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Earth Day 2022: What can you do to take action for the well-being of our planet?

Earth Day 2022 falls on Friday, April 22, and this year’s theme is “Invest in our Planet,” which focuses on the impact of climate change on our planet and efforts to protect it.
“This is the moment to change everything – the business climate, the political climate and the way we act on climate,” the official website states. “Now is the time for unstoppable courage to preserve and protect our health, our families and our livelihoods.”

What does Earth Day mean and what is its history?

What you can do for Earth Day 2022

The first official Earth Day was established in 1970 after a major oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. On January 28, 1969, a well drilled off the coast of Santa Barbara exploded, spilling more than 3 million gallons of oil into the ocean. Thousands of animals were killed, including birds, dolphins, sea lions, and seals. Because of this major disaster, environmentalists and activists created environmental regulations, educational efforts, and eventually Earth Day.

What to do on Earth Day 2022?

Protecting our planet must be everyone's biggest priority

Do you want to get involved with nature and protecting our planet? On Earth Day you will have the opportunity to carry out a series of activities that will help improve the state of the environment , which would benefit us all. Because if we do not take care of the nature of which we are part and in which we live, no one else will.

Clean up your neighborhood

On Earth Day 2022, you can clean up your neighborhood

One of the most direct ways to make a difference on Earth Day is to clean up your own neighborhood. Picking up trash in your neighborhood not only makes it look nice and clean, but it can also help protect local wildlife and ecosystems. You can even enlist a few friends or family members to help out. Cleaning up your neighborhood is also a great way to set an example for others. Be on the lookout for cleanups in your neighborhood or start your own!

Start reducing waste starting on Earth Day 2022.

Recycling garbage helps our planet

Try to repair old things before buying new things. Buy used items whenever possible. Whenever possible, opt for reusable versions of popular disposable items like water bottles, coffee mugs, diapers and razors. Reuse plastic containers for food storage. Don’t just throw away unwanted items. Donate them. Put them to further use. Turn them into craft projects.

A composter in the garden is environmentally friendly and useful

Most people think of bottles, cans and paper when you say “recycle” . Composting is nature’s original way of recycling – it turns “trash” into healthy new soil. You don’t need a complicated garbage can, just a corner in your yard where you throw food scraps and yard waste and turn it over every so often. Don’t have a garden? Many cities, towns and community gardens have a public compost pile.

Plant trees in your yard or neighborhood.

Plant trees to make the environment cleaner

Overall, trees can help lower the temperature in a city by up to 10 degrees, thus they provide cooling. They have a number of other benefits. Trees can help mitigate climate change because they remove carbon dioxide from the air, store carbon in themselves and in the soil, and then release oxygen back into the atmosphere.

On Earth Day 2022, try to live green

Plant a tree in your family garden. Another option is to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Not only is it good for your health, but it also reduces fossil fuel emissions because you don’t have to transport the food to the stores.

Ride a bike instead of driving a car

Ride a bike rather than drive a car on Earth Day 2022

The fewer cars on the road, the fewer CO₂ emissions pollute the air and contribute to global warming. Bicycling and walking are two of the best ways to do this. And if you don’t have a bike or don’t know how to ride one, take public transportation.

Buy reusable bags

Buy reusable bags

People use too much plastic and plastic bags each year, and the production of these bags alone requires tremendous amounts of oil. Not to mention, they take up a lot of space in landfills and cause major problems for marine life. Instead, buy some pretty, reusable bags for grocery shopping. Not only will you be stylish, but you’ll also be eco-friendly!

On Earth Day 2022, start saving water.

Collecting rainwater is environmentally friendly and sensible

We waste a lot of water. Avoid overwatering your plants and improve their health by figuring out how much water your garden really needs. Avoid watering your garden vegetables and plants from above, as this encourages fungal diseases. Water directly at ground level. For gardens, flower beds, trees and other areas outside the lawn, install a drip irrigation system or hose with watering holes that directs water directly into the ground where you want it. If you must use sprinklers, put them on timers.

Designing rain garden has many benefits for the environment

Collect your rainwater from the roof, gutters and sky with a rain barrel. If you have a low-lying area, create a rain garden to capture runoff water, filter out pollutants, and provide food and shelter for butterflies, songbirds, and other wildlife.

We need to teach our children to protect the earth