simply want to look the way they did five or ten years ago." The doctor always keeps the naturalness of her patients in mind. "Sometimes I also say: ‚Watch out, it doesn’t look like that anymore. You have completely lost your natural facial expression, and I don’t want to stand for that,” says Arpa. Then she sends patients home untreated.

»The trend is towards naturalness.

But she is also often busy correcting unsuccessful procedures. A few years ago, these light duck lips were in fashion – and I think many people regret that now and go to many different doctors to have it corrected, because the trend is now back to naturalness", explains the expert.

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In the talk, she tells us what you should pay particular attention to when undergoing injections and what prejudices she has to deal with in everyday practice. And: We test how high-dose hyaluronic acid feels on the skin. 10 minutes übrig? Then quickly click into the video!