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DIY Cards and Photos: What you need to know to protect the environment

For some it is a beautiful black and white photo with traditional Celtic symbols , for others a homemade card for a birthday: there are many ways to be artistic, to be creative and to please yourself and others with the result. The right tools make the work easier. A printer is needed for colorful photos or precise fonts, and colors matter too.

Why we love photos on the wall

Bedroom in gray with gallery wall in black and white

They give us a sense of home and security, and that’s why we want to see them around us in the living room and other rooms of the house: The memories of the last vacation are captured in photos, as well as the thought of our grandparents, in-laws and children. We feel comfortable when we furnish our rooms with photos, because they give each wall a personal look. At the same time, the photos certainly allow us to draw conclusions about the character of the occupant.

Memories of the last vacation in Venice

For example, if you like Celtic symbols as a picture, you show a slight inclination to eye-catching accessories, because these photos are rather rare. If you want a good and cheap printout for your photos, the printer and toner should be matched. When buying the toner, you have the choice between the original cartridges of the manufacturers as well as toners that are compatible with them and recycled cartridges. According to this source:, recycled toners are said to be environmentally friendly and of high quality made from original products, making them comparable to brand-name toners. You can also order all three types of cartridges online and have them delivered to your home.

Homemade gifts are not only for children

Homemade gifts are not only for children birthday card crafting

As much as we like to hang our own photo on the wall, we like to surprise friends and acquaintances with a homemade birthday card . These cards are a nice idea for children, but adults also often enjoy getting creative and expressing their thoughts. A homemade card shows that you have made an effort and that you have thought about the person you want to give a gift.

A do it yourself style card looks nicer when printed in bold colors

Also, when it comes to cards, the printer and the color are important to the expression. A do it yourself style card looks nicer when it is printed in bold colors and when the writing on it shows to advantage. Regardless of which way you get artistic and how you put your work on paper afterwards, the same rule always applies when working with a toner: you want to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

Keeping an eye on the environment

Toner must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way

Remember to either refill or properly dispose of a toner when you purchase a new cartridge. If you are not careful here, you may face a fine , because improper disposal of toner will result in a penalty if you get caught. Therefore, you should definitely make sure to only drop off your old toner where the cartridge will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Many retailers offer some sort of take-back service when you order a new cartridge. This is true whether you are using and disposing of a color cartridge or a black and white cartridge. Provided you take care of this when buying a new toner, you should get a lot of enjoyment out of your printout. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to print a photo or a birthday card, a color print or a printout in the most beautiful shades of gray.

the printer and the color are important for the printout