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The dog-safe garden: With the quadruped relaxed enjoy the garden season

As soon as the first rays of sunshine assert themselves, many people are drawn to the garden at home. The garden season is in the starting blocks and the first preparations can be made. But not only we humans enjoy the first rays of sunshine, also the beloved four-legged friends feel pudelwohl in the fresh air. Whether joyful ball games or simply lazing in the sun, dogs also enjoy the garden season to the fullest. But what if the beloved four-legged friend likes to take a powder and go exploring on his own? With a few simple steps, the home garden can be made escape-proof quickly and easily.

Tips for an escape-proof garden

Dog looks under garden fence

The first measure which must be taken is the erection of a sturdy and suitable garden fence . A plot of land that is not fenced is almost an invitation. A passing fellow species or a deer enjoying the last rays of the sun in the distance can quickly be a welcome change. Who is here a short moment carelessly, runs the risk that the beloved four-legged friend escapes. Some dog breeds also have a pronounced hunting instinct, which they want to act out as often as possible. A friendly and social Golden Retriever, on the other hand, is a particularly popular and often sought-after family dog.

Golden retriever very popular as a family dog

Golden Retrievers impress with their friendly and open nature. Especially families with small children will have a lot of fun with dogs of this breed. In addition, the popular four-legged friends are extremely socially compatible, so that a relaxed walk is almost the norm. However, even the beloved Golden Retriever can assert his own stubbornness, if he wants to. As friendly as he is, he can also be stubborn. That’s why this breed of dog also runs the risk of preferring a welcome change to the garden at home.

Making the home garden dog proof with garden fence

A sturdy garden fence can help make the garden escape-proof in no time. Here, both metal garden fences and garden fences as wood can be used. Sturdy and large garden houses are excellent as a boundary and solid element. If the beloved four-legged friend has a tendency to dig, the garden fence should be firmly anchored in the ground. Even small loopholes can quickly help to leave the home garden. In this case, it is important that potential sources of danger are quickly eliminated.

Identify and eliminate potential sources of danger at an early stage

Tips on how to make your home garden escape-proof

When the terrace and balcony are made fit in the spring, care should be taken to remove highly toxic plants. Especially puppies or young dogs are extremely curious and want to try many things. Plants such as grapes, potatoes, tomatoes as well as foxglove and angel’s trumpet are considered poisonous. These plants should be removed as soon as possible.

Remove plants with thorns and spines

Potential risk of injury to dogs in the garden

The same applies to plants and shrubs that pose an increased risk of injury. Blackberry bushes are especially known for their nasty prickles and thorns. In addition, they have a rapid growth and, to remove them completely, you need a lot of time, perseverance and patience . If the beloved four-legged friend goes on a discovery tour and sees, among other things, a small bird or a mouse underneath the bramble bush and wants to take a closer look at this discovery, then serious injuries can be the result. Especially in the area of the muzzle and the eyes, this can be extremely unpleasant and painful.

Making the home garden dog-proof tips