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Food Trends 2022: What awaits us this year and how will we eat?

In the last year we have baked banana bread, cooked feta pasta and tried new meat dishes from the oven. The Corona pandemic has undoubtedly changed our lives in the long run, and values have shifted for many people. But if there’s one thing that has changed significantly in recent months, it’s guaranteed to be our eating habits. Old habits came under scrutiny and were replaced by new aspects. And no, this isn’t about whether we’re vegan or vegetarian, but an overall awareness of what foods contribute to our health and well-being. What will be more important to us in the near future and what are the latest food trends in 2022 that will shape our everyday lives? We’ll tell you how and what we’re eating this year in just a moment in the following article.

Local Exotics as one of the most important Food Trends 2022

Local Exotics Food Trends 2022 regional cultivation.

If we were to describe Food Trends 2022 in a single sentence, it might be “Enjoy healthy and with a clear conscience”. We want to do good! Good for the environment, the animals and of course for our bodies. In the spirit of sustainability, the demand for local, socially responsible and organic food has increased tremendously in the last 2 years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only increased the importance of regional production, but also awakened our desire for exotic delights and culinary discoveries.

Food Trends 2022 exotic fruits regional cultivation

It’s no surprise, then, that Local Exotics are among the most popular food trends to know about in 2022. For many consumers, sustainable consumption means forgoing exotics, such as avocados, or consuming fruits and vegetables only when they are grown and harvested in this country. But we don’t have to do that anymore! Numerous farmers and researchers have tackled the question of how exotic foods can also be cultivated here in Germany, and sustainably.

Food Trends 2022 Local Exotics what is it.

Local Exotics as a Food Trend 2022 allows us to fulfill our desire for regionality and culinary adventures at the same time. The Tropical House Klein Eden on the Rennsteig in Bavaria, for example, is leading the way, and every conceivable type of fruit and spice, such as star fruit, turmeric and ginger, has been thriving there since 2014. The University of Hohenheim has also received approval for a variety of chia seed that can now be officially grown in this country.

Zero waste for a sustainable life

Food Trends 2022 Zero Waste Food Tips

Packaging-free shopping is actually nothing new, but it is becoming all the more popular for it this year. It’s no secret that the way we consume, as well as the amount of food we eat, has a significant impact on the environment and climate. All the plastic bags and packaging that end up in our shopping carts usually end up in huge mountains of trash. And that’s exactly what Zero Waste aims to counteract as one of the most important food trends in 2022.

Food sharing food zero waste tips food trends 2022

In the coming months, we will become even more aware of the food we consume and how we consume it. More and more restaurants, bakeries and cafes are also taking advantage of the principle of the Zero Waste movement, offering leftover food and dishes at a much lower price just before closing time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous so-called sharing offers are also becoming increasingly popular and there are already several ways to participate. For example, you could offer food via apps that you will no longer consume because you are going on vacation, for example.

Real omnivores as a food trend in 2022

Sustainable cooking and shopping Food Trends 2022

Interest in vegan and purely plant-based diets will remain high this year. But can you eat everything and still live a healthy and sustainable life? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Food Trends 2022 addresses a much wider variety of food choices that go far beyond our current standards and eating habits. Have you ever heard of real omnivores? Translated, the term means “true omnivores.” While Omnivores eat everything because they generally maintain classic habits, Real Omnivores are a little different.

Food Trends 2022 real Omnivore what is it.

Through their consumption behavior, true omnivores not only take responsibility for themselves, but also for the environment and the climate. They don’t have to give up certain foods – rather, the main goal of the 2022 food trend is to eat consciously while protecting the planet. Thus, Real Omnivores are very open-minded and open to new technologies in food production as well as innovative products and farming methods. Chips made from jellyfish, vanilla from plastic or in vitro meat? Why not, as long as such developments have a positive impact on society and the environment? All real omnivores also take the principle “From Nose to Tail” very much to heart. This involves eating the whole animal, including blood, offal, etc., in order to waste less waste. This also means that far fewer animals are slaughtered and less waste is produced.

Food Trends 2022: Jellyfish are the new superfood!

Jellyfish as a superfood healthy Food Trends 2022

Last year it was the insects. And now we’re going to enjoy jellyfish chips or as a delicacy? Yes, you read it right – jellyfish are the new superfood of the future and are undoubtedly one of the biggest food trends of 2022. What sounds rather unusual and strange to us is commonplace in many parts of Asia and has been on the menu for more than 1,000 years. Whether in a salad, in soup, deep-fried or dried as a healthy snack – the preparation options are very diverse. Although jellyfish are 95 percent water, the dry matter is guaranteed to pack a punch, providing a whopping 25 percent protein. Pretty impressive, right?

Food Trends 2022 like jellyfish eat superfoods with fewer calories

In addition, similar to fish and seafood, jellyfish are very rich in many important trace minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Since they have no cholesterol, are almost fat-free and contain only 37 calories per 100 grams, sea creatures are ideal for a conscious and healthy diet. But with all the benefits, there is a big problem, because some jellyfish are poisonous. However, there are about 30 species that you can decorate without hesitation.

Zero Waste food tips Food Trends 2022