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What do men not like in women? – These situations can put a relationship to the test!

Each gender has specific peculiarities that are often bizarre and many wonder what men do not like in women? There is no hiding the fact that the female part of the population can sometimes be more complicated than the male. When it comes to the interaction of the two sexes, situations are not free of humor and irony. Accordingly, there are millions of jokes on the Internet about it and it’s like comparing two magnets. From nagging to addiction and from comparisons with ex-boyfriends, some typical differences in all relationships and marriages can lead to tensions, fights and arguments. If you also often find yourself in these situations, the following tips can help you deal with them better.

What things come across wrong and what do men dislike about women?

a conversation between man and woman in a relationship can prevent many problems

What do husbands and boyfriends hate about their life partners or girlfriends? Just as there are many habits of men that women don’t like, there are certain typical things that guys hate about girls . All people make mistakes, but women rarely admit that they might be messed up or annoying. In addition, they often believe that they are always right and men will never be as smart as them. Some women may be down to earth, just not on this earth.

funny situations because of bad habits in a relationship

There are several books written by female authors to help men understand women. The question, however, is whether women can understand themselves at all, and whether they are able to admit, deal with, and perhaps correct the mistakes they make when dealing with men? Since this can lead to misinterpretations and problems in many relationships, the following list of things women commonly do towards men will help avoid some mistakes.

Asking too many questions and being jealous for no reason.

life partner criticizes her husband and shows jealousy because of cell phone

Women were born with a question mark on their foreheads. In fact, most men hate to constantly answer questions about a woman’s looks or weight. This can also lead them to say something wrong and offend their partner in some way. This can actually be the fun part of it too, but women seriously love asking questions while men hate answering them because few are comfortable with the tricky part – the confession. Women usually throw a string of questions at a guy because they want him to make a confession, or because they want to know something he’s trying to hide.

after a quarrel sit separately in the room and have lunch

In addition, guys hate it when their girlfriends or wives are jealous and pester them to open up about their feelings. Aside from the occasional concern, guys generally don’t see the pressing need to vent about what’s going on in their heads. While there are always exceptions among guys who really like to talk and open up, most of them are not as gregarious as their female life partners.

Acting “blonde

what men do not like in women can sometimes be their behavior as stupid

Some men prefer blondes over brunettes, but this is only true when it comes to hair color. This can happen during work, during a party, during class, in a grocery store or even at home. A man, whether he is your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, or even a stranger, will rarely be interested in a woman who is acting silly. Men consider this a way of seeking attention, and they absolutely hate it. When a woman acts stupid, men immediately realize that she doesn’t take herself seriously, so why should they?

Beating yourself up for too long

a woman gets ready for a long time before going out and puts on several outfits

When it comes to going somewhere, women usually have “nothing to wear”. If she does finally find something, the lady has to decide between two or more outfits. She might try a few dresses until she finally decides on one of them. After that comes the part with makeup, hairstyle, matching accessories and so on. Moreover, it can take forever for a woman to get ready if you look at her from a man’s perspective, although every moment is worth spending. What men don’t like about women is that long wait. Sometimes being late is quite real, and men who don’t like it are quite unfair, as a woman has to take care of herself and the kids before she can get dressed. Men on the other end often don’t see this as their responsibility, and early planning would be helpful in this case.

“Friend zones” as something men don’t like about women.

avoid conflicts as lovers and what men don't like in women can be crucial

Even if you are just friends, men hate being seen and zoned as just friends. They believe that they are the ones who should do it and not the woman. So try not to put a guy in the friend zone if you want to keep him in your life, because there are few who don’t take it the wrong way. Moreover, guys do not want to enter this zone even if they claim that they do not have intimate feelings. Sending him to the friend zone is like telling him “you are not a real man”.

arguing over little things like popcorn at home relationship on trial

So men don’t like it when women try to make them friends. They would rather discuss things that are provocative, seductive, fun, and not just be a shoulder for the girl to cry on. However, some very strong men would choose to be emotional advisors as well, but the latter are rare species. Women in general should discuss the long stories with their girlfriends and leave short conversations to the man. They usually don’t want to know how much of a discount you got while shopping today, and they certainly don’t care how badly the neighbor’s daughter dressed up at your friend’s bridal shower. Men are more likely to want to know how cool they are, how dapper they look to you in front of close ones, and how excited you are when they get provocative.

Going shopping together

complications with differences between man and woman in a relationship lead to bizarre situations

This can be a pretty obvious mistake. Some men really do have a great fashion sense, even when it comes to women’s items. However, that doesn’t mean they like to shop for it. Guys usually don’t have the patience for the way women shop. They can’t wait to wait outside the store for 24 hours, while women choose a pair of underwear that can’t even be seen. Girlfriends and wives who take a few minutes to shop are a blessing to their husbands. Remember the conversation about curtains in the movie “Mrs. and Mr. Smith” that took place between Brangelina?

Talking about the ex and not paying enough attention

common problems in relationships and what men don't like in women

Men hate it when women talk about former partners, especially if they do it all the time or describe several details. It’s okay to have conversations about ex-boyfriends, but you shouldn’t dwell on them or mention them too often, as this is a big turn-off for many men. In addition, sometimes men need attention. If you are always out with their friends, not taking care of their needs and not making them feel needed or wanted, they will definitely rethink the relationship. Every man is different, but the more you talk about what men don’t like in women, the better you will understand what your partner expects from you.

Become overly dependent

casually and stylishly dressed man over 50 talking on the phone in the open air

Men love it when they can help a woman. Being able to solve problems for women is indeed a major boost to a man’s ego. However, there is a fine line between dependence that drives the ego and dependence that causes frustration. For example, when a woman asks her husband to open a narrow jar of jam, he does so willingly. Opening the narrow jar is his way of showing his strength. But if his wife nags him for pretty much everything, including helping her pay her bills online, he’ll get frustrated.

Showing silent anger and elephantine memory.

unpleasant situations in marriage crisis and what men don't like in women

Many women believe that it is better to express anger in silence rather than words. This is because words often hurt, but silence does not necessarily. However, it is the case that allowing the inner pain and anger to be expressed can lead to a woman giving her husband the silent treatment for days. Instead of letting it boil up to the point of eruption, let it cool down while you let it out in words. There is no point in erupting because no one can swim in lava, and when the debris falls into the depths, it hurts.

problems in a lovers relationship and what men don't like in women

What men don’t like in women also shows when they are reminded of past situations. This is one of the most annoying behaviors and can lead to problems. Women have a good memory and dementia is even scientifically comparatively rarer in them than in men. Of course, this does not mean that you have to use this strength to remind your husband of every weakness. If you remind him of something he did a year ago versus something good and exactly the opposite of what you’re doing today, it won’t create a soft corner – it’s more likely to annoy and hurt him.

So remember that both sexes are just as human and make many mistakes. The differences may lead to bizarre scenarios that men and women face in their lives. Women are not made to be like men and vice versa. That’s what makes this world colorful, if sometimes curious.