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Emma Stone: “I feel like I’m 650,000 years old some days”

Emma Stone is a real Hollywood star – an Oscar, countless celebrity friends like Jennifer Lawrence and Ryan Gosling and a million-dollar estate in Los Angeles included. In March, she became the mother of a daughter, and the little one’s father is comedy writer Dave McCary. Tikbow spoke with the actress – and learned a few surprises.

It’s 10:45 p.m. German time when we meet Emma Stone for an interview via video call. The Oscar winner thanks us for talking to her so late, as it is early afternoon for her in Los Angeles. The premiere of her Disney film "Cruella" has just run – without audience, press and fans (from 27 May in theaters and from 28 May 2021 on Disney+). In the leading role of the eccentric fashion designer, she acts mean and arrogant. In conversation with us, she couldn’t be further from this role.

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Tikbow: As Cruella, you wear a lot of makeup. How did your acne-prone skin react to that?

Emma Stone: I’ll be honest: It was bad! My skin was acting crazy while I was shooting Cruella. One of the small miracles of filming is that my acne was retouched after the fact. It made me feel better about myself, even though I had acne. I knew it wouldn’t be visible. I really had very bad skin during "Cruella."

How do you take care of your skin?

I found a secret ingredient that worked for my skin. Anyone who has acne should try Azelainsäure, it really is a game changer. It cured my skin after having acne for 15 years. Also, I try to sleep a lot and drink water. But on a movie set that’s almost impossible because the days are so long that you don’t get much sleep.

Cruella is very confident when it comes to her looks. How confident are you in that regard?

I don’t know, I have a normal amount of self-consciousness, I would say. Some days I feel like I look good – especially when my skin is clear. Other days I feel like I literally look like I’m melting. Like I’m 650,000 years old and hold a record for still being alive.

Emma Stone as Cruella in the Disney film of the same name
Emma Stone as Cruella in the Disney film of the same name – exzentrisch und sehr stylischPhoto: dpa picture alliance

Did you start a beauty ritual in your Corona days and did you üwear makeup at all?

During the Corona pandemic, I rarely wore makeup. I put on a lot of sheet masks. It was fun, my skin had a long time to breathe again. When wearing a mouth-nose mask, it really makes no sense to wear makeup underneath.