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Creative Christmas games for family or Christmas party for Christmas Eve and Christmas fun

Whether the weather just isn’t conducive to outdoor activities or you’re looking for something entertaining specifically for the Christmas holidays, creative Christmas games are just the thing to pass the time in a fun way. Are you short of ideas? Then we’re here for you, because from fun spice guessing to Christmas ABC to Christmas bingo with free templates to print out, we’ve got some cool games for the whole family that will be fun to play in elementary school or at a Christmas party.

Games for the whole family at Christmas

Creative Christmas games for family - fun on Christmas Eve

All our suggestions for creative Christmas games are suitable for adults as well as for children, provided that the latter are no longer too small. You can best assess whether your child is already able to play along (spice guessing, for example, is less suitable for young children, as some spices are too hot and they also do not yet know the different flavors). On the whole, however, these are simple ideas.

Games at Christmas with spices or other food

Creative Christmas games - guess spices and flavors for adults

You probably already guess what’s coming: the players are blindfolded and served different spices, which they have to taste (or smell) and guess. The winner is the one who has guessed the most at the end. Since the game may end in a tie, it’s a good idea to have a spare spice or two on hand that can be a bit more challenging (how about a fragrant pine branch instead of a spice).

Of course, we recommend choosing mainly Christmas spices to really get in the spirit (anise, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom). You can also choose one or two baking flavors like rum, vanilla or almond flavoring if you choose creative Christmas plays like this one.

Wish list writing – memory game for everyone.

Write wish list like I-pack-my-case as memory game

“I’m packing my suitcase” with a difference: in this Christmas game, too, everyone keeps adding a new item, only this time you create a wish list together and start with “I’m writing on my wish list”. Feel free to add funny wishes to make everyone laugh.

Creative Christmas games – tear and guess motifs

Creative Christmas games - Tear motifs from newspaper and guess them by candlelight

The players are blindfolded. Everyone gets a page of a newspaper in their hands, after which any Christmas song is played. Players must then tear a motif from the newspaper that they associate with the song. Once everyone has finished, light a candle and one by one everyone holds their motif up to the candlelight. The others now have to guess what it could be about. This part will be especially fun for the kids.

Christmas games for adults free of charge – play theater

Creative Christmas games for Christmas party or at home - Funny theater games to play

Whether with planned or improvised costumes or not, a theater is guaranteed to be a hit at any Christmas party, but also as a Christmas play on Christmas Eve with the family. Simply print out a short story (preferably a Christmas story, of course, and really short) and distribute the roles among those present. Then it is read aloud and spontaneously imitated. The crazier and more inaccurate, the funnier! Perfection is not required here.

The Christmas ABC for children who can already write and adults

This game idea is somewhat reminiscent of “City, Country, River,” except that here it’s more Christmasy and the whole thing is greatly simplified. Each player writes the alphabet from top to bottom on a sheet of paper (or print out the template). Then one person says “A” out loud and starts reciting the alphabet in their mind until the next player says “stop.” The letter that the first player stopped on is now said out loud. Then everyone has 10 seconds to come up with a term that starts with that letter but is also related to Christmas.

Whoever comes up with a unique word gets 10 points for it. If someone else has written down the same thing, they each get 5 points. In the end, the winner is the one who has collected the most points.

Creative Christmas games - Christmas ABC with Christmas terms

Note: If, while counting the letters, you stop at one that has already been named, you simply play the next one. Letters for which there are no matching words (e.g. “Y”) can also be omitted right away.

Creative Christmas games to print – Bingo for kids, adults and seniors

Creative Christmas games to print - Free bingo patterns for elementary school

Bingo is fun for young and old, so even the kids will have fun. Thus, bingo is best suited for creative Christmas games in elementary school, but also for games for the Christmas party. We have prepared some templates for you to print out. These are Christmas motifs for the perfect mood, so that even the very young, who do not yet know the numbers, can participate.

Creative Christmas games for seniors with fun bingo with Christmas themes

The instructions for bingo

Game ideas for Christmas with friends and family - instructions for bingo

Bingo is a great party game for Christmas

Free template for Christmas bingo with friends

Christmas games for Christmas party – free templates for bingo

Family games for Christmas with children and grandparents

Fun Christmas games for groups and individuals

Family games for young and old in bad weather

Spontaneous family games for Christmas

Print templates for cards with reindeer, Santa Claus, angel, gingerbread and fir tree

Bingo is so simple that it is suitable for Christmas games for kindergarten

Spend the Christmas holidays playing with your loved ones

Christmas games for seniors – Bingo with a difference with Christmas themes instead of numbers

Pictures to print out for a nice Christmas game

Christmas games for family and friends

Funny party game to make yourself - Print cards and play bingo

Christmas games for group – small children can be in a team with an adult

Christmas motifs print out for Christmas bingo

Great games for Christmas Eve to print out

Games for Christmas Eve - Bingo is child friendly

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