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Play ideas with hula hoop for kids – what you can play with the hoops

The hula hoop, which we all know from our childhood, but which somehow fell into oblivion for many years, has now been rediscovered and provides fun for young and old. While adults use it mainly to stay fit and to achieve a slim figure, for children it is mainly the fun associated with it that makes the hoop so popular with them. Has your child been given such a hoop as a gift or are you planning to give one as a gift? Then we would like to provide you with some great game ideas that you can try with the hula hoop for kids. Huge fun is guaranteed!

Hoola hoop for kids - games for indoors and outdoors

Of course, the classic swinging around the hips already involves a lot of fun. However, it is more challenging to swing two hoops at the same time or to use the arms or the neck instead of the hips. But the hoop is also the perfect accessory for many other hula hoop games for kids. From us you will get ideas and instructions for such games, which you can perform at any time – whether on the weekend as a pastime or at a children’s party !

Hula Hoop for kids as a target

Hoola Hoop for kids - Hoop instead of target as a game idea for practicing throws

Ring toss, but in reverse – use the hula hoop for kids like a target. To do this, you can lean it against a wall, put it on two spaced apart chairs, or put it on the floor. Then the children have to throw objects through or into the ring at any distance. Indoors, these can be small balls or rolled-up socks; outdoors, even water balloons or heavier objects such as bean bags are suitable. If the task is to be made a little more difficult, the hooping hoop can also be suspended. Even in a light wind, it will spin every now and then and it will be more difficult to hit it.

… or hooping after all?

Ring throwing with hoola hoop for kids - simple idea for spontaneous games

Of course, it also works the other way around and like classic ring throwing. Set up an object (a water bottle, a paper cone, a shoe, or whatever else you can think of) and aim the hoop. Of course, the farther away you stand from the object, the more difficult the task becomes.

Teamwork in hula hoop for kids

Hula hoop games for kids that promote team spirit

If you have several children or at a children’s party, you can try the following idea: Depending on the size of the hoop and the kids, put three or four kids in the hoop. Then you can raise it to waist height and then you have to hold it without the help of your hands. Several challenges are now possible in this starting position. Ask the children to move the hoop upwards towards the neck. Of course, they are not allowed to use their hands! The other direction is also possible, i.e. down to the feet and back again.

Or how about letting the group run with the hoop? The difficult thing here is that the children must always keep the right distance from each other so that the hula hoop for kids does not slide down. So what sounds pretty simple at first is actually really hard.

Simple games with hula hoop for smaller children

Hula hoop for kids roll with or without stick and in parkour

Just rolling the hula hoop for kids forward on the floor with your hand is already plenty of fun for the little ones, and it is also a suitable game idea for smaller children, as it is not too difficult. However, you can also increase the difficulty level by not pushing the tire with your hand, but with a stick, for example. Another great idea with a greater degree of difficulty is to create a “racetrack”. Lines can be drawn on the floor with chalk, along which the children have to roll the tire. Obstacles made of cones, bottles, chairs, and other objects that must be avoided are also a great idea. Why not make a competition out of it!

Hula Hoop Games for Larger Groups – The Wave

Play wave with kids for great fun at a party, kindergarten or school

The wave is a particularly popular and fun game that encourages team spirit and requires agility. Still, the wave is one of the really simple hoop games that even the smallest of kids can join in on. The game with hula hoop for children is especially suitable with a large number of players – so perfect for a birthday party or for kindergarten , physical education classes at school or on a class trip. And we’re sure the adults will want to join in soon after too!

Fun idea for groups - Playing the wave in a row or in a circle for more agility

Here’s how it’s played: The players line up in a circle or in a row and hold hands. The hoop then has to be carried from one end to the other (or once around the circle) without the children letting go of each other – along the first arm, then the first leg and the head have to go through the hoop, then the second leg and on over the second arm until it reaches the next player, and so on. Doesn’t that sound fun? It is! Since the game is relatively quiet, it’s also great for indoors.

Heaven and Earth – A classic that is always fun!

Playing with hoola hoop for kids heaven and earth outdoors or indoors

This bouncy game was not only popular in our childhood. Even today it is one of the favorite outdoor activities of children . But what if the weather isn’t cooperating right now and you can’t go outside, or if you don’t have chalk on hand to draw with? Just take some hula hoops for kids! You can arrange them however you like and then play the classic as usual. Even on the lawn, where you can not draw with chalk, the variant with hula hoop for children is good.

“Ring” jumping

Hoola hoop games for kids and adults for more activity and movement

Fancy jumping rope, but there is no rope available? Why not use the hula hoop for kids? Since this is an unfamiliar exercise, kids should try it out on a soft surface first. For example, the lawn in the garden or a meadow are good. It is also important that the ring is not too small to avoid tripping and so that the child can fit through it.

Throwing and catching

Throw and catch hoola hoop for kids in the air

Throwing the Hula Hoop for children in the air and then catching it again is boring and simple? No way! What actually sounds really simple is more challenging than expected. Make sure that all the kids keep enough distance between each other to avoid collisions. Instead of throwing the hoops in the air, two kids can throw it to each other. Or everyone can stand in a circle and throw it to each other in a circular fashion. The greater the distance, the more difficult the task. How often does it work before the hoop falls to the ground?

Hula Hoop for Kids – Play XXL Cricket

Make croquet out of hoops in the garden or sand and play with ball

Croquet is also a game that is quite forgotten, but perfect for entertainment in the garden or park at the picnic. Why not assemble the game with hoops to make it oversized. One option would be to take old tires and cut them in half to get the half rings. However, if the hula hoops for kids are too bad for you, just use the whole hoops. However, for this you will need a very soft surface so you can stick them in the ground. A playground with lots of sand or a beach are best suited for this variant.

You will then also need larger balls instead of the usual small balls. These balls can then be played with a suitable bat or stick or simply with your feet.

The shark game

Playing catch with the shark game in the gym or in the garden

A game for several children is also this variant of the game of tag, for which the hula hoop for children is used. A larger playing area is needed, since there is a lot of running (garden, beach or gym, for example). A few hoops are distributed on the floor. These are protective islands, so to speak. A catcher is determined (the shark), who has to catch all the others. The other players can save themselves and rest for a short time by quickly standing in a hoop. Whether more than one child is allowed to pause there at a time is up to you.

However, to ensure that the game is fair and does not drag on too much, some additional rules should be set. For one thing, you should not distribute too many “islands”. Furthermore, you could determine a certain amount of time that one is allowed to spend in a hoop. It would also make sense to remove a hoop every now and then over time. Otherwise, the catcher quickly loses the desire to play.

Throw lasso

Lasso throwing with a hoop and catching balls

Tie a rope to the tire and then use it like a lasso! A super fun idea for all little cowboys during a cowboy party for example! Played then as follows: Place lots of balls on the floor. These can be of different sizes and should not be too close to each other. Then a play line is set that the children are not allowed to cross. From this line, the children try to throw the hoop over any ball. Then carefully pull the captured ball to you with the help of the rope. To make the game more interesting, you can make it a competition. Different sized balls earn different amounts of points. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

Weave in the hula hoop for children

Weave in a hoop and make a round carpet by yourself

Do you want the game of hula hoop for kids to be a little quieter? Then you could weave such a pretty mandala in the ring. The result is a pretty rug that can decorate the children’s room or give as a gift. For this purpose, use any strips of fabric. Maybe you have some old T-shirts that you can cut up for this purpose. Then stretch some strips of fabric in the ring and the child can start weaving. Start in the middle, where all the stretched strips cross. The child then weaves all the strips in a circle. As soon as one strip is finished, the next one is knotted to it and so on.

Carpet weaving with kids as a creative and fun craft idea with hoops

The child can play with the colors to create their own color gradients. Finally, the initially stretched strips are cut from the hoop and the two ends are each knotted together to close the woven design. The hoop can be used over and over again for this fun activity. The perfect idea for a normal afternoon, but also as a party game .