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Roof rack as a practical multifunctional solution: how to pack for your dream vacation by car

Fortunately, life is not always the same, but waits for us from time to time with one or another adventure. But when the call of the wilderness or an extended ski tour sounds, you should be well prepared to then really tackle the adventure. In most cases, it then requires, in addition to specific things, a suitable vehicle with a roof rack. This incredibly practical helper not only provides faithful service during adventures, but can also make your everyday life much easier.  Roof racks as a practical multifunctional solution: What the advantages of a good roof rack are and how versatile you can use it, will be the topic of the following.

Roof rack as a practical multifunctional solution: What exactly is a roof rack?

Roof rack backpack pack for camping

Although you may not have a direct picture in mind now, you have certainly seen one of the now widely used roof racks many times. These practical systems are attached to the roof rails of a car or even directly on the roof and then serve a variety of purposes. In all rule, the roof racks serve as a kind of adapter to attach other things such as a roof box to it.

Roof rack for box pack for vacation tips

The roof racks are now available for almost every popular model and in a wide variety of designs. Thus, a suitable model should be found for every use and every budget.

Roof racks as a practical multifunctional solution: How can a roof rack be put to good use?

Roof rack for adventure kayak pack to go to river

A roof rack can sometimes serve completely different purposes. The modern systems are also super easy and flexible to adapt to different conditions and purposes.
We would now like to present the most common uses to you in a little more detail, so that you can get an overview of whether a roof rack could also offer added value for you.

The transport of bicycles

Bicycle transport on the car roof tips

The classic when you think of a roof rack and still incredibly practical. After all, anyone who has ever tried to get one or even more bicycles into a car for a trip or to mount them on a carrier at the rear knows how complicated and cumbersome this can be. Storing them in the trunk practically always requires disassembling individual parts, and attaching them to the rear can quickly become a very shaky affair in bad road conditions.
A roof rack secures the bikes quickly and easily while maintaining the dimensions of the car, so you can still find a parking space at your destination.

Skiing made easy

Roof rack for ski plan the perfect winter vacation

A trip to go skiing is always possible with a roof rack, and within moments a roof box is attached, or the skis are secured directly to the rack.
Folding down the seats and thus limiting the number of passengers is not necessary and trips with the whole family are no problem.
After skiing, the sometimes dirty skis can then simply be transported outside the car, saving you not only the subsequent cleaning of the car , but also still time and nerves.

Even a Christmas tree must be transported

Roof rack benefits Christmas tree transport practical solution

Year after year, people plague themselves with the transport of the Christmas tree. And that where the solution could be so simple: With a roof rack and a few straps, a tree is securely fastened to the roof in no time and Christmas can begin relaxed and safe!