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St. Nicholas gifts for children: exciting ideas for festive mood and inspiration for your loved ones!

There is only one evening in the whole year when children willingly and diligently shine their shoes: December 5, the evening before St. Nicholas Day! Because even the youngest know: On this night, St. Nicholas comes to their home and fills their shoes with all kinds of nice surprises, nuts and tangerines. As different as the legends and customs around St. Nicholas Day are: The joy of children over the small gifts in the morning is great everywhere! Let yourself be inspired and find the right St. Nicholas gifts for your children. Have fun!

Who is St. Nicholas?

The real Nicholas was the bishop of Myra (today in Anatolia, Turkey) who died in the 4th century

The real Nicholas was the bishop of Myra (now in Anatolia, Turkey) who died in the 4th century. He is the patron saint of children, sailors, students and merchants. His generous heart and many good deeds made him one of the most popular saints in Christendom. He was known for performing miracles and leaving secret gifts.

What St. Nicholas gifts for children?

Santa Claus gifts for kids - exciting ideas for festive mood and inspiration

Traditionally, children’s freshly polished shoes are filled with chocolate, oranges, nuts, but also coins or small toys . Here is a list of ideas of what to give your little ones!

Small chocolates and candies

To keep with the traditions of St. Nicholas, give chocolates as gifts

In keeping with the traditions of St. Nicholas, try to find some chocolate coins to fill your children’s shoes. Candy canes are another festive treat that fits perfectly into the Christmas season. They can even represent the staff of St. Nicholas.

A small bag of coins

A bag of coins - Include a few small piggy banks as well

Also include a few small piggy banks as part of the gift. You can use this opportunity to teach generosity. One piggy bank can be used for saving and one for giving. Let your children decide how to divide their newly acquired coins.

School supplies as Santa gifts

There are so many gifts you can consider for the vacation season

There are so many gifts to consider for the vacation season, and school supplies are one of them. These come in a variety of cute and adorable packages and are very useful in our daily lives. So, there are many options to choose from, and you can also choose certain items according to your own preferences and wishes. For example, sets of pencils, paints, drawing pad, pens, plasticine are suitable as Santa gifts.

Cute toys and games

Toy cars, plastic figurines or a new stuffed animal can bring your kids a lot of joy

What to give as a gift for St. Nicholas Day? Toy cars, plastic figurines or a new stuffed animal are not expensive, but they can bring a lot of joy to your children. Small travel-sized puzzles and games also fit nicely in a stocking and can be used on vacation trips. Active kids can also get a new ball or jump rope to play with. Encourage your children to enjoy the new toys and games together, or invite friends over to play.

Craft materials for your little ones

You can ask your little ones to make a Christmas decoration with their new craft supplies

A small container of Play-Doh is a new activity for the day and can easily be shared with siblings. A coloring book or a new paint set also provide plenty of fun. You can even ask your kids to make a Christmas decoration with their new craft supplies to hang around the house.

Hand puppets bring joy

Each doll is unique and has its own quirky personality

Who doesn’t love a hand puppet? They are made of super soft material that feels heavenly and would make any bird envious of its feathers. Each one is lovingly handcrafted, making each doll unique in its own way and giving it its own quirky personality that would make little ones smile. When children are playing with these adorable creatures, it is advisable to supervise all children under the age of 8. And as much as we love babies, the dolls are not baby friendly.

Books as Santa gifts for children

Give your little ones children's books as Santa gifts

Since we always try to keep the glass half full, we can choose some of the most beautiful children’s books this year – as inspiration for gifts for the kids on St. Nicholas Day. From toddlers to teens, from fiction to science books and cookbooks, choose appropriate designs and themes to delight your little ones!

Planners for good organization of everyday life

A planner will help you get organized in time and for kids it is really useful

The holidays should be about fun, food, family and friends! But how can you make this gift a different experience? A planner will help you get organized in time ! And for children, it could be really useful! You can also make a master checklist where they can record their best memories. This will help make this Christmas the best one yet! This way, kids improve their ability to prioritize tasks.

There are also several vacation planners you can consider as gifts for this festive season. Since the holidays get us excited, a holiday planner is just the thing to brighten our spirits. The holiday planner features different sections for planning meals, gifts, parties and events, and even some special places to record your favorite holiday traditions.

St. Nicholas gifts for kids - check out our ideas to bring joy to your little ones