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Pregnancy guru gave Meghan tips over the phone during birth

On June 4, 2021, Lilibet Diana, the second child of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry was born. Meghan got support during the phone – from celebrity obstetrician Dr. Gowri Motha. What tips the doctor gave the 39-year-old during the birth of baby Lilibet and for the time after, she has now revealed in an interview.

Talking on the phone during the birth? What sounds unimaginable to most people was a must for Meghan during the birth of royal baby Lilibet Diana. The 39-year-old had not just anyone on the line, but the renowned physician Dr. Gowri Motha. She is considered the pregnancy guru of the stars and was also present at the birth of Archie, Meghan and Harry’s first child. In an interview with "People"magazine, Motha now revealed that she was delighted to accompany Meghan with royal baby Lilibet as well.

Who is Dr. Gowri Motha?

Dr. Gowri Motha is considered a pioneer of the so-called "Gentleman Birth Method", which she herself has been using since the eighties. The philosophy of the gentle birth method: pregnant women are prepared not only physically, but above all mentally and emotionally for the birth. The goal is a birth that is as calm and non-invasive as possible. The holistic program includes visualization techniques, reflexology, yoga, Reiki and nutritional counseling. The method has many followers today and is also used by many midwives in Germany. Motha herself is now known as an obstetrician and pregnancy guru to the stars. In addition to Duchess Meghan, the best-selling author’s patients include Madonna, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Obstetrics by phone – not the first time for Dr. Gowri Motha

While Archie was still born in London, where the prominent obstetrician herself practices, Meghan’s daughter was born in California’s Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. But the 8,000-kilometer distance did not stop Dr. Motha from supporting Meghan as much as possible by phone. The pregnancy expert revealed to People that this was not the first time she had attended a birth from afar: "I can’t deliver babies with Zoom, but I have done one or two births "via Facetime and on the phone". her work starts long before the delivery room anyway: "I offer support – often already in the build-up, a few days before the actual birth date. The expectant mothers show me their scans and want to get advice from me", she explains.

What did the "doctor advise Duchess Meghan on the birth of baby Lilibet?

In general, second births are always easier, the doctor explains in an interview with People. Parents are more experienced and not quite as excited as they were with their first child. Afterwards, the right diet for the mother is particularly important: "In the first two weeks after the birth, you should eat vegetarian food in any case, so that the liver detoxifies after the birth. Kedgeree, rice and mung daal, rice congee and light vegetables– nothing puffy like broccoli or cabbage. Butternut squash is good, asparagus too," explains Motha. She has also developed a postnatal program that is similar to the one in her home country of India: For 40 days, new mothers there have their entire bodies massaged, and they stay at home during that period to receive care.