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What can you do with kids in November? Outdoor activities, craft ideas and more

The weather is getting colder, the sun more often remains hidden behind the clouds, but the children do not mind. Our little ones need something to do at all times and even the gloomy weather can not stand in their way. If you’re just wondering what to do with kids in November, you’ll find the answer here. We have created a list of many great activities that will show your little one that every season has its own charm. Banish boredom with our ideas!

Outdoor activities for children in November

Walk in the forest with children in November

Spending time outdoors is important for both kids and adults in every season. Here are our suggestions for exciting outdoor activities with kids.

1. take a walk in the rain

Jumping in puddles fun while walking in the rain

It’s raining right now, but your child still wants to go for a walk? Put on the rubber boots and raincoat and head outside! The child will have enormous fun jumping into every puddle. And these childhood memories will stay forever.

2. celebrate St. Martin’s Day on November 11

Lantern parade with children for St. Martin's Day on Nov. 11

The Saint Martin’s lantern parade is a beautiful autumnal custom that is popular with young and old. This year, the St. Martin’s procession is back despite Corona. So bring out the lanterns and go lantern walking with the children. Also, do not forget to tell the little ones the legend of St. Martin.

3. winterize the garden with children in November.

Child helping with gardening in November

Gardening can’t wait, so get the kids outside to get the garden ready for winter together. For an overview of all the upcoming work in November, check out this post .

4. make a bonfire in the garden

Making bonfire in the garden with kids in November

If you already have a fire pit or fire bowl in your backyard, you can easily make a campfire. All you still need for this is wood and a grill lighter. To make the campfire even more fun, you can’t miss some treats to roast over the fire, of course. Sausages, stick bread and marshmallows are the classics par excellence.

5. visit a pumpkin farm

Visit pumpkin farm with child in November

Although Halloween is over, pumpkin season is still in full swing in November. On a sunny November day, take the opportunity to visit a pumpkin farm with the kids. These usually work until the end of November. There you can take really original photos and take home a big pumpkin for preparing delicious dishes.

6. spend an afternoon in November with children in the forest.

Children playing in the leaves during a walk in the forest

The nearby forest is also worth a visit in November. When doing so, we recommend the midday and afternoon hours, as there is a greater chance of some sunshine. Pack something to eat, a picnic blanket and definitely a bag or basket for the kids to collect natural materials. Let the little ones gather the fallen leaves into a pile of leaves and jump in. Fun is guaranteed.

What to do with kids at home in November? Ideas for cold days

November is a great time to do lots of creative projects at home with the kids. From beautiful craft ideas to fun activities for the whole family, the following ideas are sure to provide variety.

7. Craft lanterns for the St. Martin’s procession at the beginning of November.

Making lanterns for St. Martin's Day in November

There are lots of great ideas for crafting in November. If your child doesn’t have a lantern for the St. Martin’s procession yet, you can use the time until November 11 to make one together. On our pages you will find many inspiring ideas and DIY projects. For example, how about a dinosaur lantern for boys or a Hello Kitty lantern for girls?

8. make advent and christmas decoration by yourself

Advent calendar craft with children in November

Crafting is always a good indoor activity for gray days. And November offers itself as the best time to make beautiful Advent and Christmas decorations. You can use the homemade crafts in the next month to decorate the home festively.

But what exactly can you craft with children in November? Depending on the age of the child, for example, window pictures , lanterns, door wreaths and decorations made of natural materials are wonderful to complement the autumn and winter decorations. Or you can just start with Advent decorations and make an Advent wreath or Advent spiral, as well as Advent calendars for the whole family itself. Crafting with salt dough, on the other hand, is fun for children of all ages and you can later use the figures you make as decorations or gifts for Christmas.

9. baking delicacies

What to bake in November with children cinnamon buns

If you want to wait until December to bake cookies, you can prepare other treats with children in November. For example, how about a sweet pumpkin bread , which you prepare from the pumpkin you picked yourself? Or crispy chocolate chip cookies that you snack on together during a home movie night? The variety of delicious recipes for this time of year is really wide.

10. read books with children in November

Reading books at home with kids in tent

Is there anything better than reading an exciting book at home while it’s raining outside? If your child is fascinated by children’s books, take the opportunity to read stories together and talk about them later. Whether or not the child can already read for themselves, you can read the book aloud and make the whole experience more exciting by changing your voice.

11.Plan family movie night in the living room.

Plan family movie night at home with kids in November

If books aren’t your thing, you can have a movie night with the kids instead. Choose a movie together and you’re halfway there. All that’s left to do is prepare popcorn, chips and other goodies and find a comfortable spot on the sofa. For a homemade snack, you can try this recipe for delicious chips.