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Advent calendar for men make and fill yourself – How to surprise your boyfriend or husband 2022

Sometimes it’s not so easy to make an advent calendar for men by yourself and fill it with suitable and actual gifts. Although you would know your partner or loved one well, 25 ideas could be a real challenge for your creative thinking. After all, part of the fun here is customizing the DIY project for the recipient. This includes choosing small gift items, such as mini toys, cosmetics, treats or fun games. But shopping for male recipients is difficult in and of itself. So what could you do if there is a size restriction on top of that? Well, the following ideas and tips can help you with this matter. Just go step by step to craft the perfect advent calendar for your favorite man.

How to make an advent calendar for men yourself

number neutral paper bags and hang them as wrapping for gifts before the first advent

In the case of the ubiquitous advent calendar, you can only get more creative and cool when choosing one for men. This is another way to spread the holiday cheer to your boyfriend or husband until Christmas Day. Hopefully, this will also ensure that your gifts lying around under the Christmas tree stay wrapped. In addition, the calendar for men can be a smart souvenir that will literally give again and again and remain a nice pre-Christmas surprise in the gift ideas for men. Whether you have a special someone in your life who loves snacks and hot sauces or still loves to gamble, you’re sure to find something here for everyone.

make your own fabric bags and create a diy advent calendar before christmas

The first thing you need to do is to choose the right size and type of your advent calendar. If you buy one that is larger than usual, you will have more options. However, you should not make it too big so that your product does not take up half of your living room. For example, you can create a house out of cardboard with small drawers that you fill accordingly with various gadgets. While doing this, make sure that the boxes of your calendar are big enough for the same items. This is the size that a chocolate or a pair of socks will fit comfortably, so it’s best to stick to it.

Here’s how to make an advent calendar for men yourself

use fabric slippers and make your own advent calendar for men

First, choose what you want your advent calendar to contain. One creative option is to use a fabric shoe cabinet or slippers. If arranged appropriately, you can then hang them above the door or on the wall. However, you can also make envelopes in a shoe box or a more traditional Advent calendar. Then, arrange your gifts in order.

make small envelopes from special paper and decorate them with christmas decorations

The amount of gift suggestions will depend on the different ideas you can include in your calendar. You can then wrap these as you see fit or just put them in the drawers as is. Whether you make your own advent calendar for men with such a setup, or with envelopes, you should prepare your gifts to open. Perhaps you can also wrap smaller surprises in tissue paper.

What gift ideas you might consider

divide samples and cosmetic items in an advent calendar for men on different days

Check out websites like Groupon. These have great ideas for experiences at lower prices. But also get creative by ordering some small items to fill. These can be snacks suitable for men, such as meat products and small gadgets, depending on what you want to please your partner or husband. Investing in gift sets such as cosmetic items can also be a variant, where you can divide them for several days full of gifts. Thus, you do not have to order or buy everything at once at the last moment. November is the perfect month for this. Moreover, this way you can avoid many wrong purchases for such an advent calendar. It also helps if you pick up items for it throughout the year, so you don’t have to scramble the day before.

Make your own edible treats in an advent calendar for men

make your own delicious gingerbread and give it to your husband or partner as a sweet advent surprise

Chocolates and candies don’t sound particularly manly, but such could make up a large part of your advent calendar since they are readily available. Although they don’t admit it, most men like to snack on something sweet too. Just choose 4 or 5 of his favorite treats and fill the boxes or drawers with as many as you can. You can also add a few pieces of mint or gum in a flavor he’s never had before. After all, it’s always fun to try new things. If your husband or boyfriend likes a certain type of candy or chocolate that is not individually wrapped, you can simply wrap it yourself in small squares of plastic wrap or use mini muffin tins for it.

make and fill small drawers for mini gifts in a men's advent calendar

In addition, you can also throw in some coffee or tea samples, either just individual tea bags or fancy varieties that you can get in special stores. If your husband consumes alcohol, try to get mini bottles or beers that he has never tried before. Christmas-themed varieties are also great for this. And why not combine a tea bag and chocolate for the perfect snack? However, you may need to fold that tea bag and stuff it inside. Some other ideas would include gummy bears, homemade cake that you cut into small pieces, or chocolate coins.

Add useful and fun gifts

give a gift card or voucher for an experience in an elegant envelope

This part is more interesting, but also a bit more involved. The gifts must not only appeal to your boyfriend or husband, but also fit. While you are at it, remember the size of the compartments or the small drawers. You can also take one of them shopping to see if the items inside would fit. If your men’s advent calendar doesn’t have drawers, then you can create a cube out of paper based on the measurements and bring it with you, which will make the process easier.

Just browse the stores and you are sure to find a few things. Mini magic cubes above some other miniature toys are suitable variants for fun gifts that could be useful at the same time. For example, if your man has a hobby or is a big fan of a TV show, video game or book, you should get small fan items for it. Such can be key chains, magnets or for the upcoming World Cup, mini soccer balls.

Other ideas for mini toys would be finger puppets, USB sticks or SD cards, guitar picks, cufflinks, tie pins, medicated lip balm (also suitable for men), car accessories, unique shoelaces, wireless in-ear headphones, mini measuring tapes and many more.

Print digital gifts and make them yourself as advent calendars for men

digital gifts print and give with christmas wrapping or envelope

The easiest way to surprise your man with a special gift he’s not expecting is to buy him a digital copy of a book, movie, video game, or even a gift card. Print a picture of the digital product you bought, then fold the piece of paper until it fits in the small space. After your man unfolds it and showers you with kisses for such a nice surprise, you can simply send him the email/serial number to receive the gift.

bearded man in the office is looking forward to a christmas gift at the workplace

If you’re looking for inexpensive but fun video games, check out Steam or consider giving him a Google Play or App Store gift card for a mobile game. Here are a few more ideas: E-book, video game, magazine subscription, digital movie, movie rental, gift card, movie ticket, free popcorn voucher or lottery ticket.

Let your man go on a treasure hunt!

before christmas a man opens gifts from an advent calendar for men

If you have a great idea for a gift that just isn’t small enough to fit in your men’s Advent calendar, you can easily make it a treasure hunt. Write a clue on a piece of paper and stick it in the box. Your man will have to work a little harder for his gift, but it will be worth it. There is still a kid in most men who will love an adventurous treasure hunt. You can either make the game as a puzzle and involved or keep it simple and straightforward. Write the instructions on Christmas paper, or themed slips of paper, for added flair.

father and his sons open the doors of an advent calendar before christmas

Simply hide your gift the night before or just before your partner opens the Advent calendar, so they or your kids don’t stumble across it at the wrong time. Another option when space is at a premium is to simply wrap and number all the gifts and then place them under the Christmas tree. Your boyfriend or husband can then pick the right day and unwrap his gift.