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Activities for children during the Christmas vacations 2022: valuable tips on how to have fun together

As crazy as the days leading up to Christmas can be, it’s easy to let the time pass without taking advantage of all those extra hours with your kids. Simply keeping them busy while you work at home may be an important goal, but you can make some memories along the way with these activities for kids during the 2022 Christmas vacation.

Show off your skills with a family talent show

Discover the next musical superstar with a family talent show

Encourage your kids’ creativity and maybe discover the next musical superstar – with a family talent show. This fun activity is suitable for all ages. You can either encourage your kids to practice on their own and then perform for you after dinner, or you can join in with your own performances. From karaoke and lip syncing to dancing and juggling, anything is possible!

Your family talent show can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. It can mean a stage set, costumes, your own script and live music – or none of the above. If your kids aren’t born performers, you can encourage those with stage fright to direct, build a set, or pick out costumes.

Activities for kids during the 2022 Christmas vacation – Do something good.

Activities for kids during the Christmas vacations 2022 - Do something good

Of course, volunteering is a great thing to do any time of year, but during the holidays there are even more opportunities for kids to donate their time. Spend an afternoon at a local soup kitchen or adopt a family to give to on Christmas Day.

Attend holiday events

During the vacations, there are countless special events you can attend with the kids

There’s no better way to spend the holidays than taking advantage of all the fun your area has to offer. Take the kids to see the city lights or attend a Christmas show at your local theater. There are countless special events around the Christmas season, and many of them only happen once a year. So don’t let the Christmas holidays go to waste.

Bake some treats with your kids

Activities for children during the Christmas vacations 2022 - Bake some treats.

From toddlers to teens, kids love to mix and measure, but they especially love the treats that come out at the end. To keep your kids involved in baking without making a mess, tailor each baking project to their abilities and ages. Add activities to keep toddlers busy (such as frosting cookies) while you tackle more complex baking tasks. Older children can challenge you with recipes where they can take the initiative.

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Activities for children during the Christmas vacations 2022 – Write a story.

Activities for children during the Christmas vacations 2022 - Write a story

Writing a story with your child is a great way to remember the vacation season. Younger children can contribute to a group story, while older children can either write their own story or illustrate for the family. Bind or laminate your book to keep as a reminder of the season to revisit each year (and add to your collection!).

Watch a Christmas movie with the family

Watch some old Christmas classics with your family

It’s always a challenge to keep the kids from watching too much TV during the Christmas vacations, but not everything on TV is bad – especially if you watch it together. Watch some old Christmas classics, invite each family member to pick a movie, or choose something to watch and use the opportunity to share your interests and knowledge with your kids.

Try a winter sport

Get your kids out in the fresh air during the vacations with a winter sports activity

Ice skating, skiing or sledding are great winter sports. Plus, they’re a great way to get your kids out in the fresh air. Many cities have ice skating rinks during the holiday season, so bundle up, grab a thermos of hot chocolate and let’s go!

Host a friendly competition

Host a friendly competition with your child during the holidays

Activities for kids during the 2022 Christmas vacations – If you have older kids, why not challenge them to a friendly competition during the vacations? Teens especially love to show off their parents, so get a ping pong or pool table and show them who’s boss. If you don’t have a table at home, contact a local sports club or recreation center.

Activities for kids during the 2022 Christmas vacations – Visit a museum.

Activities for kids during Christmas vacations 2022 - Visit a museum

This kind of learning is fun, we promise! Many museums expect a huge rush of visitors during the Christmas vacations. So don’t expect to be the only ones visiting. You may even find that your local museum offers a number of special programs for kids around Christmas time. So plan ahead if you want to take advantage of it.