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Escape room for kids at home plan yourself with interesting puzzles and tasks

Escape games are currently very popular with adults and always a good choice when it comes to doing something with friends, colleagues or family. But there are also Escape Rooms for children. These are geared towards certain ages so that the little ones are challenged but not overwhelmed. Have you perhaps come up with the idea of playing Escape Room at a children’s birthday party and would like to do this at home? Or have you run out of game ideas during this long corona crisis and want to organize something interesting and new for your kids? We will give you some tips and ideas on how to organize an Escape Room for kids at home.

Escape Room – What is it?

DIY Escape game for small and bigger kids plan and organize it

In the Escape game, which is officially called “real-life room escape games”, several people are locked as a team in a room that has been specially prepared beforehand. The participants must then try to escape from this room by solving the available clues and puzzles. To do this, the players have a certain amount of time. If the Escape Room is intended for children, the clues and puzzles are adapted to their age.

One can also organize such an Escape puzzle in one’s own home. Escape rooms for children are very well received and promote various skills in both the little ones and adults. A professional Escape Room for home and children is advantageous and promotes the following skills:

  • Team spirit and ability
  • communication
  • strategic and creative thinking
  • self-confidence
  • cohesion, mutual respect and joint problem solving
  • productivity

Escape room puzzle ideas for kids

Riddle ideas to copy - indoor fun for birthdays or bad weather

What’s more, the puzzles are fun! If you would like to make an Escape Room for children at home yourself, you can use a wide variety of tools and puzzles. Of course, you should adjust the level of difficulty to the age of your children. It is also good to combine more difficult tasks with easier ones, so that the children are not overwhelmed and lose the desire to puzzle too quickly. Here are a few ideas and tips!

Make your own Escape Room for kids – lock with number combination

Lock with number combination to seal new clues or prizes

A classic among the items for a puzzle room or an Escape Room for children is the lock. It can serve as an intermediate step (e.g. to open a box in which further clues can be found), as well as to close the exit or the target object. Using various puzzles to solve, the correct combination of numbers must then be found in order to open the lock. Suitable for this purpose are:

Escape room for kids - make a puzzle out of toilet paper or alphabet

  • Math games: Have the children solve certain tasks to come up with one of the required numbers.
  • Puzzle on a toilet roll: You need a toilet roll, and a sheet of paper that fits around the roll. Write a number large on the paper and cut it lengthwise into strips, creating a kind of puzzle. Now place the strips loosely around the roll in the correct order and tape the ends together. Then turn the strips until the number is no longer visible. The children must then put them back in the correct position to learn the number.

Use mathematical tasks and puzzles for the Escape Room for children

  • Find number with alphabet: For the “2” write down a “B”, for the “10” write down a “J”, etc. So in order for the children to find the correct number for the lock, they need to count the alphabet correctly.
  • Count geometric shapes in a picture: Find a picture (or draw one yourself) that consists of many triangles, squares, rectangles, or circles. Children must now count how many of these shapes are found in the picture to get the correct number for the castle.

Escape room for kids with lock with number combination - marble and toilet rolls

  • Rolling marbles: Make such a wall out of toilet paper rolls. The rolls point down at an angle so that a marble can roll down. At the bottom of the web should be the cup with the correct combination of numbers. In addition, however, attach other “wrong” tracks as well as other cups with wrong number combinations, so that the children first have to let the marble roll to get to the right one. This idea is also great for younger children.
  • Short story with hidden numbers: “I have been to France 4 times. The last time was 7 years ago because I have 3 children now. – The number combination and Escape Room solution is 473
  • Sudoku: A Sudoku puzzle that has been almost completely solved. The missing numbers form the correct number combination.

Since several numbers and thus puzzles are needed to open the lock, you can leave it at this task if you are planning the Escape Room for kids. The little ones might otherwise lose interest if the game takes too long. For example, use the lock to lock a reward (e.g. something to snack on in a box or in the fridge).

Puzzle questions

Ideas for riddle questions with solution for kid friendly Escape Game

Another great idea that kids will enjoy is a riddle for the Escape Room game for kids. The solution to the riddle is then the clue to the next step or where to find the next clue. Riddle questions are a great idea, but it can be difficult to find one whose answer points to an item that is present. Alternatively, you can come up with your own.

For example, one option would be to make up a group of words that all have something in common. Only one of the words should be out of line and not match the rest. Here’s an example:

  • Car
  • Bus
  • Motorcycle
  • Ship
  • Tractor

Escape Room for kids do it yourself - ideas for puzzles and tools.

The ship floats on the water, while everyone else is on land. Simple puzzles like this can be put together very quickly by yourself. A few other ideas for Escape Room questions for kids we have here:

  • Which animal do you have to walk? (Answer: dog; the next clue could then be on a cuddly toy dog, for example).
  • What does the bee produce? (The next clue can be found in the kitchen under the honey jar)
  • What do you touch on the door to open it? (The handle; under the solution in the Escape Room, i.e. the handle, attach a note or object for the next step)
  • What starts with “Once upon a time”? (A fairy tale; the next clue is in a storybook. An old book can even be hollowed out to hide larger objects inside).

These are just a few riddles you can use or just use as inspiration for your own ideas. Just look around the room (or even the entire apartment) to see what you could use for a puzzle question. You’re sure to come up with something quickly. After all, it doesn’t have to be anything complicated for kids, and it shouldn’t be.

Puzzle with riddle question written down with UV pencil

Write down Escape Room tasks creatively

Of course, you can write the riddle questions on a simple piece of paper if you do the Escape Game yourself. But the whole thing becomes even more effective if you write them down invisibly with a UV pen. In order for the puzzle to become visible, the children first have to illuminate it. Of course, this will be very interesting, especially in the dark.

For example, you can write the question on the back of a puzzle that first has to be put together. One of the puzzle pieces is hidden beforehand, of course, and must first be found. How about in a box with a lock, for example, whose code must first be cracked using the above options? Combine in a clever way the individual steps when you make the Escape game itself.

Or how about using a mirror for the same purpose in the Escape Room for kids? Use soap to write the text invisibly on a mirror and only when you breathe on it does the writing come out.

Designing a (treasure) map for Escape Room for kids by yourself

Make treasure map with room plan for Escape Room for kids

To help players find any new clue, you can also provide a map in the Escape Room for kids. On the map, it is best to sketch the room with a few existing objects, decorations or furniture for better orientation and then in this floor plan mark the place where the next clue is located.

By the way, you can also hide the map beforehand and let them search for it first. For this purpose, it can even be torn into two or four pieces, which must then all be hidden in different places and reassembled. Just estimate how elaborate and complicated the Escape Room game can be for children in this age group.

Story or fairy tale with clues for Escape Room with kids

Fairy tale with hidden clues - make your own Escape Room for kids

The children must read a shorter story aloud so that everyone can hear it. The story can gladly be formulated like a fairy tale. The idea is to hide various clues, hints and tasks in the story that the children have to follow in order to reach a certain destination or a new clue or auxiliary object. If you want to make this idea for the Escape Room itself for kids a little creativity on your part is required, but the idea is very suitable for an Escape Room for kids and stimulates logical thinking.

Additional challenges

As an additional challenge for the Escape Room game, tie the children's arms or legs together.

You can make the whole game time even funnier and more interesting by tying the kids’ hands or legs together. This way, they have to perform every movement together, which can get complicated at times, but will provide plenty of laughs. Besides, this once again strengthens teamwork and communication, because you have to be considerate of each other, communicate with each other and plan the movements together.

Escape Room for Families – Ideas for Winning

Ideas for prizes and winnings to motivate kids to guess

After all the hard work, of course, the kids want a reward. Guaranteed, you will have no trouble coming up with something that will go down well. Nevertheless, we would like to present you a few ideas for prizes after Escape Room games for kids:

  • Nibbles
  • movie tickets as a prize for the game Escape
  • a trip to an adventure land or another kind of excursion
  • a picnic
  • a new game
  • puzzle
  • nail polish for girls
  • toy cars
  • dolls
  • new DVD
  • zoo visit