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Activities in the heat with children Outdoor or at home: games and crafts to beat the summer heat!

Summer activities really need to keep us cool and help us beat the heat. But we know it’s a common problem when kids are out of school, and it’s especially hard to keep them busy then. Every year, it’s important to remember good summer activities. A list of heat activities to do with kids can be kept to beat the heat and spend the summer playing lots of fun games. We hope you will like our summer ideas and try them with your kids!

Heat activities with children outdoor: games with water

Water balloon piñata is one of the most exciting activities in the heat with kids

All children love piñata, that is indisputable! The first part of this game is the water balloon piñata. Your kids will definitely find this idea simply brilliant. It’s really fun. Fill balloons with water and hang them in a suitable place in the garden. Once the kids (and why not the parents) pop a balloon, they can move on to the second phase of the game.

A great summer game to beat the heat - water slide for kids.

The second phase is the “water” slide into the boat that you have filled with water in advance. You can also put a small basin at the bottom of the slide. Together with the children, you can get buckets to fill the boat. You can leave a few jugs of water at the top of the slide because the instruction is to pour a bucket down the slide, slide down and then jump into the boat.

Water games are sure to find your kids just brilliant against the summer heat

The next part of the game is a water filling relay. There is a larger bucket at one end. The kids have to scoop a cup of water and then run down to pour it into the bucket.

Have fun with the homemade bubble wand

Outdoor activities in the heat with kids are a lot of fun


  • Pipe cleaner
  • Ironing beads
  • bubble solution
  • small bowl

Colorful projects with kids crafts in the summer season

Instructions for making:

STEP 1: Gather your supplies.
Before you start crafting , you should first gather the supplies mentioned above! Make sure you have everything ready before you get started! Bubble games are great for toddlers and preschoolers.

STEP 2: Shape the pipe cleaner into a bubble wand.
Once you have the materials, you can start making the bubble wand! Have your child pick out two pipe cleaners of the same color to use as the base for their wand. Then twist them together at both ends so that the tip forms a circle.

Summer activities with kids - lots of fun with homemade bubble wand

STEP 3: Place beads on the pipe cleaner base.
Next, have your child pick out a few colorful beads to thread onto the base of the bubble wand. This is a great way for children to practice their fine motor skills. You can either create a repeating pattern, or let your toddler or preschooler decide on colors and patterns for themselves. If you decide to make a repeating pattern, this would be a good time to talk to your child about repeating patterns. It’s great when kids learn new skills! When you reach the bottom of the bubble wand, flip the bottom part up to keep all the beads in place.

Fun activities in the heat with kids to do yourself

STEP 4: Repeat the process for more bubble wands.
You may want to make more for siblings or friends who are visiting. It’s good to have lots of extras on hand for more bubble games!

STEP 5: Play and have fun!
Here’s how. Now you can fill a bowl with bubble solution and dip the bubble wand in to play and have fun. If you don’t have bubble solution, just mix a little dish soap with water.

Cute frozen flowers at home do it yourself

Kids can make cute frozen flowers in summer by themselves

What you need for this project:

  • Flowers
  • water
  • small pots

To make these frozen flowers, put some cut flowers in the pot and add water. Look for daisies, buttercups and other pretty flowers. Plants tend to float in water, so be sure to add some or they will all end up on the bottom. It’s not a big problem, but it’s not as pretty! Put them in the freezer for a day and you can play with them. Just hold the pot under a hot faucet to thaw it and get the flowers out. As with all activities for children, you will need to supervise your children during this activity as the ice is naturally cold. You can use warm water to melt the ice. So the activities in the heat with children can be not only exciting but also creative .