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How Lily James becomes Pam Anderson in 5 hours

If the term “scandalous couple” fits anyone, it’s Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, who had a turbulent relationship in the mid-90s, sex tape and jail time included. This period has now been filmed with Lily James in the lead role, who looks surprisingly similar to Pam on the outside in the series. The result of hours of work, as has now come out.

Lily James or the young Pamela Anderson? In the first photos for next year’s series "Pam & Tommy" it is almost impossible to tell the difference, so well was the British actress James (including "Downton Abbey", "Cinderella") transformed into the former sex symbol. Anderson’s distinctive look was copied in every detail: Hydrogen-blond hair, plucked eyebrows, pout, French nails, tight clothes and a bust that has been enlarged several times.

The transformation of Lily James into Pamela Anderson

In the series, the imitated with prosthetic breasts, but hair and makeup were more elaborate. That took "every morning between three and five hours until we could start shooting", tells Barry Lee Moe, head hairstylist of the production, to "Variety."

In any case, the cast was almost exclusively equipped with fake hair. Moe continues: “We used a total of 25 perks. Everyone from Seth Rogen to Nick Offerman to Taylor Schilling wore a periwinkle because we turned them all into their characters." Only Tommy Lee actor Sebastian Stan got away with his natural hair, but it was dyed jet black.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee – a turbulent love story

The love story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee begins at a New Year’s Eve party in 1994, where the drummer of "Mötley Crüe" and the ex-Playboy model get to know each other, lose sight of each other for a month, until they finally get together in February 1995. Shortly thereafter, they married and filmed themselves having sex on their honeymoon. A craftsman steals the private video and sells it. The sex tape becomes a viral hit, earning the porn industry over 100 million US dollars in just one year. The plot revolves around this period of time and the subsequent trial of the illegally distributed video.

Tommy Lee said later: "We only looked at it once when we got home, and then hid it in a safe under the carpet in my studio in the garage." Anderson and Lee have two children, in 1997 the relationship broke up after a violent altercation between the two, for which Tommy Lee was sent to prison for four months.