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“How can she afford it?” 3 innovative earning methods at a glance

Envy is not uncommon among women. But it happens again and again that you are not even envious, but simply wonder how your sister-in-law’s cousin’s friend finances her lifestyle: the third Louis Vuitton handbag , the fourth short trip this year, the “small” Porsche as a weekend car or the matching lipstick for every outfit.

Of course, there are the women who earn very well in their normal job. But it’s not always just them who live a lifestyle that allows them to do many things and causes dropped jaws. More and more women today are taking their lives into their own hands and earning really big money – and not just from a supposedly normal job. Often it is particularly innovative methods that make the cash register ring. These sources of income are particularly popular:

Investments on the stock exchange

at stock exchange earn money

Wondering if it’s possible to build a fortune on the stock market like Warren Buffet’s? Unfortunately, this is actually quite unlikely. Nevertheless, you can build a handsome side income with smart investments in stocks or cryptocurrencies.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies or buy stocks, it is essential that you inform yourself well in advance. If they are already active in finance, it is probably a little easier for you to deal with the regulations and technical terms. If not, you should definitely read up. Once you have a little theoretical trading knowhow, it’s time to consider where to buy digital currencies or stocks.

Online brokers offer many advantages

online cryptocurrency broker

If you want to trade securities or cryptocurrencies regularly, flexibly and cost-effectively, you should open an account with an online broker. It is worth comparing the best online brokers in a test to find a high-performance provider with minimal costs. However, apart from the conditions, you should also pay attention to how wide the selection of stocks and blockchain currencies is.

Real opportunities on the stock market

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, it is essential to be well informed in advance

Since stock market transactions are always speculative and therefore risky, many investors:inside shy away from them. However, with the right trading strategy and with good market knowledge, it is possible to reduce losses in the best possible way. If one succeeds in this, every profit becomes a plus. Many of the so-called young neo-brokers earn five or six figures through trading.

Network Marketing

Earn money with network marketing and anti-aging products

Surely you have heard this term before and maybe you even rolled your eyes when reading it. Network marketing has a bad reputation, because one says many of these enterprises a snowball system. That means, actually cheap products are sold for a lot of money, and beside the sales person also all their superordinate Vertriebler:innen earn a nice commission.

Network marketing for cosmetics, makeup, essential oils and co.

However, such systems have been banned for a long time. There are some reputable providers on the market today. The advantage? You can choose exactly the products and companies that suit you. Nowadays you have the free choice: Cleaning products, dietary supplements , cosmetics, candles, even clothing – with a little luck, you will come across products that you yourself are really convinced of. This is exactly the basic prerequisite for success in the network. Through social media, you can reach a great many people in sales and are not limited – as before – to those in your immediate environment.


how can i earn money as a blogger

Are you funny, very fashion conscious, love to read or are you an expert in a certain field? Then blogging could be a way for you to supplement your income. There are two ways you can earn money from your own blog with a good reach.

One option is the so-called affiliate marketing. Here you mention and link digital products in your articles. Anyone who follows the link and makes a sale through it will make your cash register ring. Since affiliate marketing is mostly about digital products, you don’t necessarily have to test them beforehand – but of course it’s more authentic if you do. In addition, high commissions are possible as a result.

If your blog is well visited, you can also enter into cooperations with companies. They will then provide you with products to advertise. If this brings sales, you get money.

Make money blogging from home