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E Fatbike advantages: What good are they and is it worth buying a fatbike?

It makes us fit, is good for our health and is great fun, especially in good weather – cycling is one of the Germans’ favorite hobbies. Last year, e-bikes were already more popular than almost any other means of transport and it is now impossible to imagine the market without them. But unfortunately they are rather unsuitable for snow and rain and disappear with the cold season mostly in the garage or in the basement. Due to the increasing demand, however, it was only a matter of time before numerous special forms of e-bikes appeared. And if you want to be on the road by bike even in winter, an e-fatbike would be the perfect choice. But for whom does the switch make sense and where are the E Fatbike advantages? We will explain all that to you in the following!

What is an E Fatbike?

E Fatbike Advantages Mountain Bike and Fatbike Comparison

As the name suggests, E Fatbikes are special e-bikes with particularly thick and extra-wide tires, usually 4 to 5 inches (about 13 cm) wide and up to 30 inches (about 76 cm) in diameter. While classic mountain bikes are difficult to ride on soft surfaces, the sky seems to be the limit for a fatbike. Whether in snow, mud or sand, the fat tire adapts perfectly to all conditions, making for a super comfortable ride. So if you want to ride off-road all year round, regardless of the weather, then you should definitely buy an E Fatbike. However, the bikes have also proven to be very practical for other purposes and are becoming increasingly popular among commuters during the week.

e fatbike suitable for whom mountain bikes and fatbikes comparison

E fatbikes are ridden with a lower air pressure, which in turn provides a smooth and comfortable ride on soft surfaces. The low tire pressure results in outstanding traction on turns and climbs, and the tire adapts perfectly to the surface. Not only the tires, but also the frame and fork as well as the bearing width turn out to be larger than on conventional e-mountain bikes. In addition, the suspension fork is dispensed with in most models due to the pronounced damping properties. The versions that have suspension in the rear and front are called fully fatbikes.

The most important e fatbike advantages you should know.

E fatbike advantages which e bike to choose

Like any other type of bike, the E Fatbike has its own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage, of course, is its stability and ability to handle changes in terrain while you are riding it. This is especially important in winter when there is snow and ice. Even though E Fatbikes are equipped with an electric motor, you still have to pedal. So the investment is worth it for anyone who wants to stay fit and doesn’t feel like going to the gym.

E fatbike for who bike tour with mountain bike or fatbike

One can calmly say that an E Fatbike combines the advantages of a mountain bike and an e-bike. On the one hand, it is characterized by the thicker tires, and on the other hand, it has a high rolling resistance, which is compensated by the electric motor. Since everything is actually bigger on E Fatbikes, they also weigh a bit more than a normal mountain bike. Most models weigh around 30 kilograms and can unfortunately not be easily carried through the stairwell. However, some E Fatbikes save quite a bit of weight by using tubeless tires and lighter materials. However, you would have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for this.

For whom is an E Fatbike worthwhile?

which mountain bike for snow E fatbike buy tips

As a rule, an E Fatbike is suitable for everyone, provided you choose the right model for your needs. No matter whether you want to ride it to work or explore the surroundings – E Fatbikes simply always go. However, their outstanding grip, stability and high traction are among their biggest advantages. So, if you only ride on paved roads and in the city, buying an e fatbike doesn’t make much sense for you. Even if you’re into higher speeds, you can do without it – after all, the E Fatbike is first and foremost about comfort and fun riding. Before you buy an E Fatbike, you should also think carefully about which battery size and range would be suitable for you.

Is an E Fatbike which bike worth it for snow