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GNTM 2022 – the oldest candidate is 68 years old

Soon Heidi’s search for “Germany’s Next Topmodel” will go into the 17th round. Little by little, more and more details about the new season are leaking out, including the first information about the candidates. In fact, this year’s GNTM cast is more diverse than ever before: the age range of the model contenders stretches from 18 to 68, as Heidi has now revealed.

Which candidates will be on GNTM 2022?

"I would like it so much that also the älteren ladies come to me", said Heidi in a Ankündigungsvideo in June 2021. From 18 years, the limit is open to the top, said the 48-year-old in the short clip. Now the model mom confirmed that indeed many "äolder women" had followed her call. Among the top 33 who have made it into the first round are Barbara, at 68 the oldest participant in the season, 61-year-old Liselotte and even a mother-daughter team. "That will be super exciting, I mean, the two of them are competing against each other anyway, of course. I think they’re both great, but at the moment I can’t say who will come out on top,” Heidi told ProSieben. Only so much can be revealed: "The daughter is 18, the mother is 51."

In addition, GNTM 2022 will again include Petite and Curvy models. Heidi on this: "There are small, very tall, curvy, slim, young and äolder participants. The smallest is 1.54m and the tallest is 1.93m. The dress sizes range from 30 to 54." There has never been such a diverse cast, the jury chief enthuses.

Who sits on the jury of GNTM season 17?

Last year, Heidi Klum was once again the only permanent jury member on "Germany’s next Topmodel". For each show, however, she brought in guest judges from the fashion industry. In season 16, there were already plenty of rumors about Leni’s role in GNTM – and Heidi’s daughter, who has since taken off as a model herself, heated things up once again in the fall of 2021. In an interview with "Cosmopolitan" she said in response to the question of whether she would participate in the new season: "Maybe! I tried to persuade my mom to come on as a guest judge for one episode. Be curious if it worked out…" Model mom Heidi also answered the question about Leni’s role in the new season only vaguely. She may come over, it remains to be seen, said GNTM boss Klum at a press conference in Mykonos.

At least one thing is certain: In episode 1, it is not Leni, but another celebrity lady who will be at Heidi’s side: as the model mom revealed on Instagram, she will advise singer Kylie Minogue in the first round of decisions.

ProSieben also announced "star photographers, designers and international top models". In any case, GNTM regular photographer Rankin and designer Christian Cowan, who also participated in the seasons before.

Where will filming take place and when does’t it start?

Last year, due to the Corona pandemic, filming took place in Germany, hygiene concept included. The finale also took place in Berlin, without an audience, without guest judges, but with Heidi Klum on site. In GNTM season 17, things are different again: In episode one, the candidates have to convince the audience directly at a fashion show in the historic Zappeion in Athens, and then it’s on to the Greek island of Mykonos. So trips abroad are obviously part of the concept of GNTM 2022 to be, even a shoot in Los Angeles is planned, as ProSieben now announced. But in view of the current pandemic situation, will there also be a live final with an audience? We will probably only find out in the spring of 2022, when the new season starts on ProSieben.