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Smart electric baby cradle and cots with more or less functions in comparison

List from models for an electric baby cradle or baby beds with smart functions

Not only new parents know it: the baby just won’t go to sleep, even though it has been fed and freshly changed and is actually tired. Many babies have simply not yet learned to fall asleep on their own. This is quite normal. And it often goes on for months, causing some parents to despair. But since we live in an age of technology, you can rely on smart helpers, even when it comes to falling asleep. Many parents swear by the electric baby rocking cradle, which gently rocks your child to sleep without any effort on your part. But how about considering an electric baby cradle or smart baby bed that offers even more practical features? Sounds really good, doesn’t it? Below, we have listed some manufacturers and brands that offer such bassinets and cribs and would also like to explain their features to you. After that, you can then decide for yourself if this innovative solution is something for you.

Tips for electric baby cradle and brands and models comparison

Smart electric baby cradles come in different varieties and with different functions. In principle, the more functions and the “smarter” an electric baby cradle is, the more expensive it is, of course. For this reason, it is recommended to consider what exactly you need. After all, there’s no point in buying a super expensive cradle and bed if you’re ultimately not going to use half of its features. For some, it’s perfectly sufficient if the electric baby cradle rocks automatically and mother or father stands by. Others may be more worried and want to have your baby under observation 24/7. If this lets you relax better while your little one sleeps, there is of course nothing to stop you from investing in a more expensive model.

A well-rested baby thanks to electric cradles and beds

You can choose from simpler models that automatically rock and play useful sounds to those that track baby’s movements, breathing and even temperature, sending information to your smartphone via app. What may be too much of a good thing for some can be very practical for others. Take a look at the selected models for an electric baby cradle or baby bed. This will already give you an idea of what is on offer. This will certainly help you make a decision.

Smart electric baby cradle SNOO

Snoo smart electric baby cradle with a design by Dr. Karp

If you have heard of the famous Dr. Karp and are enthusiastic about his methods, this electric baby cradle will certainly interest you, because it was developed by this very doctor. It has a built-in motor, with which the baby cradle electrically rocks the baby to sleep. The manufacturer promises with one to 2 hours more sleep for the baby and of course you as parents come so to more sleep. Also integrated is a cloth with which the baby can be spat on, which not only calms it, but also prevents it from rolling around and waking up prematurely.

Happiest Baby SNOO electric baby cradle rocks and vibrates

The mobile app to match, in turn, offers the ability to track the baby’s sleep. You can regulate the speed and strength of the rocking and also receive practical tips from Dr. Karp that can help you comfort your baby. However, this pleasure comes at a price: $1295 is the cost of the smart electric baby cradle. However, the necessary mattress and accessories are included there. For a while now, you can also rent the SNOO bed, which is a good idea if you want to test it first before buying.

The Smart baby bed from Ford

Ford electric baby cradle simulates a car ride with movements and sounds

This innovative and modern baby bed simulates the ride in a car. What else could you expect from a car manufacturer? Very often, after rocking the baby forever, there is only one solution left and that is a ride in the car. Does this sound familiar to you? As soon as the car starts moving, or after a few kilometers at the latest, there is suddenly silence and the eyes are closed with exhaustion. Finally done! But what if the baby wakes up again while being carried into the house?

The Ford baby crib has integrated LED lights as a night light

Well, you won’t have this problem with the smart baby bed from Ford! But what does this particular crib do? For one, it plays a soft motor sound, which is similar to the soothing noise that babies love. It also emits gentle vibrations while the lying surface sways back and forth at will. This feature turns the crib into an electric baby cradle that you’ll fall in love with! And if you think that’s all there is to it, you’re wrong. In fact, the baby crib also has dimmed LED lights built into it to simulate passing lights, and if you connect the electric cradle to your smartphone, you can even record the sounds during a ride via app and play them back later. As of yet, this smart electric baby cradle is not on the market and thus a price is unknown.

HALO side bed

Smart baby cradle Halo with practical design makes it perfect as a side bed

A great helper while raising your baby is also the HALO electric baby crib, which comes with several useful features. For one, it is height adjustable, so you can adjust it to the height of the marriage bed and use it perfectly as a side bed. In addition, there are functions such as sounds to fall asleep and vibrations, as well as a timer that tells you when it’s time to breastfeed or feed. The integrated night light and mesh walls are also practical, thanks to which the air can circulate wonderfully. The sleeping basket itself can be rotated around its own axe, so you do not always have to move the entire extra bed when getting up. The model is available for just under $300.

High Tech Baby Cot Smart-Cot

Smart crib baby bed with camera and sensors in mattress monitors your baby nonstop

If the good old crib for babies is not enough for you and you want to combine it with innovative and smart features, you can also choose Smart-Cot. Already at first sight you notice the camera, which is purchased separately and detects the newly reached milestones of your baby and also notifies you of any unusual movements on the part of your child. Sensors are also found in the mattress, so every movement is noticed by the smart bed. Even in the event of respiratory arrest, the sensors will respond and notify you. Furthermore, the oxygen in the baby’s blood is monitored. All this is to protect the baby from sudden infant death syndrome.

White noise and rocking help babies get to sleep

And if that’s not enough, the baby bed can weigh your baby and in this way track its weight gain. In turn, the integrated thermometer is used to inform the bed whether the baby is in bed or not and monitor the body temperature during sleep. All these functions can be used with the help of an app for the cell phone. Available is the electric baby cradle for the equivalent of about 1600 euros and the camera for another 460.

Electric baby cradle from Fisher Price

Fisher Price baby crib offers various functions and accessories

At a cheaper price of $106, you can again get the Fisher Price electric baby cradle, which has the following features and can contribute to a comfortable and restful sleep of the baby: The cradle gently rocks the baby and vibrates. In addition, there is a soothing night light, while lights can also be projected on the ceiling to arouse the baby’s interest and make him tired in this way. The same purpose is served by the built-in mobile, which vibrates and plays sounds.

Fisher Price baby cradle and bed with different functions for your sweetheart

You can also add other accessories to the simpler models, such as night lights or projectors, mobiles and the like, to customize the functions. Still wondering what would be the better choice for your sweetheart, ask yourself how your baby best falls asleep? Does it prefer rocking movements? Then get an electric baby cradle. On the other hand, if you have found that it particularly loves the vibrations of the car or stroller, a vibrating baby crib may be perfect. Take your time and think carefully. After all, we are talking about a major investment here.