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GNTM 2022 – what we already know about season 17

Soon Heidi’s search for “Germany’s Next Topmodel” will enter the 17th round. Not much is known about the new season yet, but a few details about the application, jury and candidates have already leaked out – and what role Leni Klum wants to play in GNTM 2022.

Who is on the jury of GNTM season 17?

Last year, Heidi Klum was once again the only permanent jury member on "Germany’s next Topmodel". For each show, however, she brought in guest judges from the fashion industry. In season 16, there was already a lot of talk about Leni’s role in GNTM – and Heidi’s daughter, who has since taken off as a model herself, is now heating things up once again. In an interview with "Cosmopolitan" she said in response to the question of whether she will participate in the new season: "Maybe! I tried to persuade my mom to come on as a guest judge for one episode. Be curious if it worked out…" In general, the 17-year-old still seems to dream of following in her mother’s footsteps: ",Germany’s next Topmodel by Leni Klum‘ sounds good, doesn’t it?", says Leni.

Where will be shot and when it’s going to start?

Last year, due to the Corona pandemic, filming took place in Germany, including a hygiene concept. The finale also took place in Berlin, without an audience, without guest judges, but with model mom Heidi Klum on site. The concept for GNTM season 17 has not yet been announced, nor has the broadcast date. So will there be a model villa in Los Angeles, a live finale with an audience and castings abroad? Questionable. The only thing that is certain at this point is that the pandemic will also have an impact on the shooting of the casting show in season 17. ProSieben has not yet given any details about the exact start of the season.

Which candidates are on GNTM 2022?

In GNTM 2022, the group of candidates will be even more diverse than in previous seasons. In an announcement video from June 2021, Heidi said: "I would like it so much if the äolder ladies would also come to me!" From 18 years, the limit is open to the top, said the model mom in the short clip.

Under the usual application hashtag #GNTM2022, there are now almost 3000 pictures of potential candidates for the new season. We don’t know yet who will be in the end, but the selection process has already ended since June 28, 2021, according to the ProSieben website.