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Simple breathing exercise to get through the period more relaxed

In our talk format “10 Beauty Minutes” we talk to experts and influencers about skincare, makeup, hair and well-being. In episode three, editorial director Daniela brought author and cycle mentor Katja Vogt to her side to talk to her about menstruation and its effect on skin and well-being – and to breathe away stress and pain.

Katja Vogt explains on her Instagram account "feel.your.flow" how the female cycle works and what effects it has on the body and mindset. And she shows which tricks and breathing exercises we can use to alleviate discomfort during our periods. Reason enough to invite her to our talk show "10 Beauty-Minutes" and right at the beginning it becomes clear: We should talk more üabout our period and communicate our discomfort.

»We need to talk more üabout our periods.

"It is important that society no longer taboos the period as something disgusting or shameful, but perceives it as something natural", says Katja Vogt in the interview. "It is simply the case that menstruating people need more rest during their periods." That is why, according to the expert, you should plan important dates carefully and pay attention to your own cycle phases.

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In the ovulation phase, for example, menstruating people feel more beautiful and self-confident and are also perceived as such. "In fact, you can convince people better in this phase, for example in teamwork", says Vogt. "You are creative, efficient and motivated. Salary negotiations or dates, for example, can then be tackled well"

Breathing exercise for a more relaxed period

To relieve pain during the period, the expert recommends the so-called "alternating breathing". To do this, simply sit down in a relaxed position and move your hand toward your face. The thumb is then placed on the side of the right nostril, the index and middle fingers touch the forehead. The ring finger is placed on the side of the left nostril. Then the right nostril is closed by the thumb and inhaled slowly through the left nostril. Then hold your breath for a moment, close the left nostril, open the right nostril again and exhale. Repeat the exercise for a few minutes to relax.

Katja Vogt explains in the Beauty Minute Talk which other measures help with period complaints and which surprising effects the cycle has on everyday life. 10 minutes üleft? Then quickly click on the video!