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Secret Santa Prank Ideas for Kids: Conjure up a magical holiday season with fun pranks!

The fever around the Scandinavian gnomes continues, spreading a uniquely magical atmosphere that just fits perfectly with the coziness of the Christmas season. Go a step further and transfer the magic of the legend about the elves also to your children! As you already know, the little guys are useful helpers during Advent and, in addition to chores done, also leave a gift or two at their Secret Santa door. What joy! If only there were not these little pranks…! Keep the kids laughing with a few Secret Santa prank ideas from our list!

When does the Secret Santa move in?

Secret Santa prank ideas for kids at Christmas - fun during Advent season

After all, we’ve already given you a few ideas for Secret Santa doors for the kids’ room, which you can even use as an alternative to the Advent calendar (by placing a small gift in front of this door every day until Christmas). But when exactly does Secret Santa season actually start? When do the little guys move into the houses?

When will the Secret Santa move into the house - Make and attach the Secret Santa door in time

You have a choice between the first of Advent and the first of December. This is when the little guys move into your home unnoticed and surprised. Accordingly, you quietly and secretly build the door when the children are asleep – a bit like Santa Claus, who distributes gifts at night, right? In the morning, the joy is great with the children and you can also already start with the funny Secret Santa prank ideas.

Secret Santa prank ideas for kids – this is what the little guys might cook up.

The naughty Christmas gnomes help at Christmas, but also play pranks

Choose areas and objects in the house that are as obvious as possible, so that the kids won’t have too hard a time noticing the prank either. If you find that the prank isn’t noticeable after all, you can just point it out yourself and act surprised. Here are a few fun Secret Santa pranks for kids that are guaranteed to get a lot of laughs.

Early morning bathroom ideas

Secret Santa prank ideas for the bathroom with the toilet paper or toothbrushes

Going to the bathroom in the morning immediately provides a surprise: on the mirror is a laughing face, drawn with toothpaste or shower gel. On another day, the gnome might in turn:

  • dip all the toothbrushes in jam
  • mix up the toothbrushes or put them in another place
  • hide the soap
  • throw the towels on the floor (if they need to be washed anyway)
  • mess up the bathroom rugs
  • some of the toilet paper has funny cutting patterns
  • a roll of streamers hangs on the toilet paper stand (and where did the toilet paper go?)
  • various items are wrapped in wrapping paper

Secret Santa mischief ideas for the kitchen

In the kitchen rearrange the fruit or put it in the oven

The family comes into the kitchen hungry and, what a pleasant surprise, the table is even set! That’s when the Secret Santa really meant well. Then you open the fridge because you need eggs and suddenly you realize: someone has painted them with felt-tip pens! On some other days, again, the following Secret Santa prank ideas might make the kids laugh:

Funny idea for the living room - cuddly animals after a Secret Santa party on the table or sofa

  • the fruit basket is in the oven instead of on the table
  • the oven door is open
  • the kitchen cupboards are all open
  • the toaster is in a completely different place
  • the tablecloth is hanging on the curtain rod
  • the glasses are all upside down in the cupboard (or vice versa, if they are in the same place)
  • instead of fresh fruit, there is plastic fruit in the fruit bowl
  • the chairs are upside down with the seat on the table like in school (the elf must have cleaned the floor)
  • The oranges, apples and pears suddenly have faces (paint them on or use wiggle eyes).
  • the child pours milk into his cornflakes and realizes: the milk is pink! (color it with food coloring)

Secret Santa prank ideas – What happened in the living room?

Perform Secret Santa prank ideas for kids in the living room - Redesign the Christmas tree

This naughty Secret Santa won’t stop at anything! Why not make a somewhat bigger Secret Santa prank by redecorating the Christmas tree shortly before Christmas Eve: the usual Christmas tree decorations are stowed away in their boxes and now the tree presents itself in toilet paper and with earrings from Mom’s jewelry box. What else could happen in the living room? How about these Secret Santa prank ideas:

  • the stick candles of the Advent wreath were replaced by carrots
  • the big family photo on the wall is designed (hat for a family member, a painted mustache, a funny hairstyle)
  • the cookie jar on the coffee table is surrounded by crumbs (someone must have been hungry for sweets)
  • the pillows on the sofa are misplaced
  • dolls, teddy bears and other cuddly toys of the children are all over the sofa and streamers are scattered around (did they have a secret party during the night?)

A surprise before the children leave the house

Secret Santa prank ideas - Tying the children's shoes together.

Just as the little ones are getting ready to head off to school or kindergarten, you realize: someone just tied the laces of the shoes together! Or all the shoes with Velcro fasteners have been glued together. You could also:

  • tie a knot in the scarf
  • knot the sleeves of the jacket
  • hide a cap or scarf in the sleeve of the jacket
  • stuff a sock into the shoe (or noodles, lentils, nuts, etc.)
  • hang something on the laces (a dry leaf, Christmas tree ornament, a pine cone, etc)
  • the winter shoes are suddenly stowed away in the closet and instead the summer shoes are outside
  • there is a balloon in the school backpack (or in the sleeve of the jacket)

Secret Santa pranks ideas that the Secret Santa performed on the parents

Secret Santa play pranks on parents with hairstyles or a painted mustache

Just imagine the loud laughter of the children when they see mom and dad in the morning and realize that the Secret Santa:

  • painted a mustache on them
  • made a funny hairstyle with hairspray, gel or colorful hair clips
  • put on two different socks
  • put lipstick or bright nail polish on daddy’s face