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On her 50th birthday! Máxima now cover queen

On May 17, Máxima of the Netherlands turns 50 – reason enough for the Dutch edition of “Vogue” magazine to dedicate a special issue to the queen. “Our Queen” is the name of the limited special, which belongs exclusively to the Royal Lady.

For a good eight years – since April 30, 2013 – Máxima has been regent of the Netherlands at the side of King Willem-Alexander. A life before the eyes of the Öffentlichkeit, always in focus. At the same time, it seems as if the Argentine-born regent has never regretted giving up her (pre-)life as an economist to devote herself entirely to her royal duties. She laughs a lot, radiates lightness and confidence, is a role model for many when it comes to style, and that’s exactly how Vogue portrays Mima on its cover:

Many Máxima moments in "Vogue"

The special issue of "Vogue" shows the queen’s most beautiful moments, her extravagant outfits, discusses her love story with Willem-Alexander and also highlights those times when not everything was easy at the court in The Hague, not least the tragic death of Prince Friso, the brother of Máxima’s husband, in 2013 as a result of an avalanche accident.

Königin Máxima in a festive evening dress
Máxima at a music event in The Hague on May 12, 2021 – extremely festive, extremely glamourösPhoto: Getty Images

Boredom? Not with Máxima!

Generally speaking, Máxima stands out! And not just because of her 1.78m body size, but above all because of her style, which is anything but 0815. While other royal ladies play it safe on official dates, Willem-Alexander’s wife always dares to experiment with fashion without overstepping the boundaries of royal etiquette. Colors, patterns, unusual headdresses – the mother of three dares to try out new things, to set accents.