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Funny Christmas quiz for adults and children – questions and answers for a fun evening of games

Time to plan the details for the Christmas party and we don’t just mean the delicacies with which the festive table will be set. To make sure that all the evenings are actually fun and you can spend a lot of time with family and also friends, a few Christmas games are certainly welcome. We have created a fun Christmas quiz for you that you can print out in advance for an interesting evening of puzzles.

Funny Christmas quiz for adults

Funny Christmas quiz for family and friends print out for free

Although the majority of the question are more suitable for older children and adults, of course, the very young may try once. Whether you want to pass the time spontaneously or have planned a real game night – a quiz for the Christmas party is guaranteed to provide a lot of fun and enrich you with new knowledge to boot. Did you know how the tradition of Christmas markets came about? Find out when you play a fun Christmas quiz.

Funny Christmas quiz with printable questions and answers

Cool Christmas games for the holidays - questions and answers

The quiz is completely free and you can print it out directly or use it online in our gallery. The correct answer is always marked upside down in the lower right corner. Thus, one of the people present should be given the task to only read out the questions or, if everyone wants to play along, not to look at the solution under any circumstances – after all, that would be unfair!

Christmas games – all quiz questions in one list

Funny Christmas quiz with questions for kids - What is a nativity play

If you want to start playing right away or print out and prepare the cards, you can find them in our gallery. Use them as you like at your home or when you are a guest at someone’s home, for seniors in a retirement home or even at school – great fun is guaranteed, especially if a prize or two is also distributed.

Christmas party quiz - Where does the tradition of Christmas markets come from?

Funny Christmas quiz – question about the origin of Rudolph the reindeer.

Quiz as Christmas games for friends and relatives on Christmas Eve

Why do we celebrate Christmas on these dates?

Funny Christmas quiz - Why do we celebrate on the 24th and 25th?

Who is the inventor of the Advent calendar?

Funny quiz for Christmas for a game night with friends

Ingredient ratio in Christmas stollen

Interesting question about the recipe for Stollen

The most common gift in Germany is…?

Question from statistics - What do Germans give as a gift the most often

The composer of “White Christmas

Funny Christmas quiz for adults - Who composed White Christmas

What percentage of alcohol does mulled wine contain?

How much alcohol should contain mulled wine

The origin of the Advent wreath

How many candles had the Advent wreath originally

Question about the Finnish Santa Claus

Funny Christmas quiz - Question about Finnish Santa Claus

What did J. R. R. Tolkien write?

Funny Christmas quiz - Question about Tolkien and his work

Funny Christmas quiz for school

Funny Christmas quiz - Question about the song by Rolf Zuckowksy

From which country does the Christmas star originate?

Funny Christmas quiz - Where does the Christmas star come from?

Why do you get a Christmas bonus?

Funny Christmas quiz for Christmas party with questions and answers

Where does the term “gingerbread” come from?

Christmas quiz for seniors - Where does the term gingerbread come from?

Guess dialect terms

Christmas games to play with family

Riddles for funny Christmas games

Why do you put up a tree at Christmas

If you like to play bingo, you can find templates for a cool Christmas bingo in this article, as well as other game ideas.