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Ewan McGregor’s daughter Clara – from the emergency room to the film premiere

They are painful images that present themselves at the movie premiere of “The Birthday Cake” in Las Vegas: The face of Ewan McGrego’s daughter Clara is riddled with deep wounds on her cheek and nose. Shortly before, the actress had been attacked by a dog.

"When a dog bite makes you end up in the emergency room 30 minutes before the red carpet"s, writes Clara McGregor on Instagram and shows herself in the hospital bed with raised middle finger and the still bloodshot wound. What for others would have been a reason for bed rest, the 25-year-old seems to be völlig indifferent.

She dispensed with makeup, threw on a cream-colored linen two-piece by Fendi and posed in good spirits for the photographers at the Mob Museum. After all, she is one of the producers of "The Birthday Cake" and has a small role in the drama, which stars her father Ewan McGregor. The relationship of the two seems to have improved again after their breakup in 2019.

Clara McGregor and her health

At the time, Ewan McGregor separated from his wife Eve Mavrakis, with whom he has Clara and three other daughters. Clara insulted him öffentlich when her father got together with film colleague Mary Elizabeth Winstead just a short time later.

Clara McGregor and her father Ewan McGregor.
Clara is the oldest of Ewan McGregor’s four daughters.Photo: dpa picture alliance

In the same year, Clara McGregor, who has also stripped for "Playboy", made her health öffentlich an issue. The actress and producer has suffered from "lingering anxiety" and depression since she was four years old, she wrote on Instagram: "I have been in therapy since childhood and am grateful for psychotherapy. I have worked on myself and will continue to do so."