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Best stroller: what types are there and how to find the best solution suitable for my needs.

When the new generation arrives, the stroller quickly becomes a central object that influences the quality of life. After all, it has to go through a lot every day while being durable, reliable, flexible and, of course, looking chic. Best stroller – how do I find it? Whether you’re a city mama in the urban jungle or an outdoor tracking fan and love to take your family out into nature, the right stroller makes a huge contribution to your individual quality of life while your little ones still need to be wheeled around. If you take a look at the range of strollers, you are quickly overwhelmed by the variety and also the prices. It quickly becomes clear – this is where strategic and individual choices must be made for optimal results. We have compiled practical considerations and stroller types for you.

Best stroller: considerations – which features make sense for my lifestyle

Best stroller jogging with mom

Choosing a stroller needs to be well thought out because, after all, the stroller is a central hub in terms of mobility for the next few years. General criteria that should go into the decision-making process are clearly the budget, their lifestyle and their family size or your further family planning. It is also advisable to consider purchasing an everyday combination of two different strollers that will serve different situations.

Lightweight and flexible travel stroller

For example, a jogger combined with a city cruiser. Or even a comfortable travel system combined with a lightweight. The important thing in the end is that the selected product provides you and your child with a daily quality of life.

Stroller types

Best stroller all happy

We have compiled a few types of strollers for you. The different uses and attributes can be combined if necessary. Remember, the most important feature of the stroller is how well it can support you and your loved ones in everyday life. This is based on your individual lifestyle and the resulting individual needs.

Light weights

Light weight stroller

The main feature of lightweight strollers is – that they are light. They have fewer extras and less comfort, less storage space, a smaller sun canopy, but they are light and handy, fold quickly and fit easily everywhere. The light weights are suitable for children who already walk a lot on their own, but still need the stroller in between.

They are also very suitable for traveling by train or plane and are definitely a sensible second car purchase. The light weights are rather less suitable for daily long distances.

Sibling stroller

Best stroller siblings and multiple strollers

If you’re a parent who needs to cart around a whole cute little team, there are fortunately very successful solutions available these days in the form of sibling strollers or multiple strollers. Different variants are available, with the children sitting side by side or positioned behind each other, or sitting opposite each other. In many models, an additional board can also be fitted to carry another, larger child who can ride standing up for shorter distances.

Siblings stroller Best stroller

The combination buggy with baby seat is also available. If you travel a lot on foot, with several children of different ages, it is always worth looking at cozy multiple strollers. They are very large and also a bit bulkier, but from your practicality indispensable for multiple parents.

City Cruiser

Best stroller city cruiser

The city cruiser is the supreme discipline of the stroller, because it should be able to do everything to cope with life in the big city. Maneuverable, practical, light and comfortable, with enough storage space and extras for all situations on the everyday city tour . Up the curb, quickly across the street, into the streetcar or subway, to the café around the corner and to the park for a midday nap. It’s clear that the city car also has to look smart and offer sufficient driving comfort. Suspension wheels for longer distances and a change of direction when the baby needs a rest and should look in the direction of mom during the journey are practical features.

Sporty, sporty! Jogging with mom

Best stroller for a good start

The jogging stroller or baby jogger is specially designed so that you can go jogging with your baby. It has three wheels and a sturdy finish that provides safety for you and your child. The baby jogger is suitable for babies who are already sitting. It is available in all equipment and price categories and with many extras. Thus, it can certainly also be used as a main stroller. It is important to bear in mind that it is somewhat bulkier and therefore may not be quite so easy to fold. Or may need more space in the trunk.

Best stroller outdoor jogger

It also takes up quite a bit of space on the subway or bus. It’s suitable if you’re more of a walker, but don’t want to sacrifice sportiness and comfort. For outdoor enthusiasts, they are an excellent solution, because their design allows them to cope with any terrain with the appropriate comfort.

Travel systems – easily in and out of the car

Travel system best stroller

Travel systems are strollers that, in addition to the actual stroller, also include a baby car seat and a matching adapter. This allows you to comfortably take the sleeping child, which you have just driven around in the car, very gently out of the car together with the baby shell. With the help of an adapter, you can click the shell directly onto the mobile base. This allows you to switch from car travel to stroller travel and vice versa without having to jerk the baby out of slumber. The travel system is priced a little higher. However, it is a convenient solution for parents who have combined car and foot travel to do on a daily basis and makes it easier to handle on a daily basis.