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Newcomer model Lena Werner – from the supermarket to Paris Fashion Week

She was discovered by chance in a supermarket when she was 15, and now – four years later – she’s a major player on the fashion scene: Up-and-coming model Lena Werner from Hamburg just walked the runway for Miu Miu, and now she’s jetting back and forth between Paris, Milan and Barcelona. And all this despite the fact that she never really wanted to become a model. In an interview with Tikbow, the 19-year-old reveals how it all came about and how she deals with the downsides.

While thousands of women compete year after year for Heidi Klum’s title as the next German top model, Lena Werner has made it to the top without any casting show hype. The 1.80 meter tall blonde was discovered in the classic way by a model scout, had her first portfolio shootings at the age of just 15, and a few months ago landed what many models can only dream of: a catwalk engagement for Bottega Veneta. Unlike Heidi’s candidates, however, a career on the runway was never a dream for Lena, as she reveals in an interview with Tikbow: “I was still playing soccer and electric guitar at the time, but I was never interested in fashion. I did watch Germany’s next Topmodel‚ once, but only because I thought it was quite funny," says the high school graduate about her modeling beginnings. "I never seriously thought about modeling;

Lena Werner – first Bottega Veneta, then Miu Miu

Lena Werner has dared the step into the dazzling fashion world but still and is now for a year together with her agency "Le Management" fine-tuning her international career – with success. It started with shoots for online stores in Germany and Milan, then followed with the Bottega show in April 2021 the really big coup for the Hamburg-based designer. Since then, big brands like Moncler and Miu Miu have been knocking on the door of the 19-year-old, and Lena still works for the Italian luxury label that helped her achieve her breakthrough. How has working between flashbulbs and high heels changed her life? "Not so much, actually. I’m still the same person with the same interests outside of modeling," says the Hamburg native. What is new, however, is the constant traveling, "there is actually a trip every week". In the days following this interview alone, the newcomer model went to Paris, Milan and Barcelona – all within a week and without an escort.

»I have become my own best friend by traveling alone

While that sounds like an exciting day at work, it can also be quite lonely – an experience that Lena also had to make on her first modeling trip to Milan. "It was a big change, because I was on the road for six weeks straight," says the Hamburg native, who was very homesick in the Italian fashion metropolis. "It was hard and oppressive at first, but I just had to get used to it"

In the meantime, however, Lena Werner is taking a lot of positives from the days and weeks she spends alone in hotels, model shared flats, planes and new cities due to her job. "I have become my own best friend when traveling. I have become much more independent and also so grateful that I have the opportunity to develop myself further,” says the high school graduate.

And what comes after modeling?

Although things are going pretty well for the Hamburg native right now, she has a plan B – in case she is no longer in demand at some point: "I definitely want to study", Lena reveals. Maybe art or illustration, or perhaps something along the lines of nutritional sciences, but she’s not quite sure yet. And she doesn’t need to, because at the moment she’s doing well in business as a full-time model, and the 19-year-old is enjoying that for as long as she can: “I’m just using the time to travel, earn money and develop myself. After graduating from high school, I didn’t want to go straight to university anyway, but wanted to see the world first. It’s perfect that I can combine everything now!"