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Financial expert: “My first stock purchase was a rollercoaster of emotions

Many women still shy away from finally taking the plunge into the stock market and buying shares. And even female financial experts were once at this point, like Floriana Hofmann. In our Female Finance column, the digital director of the financial magazine “Courage” tells us how she experienced her first stock purchase – with all the self-doubt and feelings of happiness.

Yes, I am a trained financial editor and know my way around stocks. Nevertheless, when I bought a share for the first time, I too was excited. Not out of fear. Rather, with this stock purchase, I was looking forward to being part of the stock market.

I had previously heard reservations from friends and acquaintances. Won’t I lose all my money then? How do I actually do that? And which stock should I buy at all? Of course, these are questions that many people ask themselves when they want to buy a share for the first time. I had an advantage there. I knew why stocks were an exciting form of investment for me: I am young, so I have a long investment horizon. I was aware that price turbulence was normal, and I resolved not to panic when it happened. I also already had my eye on a specific stock: Siemens Healthineers, a medical technology company from Erlangen, Germany, which I was even able to visit once before its Börsengang.

My first stock purchase and 1000 questions

Nevertheless, I still had more questions: How do I open a securities account? How does a stock purchase work in practice? And as an editor, am I allowed to buy a stock that I had already reported on? Questions that I kept putting off until tomorrow. At some point, however, the day arrived when I would buy my first share. I compared the conditions of online brokers once again, filled out the forms, talked to the human resources department about the requirements for journalists, and shortly afterwards I was able to log into my own securities account.

Doubts came to me nevertheless shortly before scarcely. In order to avoid the feeling that I was buying the stock blindly, I took another close look at my stock of choice. I looked at the balance sheet, read articles about the business development and then thought to myself: "Okay, I’ll just give it a try now", also to finally put an end to my rollercoaster of emotions. A few clicks and TAN entries later, the share was in my securities account – and I was proud. My first stock purchase – check!

»In the meantime, I feel well-positioned.

My goal was to hold the Siemens Healthineers shares for as long as possible. So I was not looking for quick profits and can also withstand losses in the meantime. That’s why I didn’t follow every share price caper, but only looked at my portfolio from time to time. And if I did, it was to diversify my portfolio and spread my risk. Finally, I bought more stocks from other sectors. I also took out ETF savings plans. With this mix, I feel well positioned.

It had not yet occurred to me to sell the stock. Not even at the beginning of the Corona crisis, when it, like almost all shares, had plummeted.

Floriana Hoffmann from Courage
"Courage"s finance editor Floriana tells Tikbow about her first stock purchase. Photo: Lukas Prasse

Floriana Hofmann is Head of Digital at Finanzen Verlag and thus responsible, among other things. After studying in Vienna, she came to Finanzen Verlag in Munich in 2016. Since then, she has been intensively involved with shares, the stock market and finance. She took over responsibility for the women’s finance site in the spring of 2021. "On, we give women the information that is important for building up assets – and thus financial independence –, she says.