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Saving money on shopping: Helpful tips and tricks despite rising prices!

If you feel like food prices have gone through the roof in recent months and you’re having to dig deeper into your pockets, you’re not alone. Many things have become much more expensive recently and the inflation rate for March in Germany was +7.3%. But despite the high prices, the refrigerator must be full. And now the question arises: How could we save money on shopping? The good news is that a few simple tips and new habits can help us stick to our budget and even save a euro or two. We’ll explain the best way to do that in our article in a moment.

Save money on shopping: Browse through supermarket brochures

save money on shopping create shopping list tips

How many times have you just thrown away the supermarket brochures from your mailbox? All supermarkets offer various deals and promotions on a weekly basis, and often there are some pretty good bargains to be had.  It’s no secret that supermarkets have different prices and these can vary greatly from store to store. So if you want to save money on your shopping, it’s worth finding out in advance which groceries are reduced. For example, Penny offers are incredibly varied and range from staples like eggs and milk to drugstore items like toothpaste and shampoos. Who knows, there might be something in there that you need right now, too.

Cheap cooking tips how to save money on shopping

It’s especially worthwhile to stock up on products such as toilet paper, dishwashing liquid or canned goods. Goods shortly before the expiration of the best-before date are also usually significantly reduced. However, some caution is advised and just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you necessarily have to buy it.

Take a look below

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A super old, but still effective trick supermarkets use is to deliberately place the most expensive products at eye level. This way, they catch our eye first and once we find what we need, we deem it unnecessary to look any further. But to save money on your shopping, next time take a look at the lower or upper shelves – that’s where you’ll usually find the cheaper brands and the supermarket’s own brands.

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Although differences in quality and taste are almost non-existent, in some cases the price differences can even exceed 100%. Sometimes even one and the same manufacturer who offers the same products under a different brand significantly more expensive. It would also be helpful if you compare the base price of the products. This means the price per 100 grams or kilograms and this is shown on the price tag. The larger packages are not always cheaper and, especially with perishable products, you should only buy as much as you will consume. In addition, it is becoming increasingly common for some food products to have significantly smaller contents at the same price than before. Indications of this are usually a new design or advertisements such as “new recipe”.

Set yourself a limit and create a shopping list

Create shopping list Save money on shopping

Whether it’s a pack of cookies, chips or tomato sauce, we all tend to add a few unnecessary items to our shopping cart every now and then. To help you save money while shopping, take a few minutes and create a shopping list. Of course, to avoid impulse buys, stick to it and only buy what you need. Not only will this reduce the bill at the register, but it will also ensure that you waste less food. Are you currently trying to stick to a budget? Then set a limit and use the bar trick. Think about how much you want to pay and take exactly that amount with you. Because once the money is gone, you can’t spend any more.

Save money on groceries: Cook for yourself and create a meal plan

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In order for you to create a grocery list, you first need to know what you will be eating. To avoid food waste and save money on shopping, start each shopping trip with a visit to the kitchen. Take note of what you already have at home and what needs to be used up as soon as possible. Then try to get creative when cooking and make sure you use up all the ingredients. For example, you could make asparagus soup and use the rest to make a delicious risotto with green asparagus. Plan your meals so that you also have leftovers for lunch at the office the next day. It’s also no secret that meat is one of the most expensive foods – especially if you want to buy it organic. So how about giving it up for at least one day a week? Vegetarian products like rice, beans, chickpeas, etc. are healthy and much cheaper.

shopping on budget tips how to save money on shopping