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How to dress baby in winter? Tips for the right baby clothes for indoors and outdoors

Even before the baby is born , the future parents worry about the right baby clothes. Especially in winter, dressing the baby is a real challenge. Fearing not to cool the child, parents often mean it much too well and dress their child much too warm. But how should you dress your baby in winter so that it is neither too cold nor too warm? We answer these and other questions about winter clothing for babies in this article.

Baby clothes in winter: The basics

how to dress baby in stroller in winter

If you already have a baby, you probably know how hard it can be to dress him or her properly in the winter. Both too warm and too cold, of course, must not be. Since babies can’t regulate their own temperature balance, they lose body heat quickly when it’s cold, which can lead to hypothermia. If, on the other hand, the baby is dressed too thickly, then it begins to sweat, which can also result in a cold. So how do you find the happy medium?

One rule of thumb is that the baby should always wear one more layer than you. This rule can serve as a point of reference for you. However, the material of the clothing also plays an important role. Wool and fleece are not as comfortable and pleasant for babies as they are for adults and can irritate baby’s delicate skin. For example, wool-silk and cotton are more suitable for baby clothes in winter.

baby clothes winter basics always put on a bodysuit

There are some clothing items that are fundamentally important for winter and absolutely must be on the baby clothing shopping list. The bottom clothing of a baby should always be a bodysuit, especially in winter. This means that the back and kidneys are always protected from the cold, which is not the case with a combination of a shirt and briefs. The bodysuit can have both long and short sleeves, depending on what you want to wear over it.

How to dress baby in winter tights

Equally important in winter is the tights. Ideally, these should be made of high-quality cotton. With a matching baby pants over them, the tights provide enough warmth, even if it is snowing outside. Brightly printed tights in cheerful colors are particularly popular with parents.

Baby clothes basics for autumn-winter

Over the bodysuit, for example, you could put on a long-sleeved shirt or sweater. A baby cardigan would also be a good option in low temperatures. So the combination of bodysuit, tights, shirt and baby pants would be optimal in winter.

How to dress baby in winter winter jacket cap

On the list of baby clothes for the winter, of course, should be a lined winter jacket. For babies under 6 months, you can do without it and get a whole snowsuit as an alternative. This will ensure that the baby’s feet do not freeze either. Babies who can already walk (or are trying to), on the other hand, you can put on a winter jacket instead of a snowsuit when it’s not snowing. This will make their first steps easier without being restricted by the thick clothing.

Tip: Get at least two baby jackets/snowsuits in case the baby spits up on them, for example.

What to wear the baby outside in winter?

Winter baby clothes proceed according to the onion principle

Even in winter, you should not give up walks with your baby. The fresh air makes the baby fit and cheerful and offers many health benefits. Outside, the baby’s immune system is strengthened and it receives natural vitamin D in clear weather. In addition, babies sleep especially well outdoors. So why stay home when you can enjoy the winter sunshine? The exception, of course, is newborns, who are better off staying home when temperatures are low in the first few weeks after birth.

happy baby in pink snowsuit

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. This is true to a great extent for babies as well. If the weather is clear, without fog and rain, nothing stands in the way of a daily walk in the winter. The main thing is to dress the baby warmly. A good option for baby clothes in winter is the so-called onion principle. Here you put on the baby several layers, which you can take off and put on again as needed. The layers are perfect when you go from cold to warm, for example.

How to dress baby in winter when it snows

In addition to the above-mentioned clothes, accessories such as a hat, gloves and possibly a scarf or baby scarf are also recommended. The hat is considered the most important winter accessory for babies. Since they quickly lose body heat through the little head in cold weather, it must be protected at all times. This applies not only to the scalp, but also to the ears. It is best to choose a warm baby hat that also keeps the ears warm.

If the baby jacket does not sufficiently protect the neck area from the cold, then a neckerchief is also necessary (can you see your baby’s neck when it is already dressed with the jacket, then the area is not well protected). Neck scarves in triangular shape provide an excellent solution, as they are easy to tie and, unlike knitted scarves, do not irritate the skin.

Newborn clothing tips for cold season

Little ones can also lose heat through their hands and feet, so lined gloves and socks or shoes are an essential part of a baby’s winter wardrobe. An exception can be made for babies under 6 months of age who are outside in a baby bath. Their hands are usually tucked under a warm blanket or into the sleeves of the jacket/snowsuit and will stay warm even without gloves. When in doubt, you can use first-time socks to keep newborns’ hands warm outside.

Here we have summarized a few general tips for dressing baby outside in the winter:

  • Don’t dress the baby too warmly
  • Follow the onion principle
  • Always wear one layer more than mom/dad
  • Gloves only when the baby can sit, before that possibly first socks
  • Cap and scarf if necessary
  • Thick socks or overshoes for small babies, real winter shoes only for beginners

If you want to dress the baby for a stay outdoors in the winter, it also matters how you go for a walk. For example, different baby clothes for babies in the sling, in the stroller and in the car is necessary.

What to dress the baby in the sling?

How to wear baby in winter what to wear baby carrier jacket

You want to wear your baby even in the cold season , but worry that he will be cold? The baby sling is perhaps the warmest place for your infant in winter. The heat that the body gives off will keep the baby much warmer than thick clothes in the stroller. The same goes for the carrier. With a baby in front or on your back, you’ll be warm too.

For babywearing in winter, special jackets are suitable, which provide a constant temperature for the baby. You can choose between a carrying jacket and a jacket extension. In the second option, your own jacket is quickly transformed into a maternity jacket or baby carrier jacket with the help of a removable insert. This is not only practical, but also much cheaper. An alternative is also a baby carrier cover, which serves as a kind of footmuff for the baby carrier.  The child with a baby carrier cover you can wear both under and over your own jacket.

What to wear baby in a sling in cold weather

And what clothes should the baby wear under the jacket? In the sling or baby carrier, a winter jacket is not necessary. However, the baby should be as close to your body as possible to get enough of your body heat. Suitable clothing for baby carriers would be, for example, a wool or fleece overall (merino wool is an excellent choice for this). Shoes or warm socks and a hat should not be missing either.

The right winter clothes in the stroller

How to dress baby in winter properly in the stroller

For a walk in the stroller, the snowsuit is a must. Especially for babies who are still in the stroller and can not sit, the snowsuit provides enough warmth. In most cases, an additional blanket is not necessary, but especially in wind, rain or snow, you need weather protection for the stroller in addition to this.

And what about the footmuff? The lined footmuff is a practical option for babies in the stroller, which you can use as an alternative to the snowsuit. They are great for babies who are already sitting or semi-sitting in the stroller.

And in the car?

What to wear baby in the car winter no jacket

For safety reasons, winter jackets and snowsuits are not allowed in the infant carrier in the car. During car rides, any extra piece of clothing can be dangerous. For this reason, experts advise that after getting into the car, take off the jacket, buckle the baby in and then cover it with a blanket or the jacket. This will ensure that the straps are as tight as possible to the body and at the same time the baby does not freeze.

How to dress the baby at home?

What to wear baby in winter at home tips baby clothes

This largely depends on the temperature in your home. In a household with a baby, a room temperature of 20 – 22 °C during the day and 18 – 20 °C at night is recommended at any time of the year. In heated rooms, the baby should not be dressed in clothes that are too warm. The short-sleeved bodysuit with a long-sleeved shirt over it and baby pants and socks or tights are a good choice during the day. Rompers are also suitable as baby’s home clothes, but must be equipped with enough snaps to make diapering quick and easy.

What to wear the baby to sleep in the winter?

What to wear baby to sleep tips in winter

Babies do not like it too warm when they sleep. They are often restless at night for this very reason. However, you need to adjust the clothes for sleeping to the room temperature. If the temperature is at the recommended level of 20 °C, long-sleeved pajamas with a bodysuit underneath are perfectly sufficient. The fabric should not be too thick, so that the baby does not sweat. For example, cotton pajamas are recommended.

Baby sleepwear tips what to wear

The sleeping bag is considered the best equipment for a peaceful baby sleep. It not only keeps babies warm, but can also prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). A distinction is made between different TOG values of the sleeping bag, and the choice depends on the season and room temperature. For example, for a room temperature of 18-20 °C, a baby sleeping bag with TOG 2.5 is recommended over pajamas.